75 Ray Lewis Quotes To Unleash Your Inner Champion

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In this article, we’re gonna dive into some of the most impactful Ray Lewis quotes of all-time!

Ray Lewis is a name synonymous with excellence both on the field and off the field.

Lewis grew up in a tough neighborhood in Florida, where he faced numerous obstacles that could have prevented him from reaching greatness.

Growing up, he witnessed his mother get physically abused daily. His family struggled to make ends meet because he was one of five siblings. And despite being a talented high school football player, he wasn’t heavily recruited by major schools.

Yet despite these obstacles, he went onto become one of greatest linebackers in NFL history — earning 13 Pro Bowl selections and two Defensive Player of the Year awards.

Throughout his career, Lewis garnered a reputation 110% effort every time he stepped on the field and also being an impactful leader in the locker room.

His words were not just empty platitudes; they were a reflection of his work ethic and dedication to his craft. 

So if you’re striving to achieve greatness, then the following quotes from Ray Lewis should give you all the motivation you need.

Let’s dive in!

Motivational Ray Lewis Quotes

  • “No matter the circumstances you may be going through, just push through it.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “My pain is my badge of honor.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “The greatest pain of my life is the reason that I’m standing here today. At the end of pain is success.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “The only thing that follows work is results. There’s no other blueprint. There’s no other secret.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “When I step out on that field, there’s no other man willing to give up what I’m willing to give up.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Before anything great is really achieved, your comfort zone must be disturbed.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Every time you think someone has it good, it ain’t always good. Some people just make up their mind and grind through adversity.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “You can’t convince me of how capable I am. I’m the only one who can decide that.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Don’t let your alarm clock be the only reason that you wake up.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “I’m pissed off for greatness. Because if you ain’t pissed off for greatness, that means you’re okay with being mediocre.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Don’t ever let a day go by that you waste, because that’s a day that you’ll never get back.” ~ Ray Lewis

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  • “We get one opportunity in life. One chance at life to do whatever you’re going to do. Leave your legacy!” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Greatness is a lot of small things done well, stacked on top of each other. Day after day, workout after workout.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “You gotta be hungry for it. You’ve got to put everything you’ve got on it. Every second. You have to be the first one in line. That’s how leaders are born.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “I took my greatest pain, and turned it into my greatest success; touching a Lombardi trophy.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “If you want to do something, work at it.” ~ Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis Quotes On Effort

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If you’d just prefer to keep reading, then here’s some more inspirational Ray Lewis quotes about effort.

  • “You gotta be willing to walk in a storm. That’s what I tell people all the time.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “To be the best and stay there, sweat is necessary.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “The moment you want to quit is the exact moment you need to keep pushing.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Every time I step out onto that field, I’ll never cheat one of my teammates.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “I wasn’t a number one recruit. I wasn’t the number one linebacker. All I ever knew was that effort would get me seen on tape.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “It has nothing to do with talent and everything to do with effort.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Wins and losses come a dime a dozen. But effort? Nobody can judge that. That’s all between the ears.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “So many people give up too early. The moment they feel a little discomfort and a little pain, they give up.” ~ Ray Lewis

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  • “There’s one side of pain that’s the suffering and the discomfort side of pain; but then there’s another side of pain called effort. It’s called glory.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Every day of my life, I’m trying to find a different way to get better.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Effort is between you and you. No one else.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Nobody else can give you effort. Effort is what’s inside.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “The hardest thing to do is work when no one is watching.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “All I know is grind.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “What makes you grind? You always have to be chasing something.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “All I ever knew was that effort would get me seen. Effort would get me to the league. Effort would help me take care of my mom and my kids.” ~ Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis Inspirational Quotes

Let’s keep this list rolling with some more Ray Lewis quotes that will inspire you to make the most of every moment.

