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64 Daily Affirmations For Men To Accelerate Your Growth

In this article, we’re going to be diving into an extensive list of daily affirmations for men. 

As a man, I’ve found positive self-talk to be an invaluable tool for my self-growth. It’s a practice that I implement on a daily basis to talk myself out of bad habits and motivate myself to do things I don’t feel like doing.

So without further ado, let’s get into a list of positive affirmations for men that you can leverage to improve your self-esteem and become a man of action.


Powerful Daily Affirmations For Men


  • I’m capable of changing my life for the better.


  • I meet the minimum requirements to take action.


  • I’m bigger than my excuses.


  • I accept that I can’t change my past, but I can make the right choice in this moment.


  • Every small win sets me up for bigger wins in the future.


man practicing daily affirmations for men


  • I’m working towards becoming a high-value man every single day.


  • My self-respect grows every time that I act in spite of fear.


  • I can’t control how I feel, but I can control how I act.


  • Moments of internal conflict are perfect opportunities for me to grow.


  • At any given moment, I possess the power of choice.


  • There’s no better time to take action than right now.


  • My value as a man is determined by how I respond to struggle.


  • I don’t need to feel motivated to do what needs to be done.


  • I see every day as an opportunity to become a better man.


  • I don’t have any control over my thoughts, but I have 100% control over my actions.


  • I believe in my ability to handle stressful situations.


man sitting on a log


  • I welcome the obstacles that come along with building the life I want.


  • No one is going to hand me anything, I have to go take it.


Alpha Male Affirmations

​​Enjoying this list of daily affirmations for men so far? Then perhaps you’d find value in these articles on the benefits of affirmations and how to write affirmations.

If you just want to keep reading, then here’s some more positive affirmations that will encourage you to unleash the alpha male within you.


  • I strive every day to become a better man.


  • I give myself permission to go after what I want.


  • I don’t need to let my past dictate what I do in this moment.


  • Every moment is an opportunity for growth.


  • Every day I’m working on building my value as a man.


  • I am a humble man who learns from my mistakes.


  • I command respect by acting in alignment with my values as a man.


  • I’m comfortable in my own skin.


  • Vulnerability is not a weakness, it’s a strength.


  • I believe in my ability to create positive change.


man standing on the beach


  • The only approval that I need is my own.


  • No one else determines the trajectory of my life except me.


  • I’m loyal to the men who are loyal to me.


  • I’m committed to becoming the strongest person at my father’s funeral.


  • I embrace my alpha male energy.


  • I’m a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time.


  • I’m no longer going to be a victim of circumstance.


  • Alpha males do not give into weak desires.


  • I’m strong enough as a man to admit when I’m wrong.


  • I’m open to hearing new perspectives and having my beliefs challenged.


  • I have everything I need inside me to make today amazing.


  • I don’t compare myself to other men; only to the man I was yesterday.


field of flowers


  • It’s okay for me to feel vulnerable and express my emotions as a man.


  • I’m a man who is capable of bringing immense value to the world.


Affirmations For Men With Low Self-Esteem

If you look at any high value man that you admire, one of the key traits that they exhibit is self-confidence. They seem to go through life with the self-assurance that they can overcome any challenge that life presents them with.

Here’s some more daily affirmations for men that you can use to start building that kind of confidence.

Feel free to also check out these confidence affirmations or these affirmations for courage if you’re looking for more ways to boost your self-esteem.


  • I’m working on my confidence each and every day.


  • I’m capable of bravery.


  • I’m capable of showing courage.


  • It’s true that I’m a product of my past, but it’s also true that I can make decisions right now to create a better future.


  • I’m working on surrounding myself with strong, confident men.


  • My value as a man is directly tied to the people that I spend time with.


  • No one else is me and that is my superpower.


  • My success is in my hands.


  • I’m capable of overcoming my fears. I’ve done it before, and I can do it again.


  • I refuse to settle for less than I deserve, and that starts with small positive action right now.


  • I’m not the man who dismisses small progress, a small win is still a win.


  • I was born to be a winner, and at any moment I’m capable of acting like one.


  • I’m grateful that I’ve had a difficult life, the men that I admire did not get where they are by avoiding struggle.


  • It’s impossible for me to change if I don’t voluntarily expose myself to discomfort.


  • I welcome adversity because it will turn me into a stronger man.


city skyline


  • Strong men don’t run from discomfort.


  • Every single day that I’m alive is an opportunity to build my value.


  • There’s nothing that can stop me from acting like the man I want to be.


  • I don’t judge myself for my past; I use it as fuel to push me forward.


  • Despite all of my flaws, I’m always capable of action.


  • I always have an opportunity to show the world how resilient I am.


How To Use These Daily Affirmations For Men

Now that we’ve covered an extensive list of daily affirmations for men, you’re probably wondering how and when to use them for maximum effectiveness.

First off, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t try to mislead yourself with affirmations. If your affirmations are too incongruent with what you believe about yourself, they will likely do more harm than good.

As clinical psychologist Natalie Dattilo points out, “This is about accurately and authentically encouraging yourself or using words of encouragement or acknowledgement that are consistent with your truth.”

You’ll notice that most of the affirmations provided above are built around this principle. 

Because let’s face it, you are who you are. There’s nothing that you can do right now that is going to radically alter your self-image.

On the other hand, you don’t need to stay this way forever. No matter what you’ve done in your life up until now, you are capable of making decisions in the present that help you become the man you want to be.

That’s the critical belief that your affirmations should instill. Don’t lie to yourself under the false pretense of positivity. Instead, leverage positive self-talk to motivate you to act like the person that you want to become.


man practicing positive affirmations


Now in terms of implementing these daily affirmations for men, there’s a variety of scenarios where they’d fit perfectly into your day:

  • You see a woman that you find attractive and you want to go talk to her.
  • You need to work on an important task but aren’t feeling motivated.
  • You want to hit the gym but your energy and motivation are low.
  • You’re trying to avoid a bad habit but you’re feeling strong urges to give into instant gratification.

These are the moments that define your character. They’re the kinds of internal battles that you must win in order to build your value as a man.

So as you find yourself in these situations throughout the day, practice one or two of the affirmations on this list for 15-20 seconds.

Empty your mind and just focus on repeating positive value statements that motivate you to take the hard path instead of the easy path. 

And while doing this won’t guarantee that you make the right decision, it will put you in a better position to exert some self-discipline.

Final Thoughts On Daily Affirmations For Men

I hope you enjoyed this article covering some positive affirmations for men!

It’s impossible to live up to your potential in this world without contending with stress, negativity, doubt, and fear.

No man alive is immune to these emotions. However, the beauty of life is that you have the power of choice.

Regardless of where you’re at right now, you can always control two things — the way you talk to yourself and the decisions that you make.

And if you can learn to take control of the former, then you’re more likely to affect the latter in a positive way.

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85 Short Positive Affirmations To Lift Your Spirits

When you feel your internal dialogue turning negative, positive affirmations are a fantastic tool to have in your back pocket.

Because all day long, you’re going to face threats to your self-image. When given the opportunity to roam free, your brain will ruminate about the past, manufacture anxiety about the future, and highlight everything about your character that isn’t up to par.

Our brain’s bias towards negativity is something we cannot change, yet we can exert an equal force in the opposite direction to counter negative thoughts.

Below you’ll find an extensive list of short positive affirmations that will keep you energized and positive as you go about your day.


Powerful Daily Affirmations

Let’s start this list of short positive affirmations with some powerful phrases that will immediately lift your spirits.


  • I’m committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve my goals.


  • My life is full of endless opportunities.


  • I’m not my past.


  • I