  • “Some people take certain things and they try to forget what that pain felt like. I take that same pain and I chase it every time I walk in a weight room.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Appreciate those who love you, help those who need you, forgive those who hurt you and forget those who left you.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Every day, we’ve got to do something physical. It’s mind, body, spirit.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “I can’t get tired. I don’t know what tired is because I got something burning inside of me that’s bigger than how I’m feeling.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Whatever the majority of people were doing, I found myself doing the opposite. That’s what made me great.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Some people can’t see. Some people can’t walk. Some people can’t hear. That alone makes you gifted.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “It’s presence and essence that determines respect.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Ask yourself the question; how much time do you really waste? Do your actions really represent what you want?” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “If you can find a way to push through pain, there’s something greater on the other side of it.” ~ Ray Lewis

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  • “I don’t know a man on this earth who can outwork me.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Success is one thing, impact is another.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “I prepare so no one can take what is mine; no one can replace my mind and my heart.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Do whatever you gotta do to make sure you chase your legacy every second of your life.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Whatever your path is, that’s your path.” ~ Ray Lewis

Famous Ray Lewis Quotes

Here’s some of the most famous Ray Lewis quotes that will be sure to light a fire under you.

  • “I wasn’t the biggest, I wasn’t the fastest, I wasn’t the strongest, and then I bought into something called work ethic.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Embrace your pain, maintain your faith, do your work, leave your legacy.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “If tomorrow wasn’t promised, what would you give for today?” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “A goal remains a goal until you write it on a piece of paper, then it becomes a vision.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Only 1% make it. If everyone had the same dream, only 1 will make it from this crowd. Who will be that one?” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “It’s never how you start, it’s always how you finish.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “There’s not a person on my team, in 16 years, that has consistently beat me to the ball every play. That ain’t got nothing to do with talent.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “What’s the difference between you and the man sitting next to you? What’s the difference between your mindset and their mindset?” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Skill can get you in the door. Passion is the only thing that will keep you around.” ~ Ray Lewis

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  • “Even though we don’t speak the same language, sometimes you can speak the same language with a smile.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “The only way to defeat pain is to recognize pain exists.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Never be comfortable with just good enough.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Only a fool trips on what’s behind them.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Do you. Don’t do it to be liked. Do it to be respected.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “The greatest opportunity is found here today. We already know what yesterday has got for us. It’s already gone. Tomorrow is too far away. What about right now!” – Ray Lewis
  • “Don’t walk through life just playing football. Don’t walk through life just being an athlete. Athletics will fade. Character and integrity and really making an impact on someone else’s life…that’s the ultimate goal.” ~ Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis Quotes On God

  • “Stop worrying..stop stressing. When you get on your knees for God, he will stand up for you.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Time doesn’t stop for anyone. That’s the only thing that God doesn’t give us.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “One thing about God’s will, you can never see God’s will before it happens. You can only see at the end of it.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Man doesn’t dictate what you do or how you do it. Trust in god; have your faith in him. That’s where my faith lies.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Satan’s biggest fear is for you to become everything that God created you to be. This is why he has tried everything to make you lose focus.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “When God tells you something, believe in him. Listen to me, no matter the journey—too many ups and downs but believe in me.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “God never made a mistake. Ever.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “I like to see honesty out of people. People who are trustworthy. I like to see people who are involved with the Lord.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Without praying every day there is no journey, there is no destination. It’s only one way you make it to the next level. You’ve got to put it all together.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Bottom line, your body is a temple, and you have to treat it that way. That’s how God designed it.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “All I know is that I’m built from something, and man didn’t create it.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “Man believes in the possible, God believes in the impossible.” ~ Ray Lewis
  • “If there’s something in your life that you know needs changing, make sure you change it before God changes it. Because if God changes it, you ain’t going to like it.” ~ Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis Motivational Speeches

Ray Lewis is an incredibly uplifting communicator, so it didn’t feel right to end this article without including some of his best motivational speeches.

You can tell by the way he speaks that he’s a powerful leader with a unique gift for getting the best out of himself and others.

So without further ado, here’s two of the most inspiring speeches by Ray Lewis that will really get you fired up to tackle the day ahead.


Here’s another powerful speech where Ray Lewis talks about the level of effort required to reach your full potential:

Final Thoughts

Ray Lewis is more than just a retired NFL player; his life story is an inspiration to millions of people chasing their dreams.

His quotes provide motivation and encouragement to those who have faced adversity, reminding them that they too can overcome their struggles.

His journey proves that if you’re willing to outwork the people around you, you can have the success that you desire in this life.

So the next time you’re feeling defeated, remember these quotes from Ray Lewis and let them inspire you to keep pushing forward towards your goals.

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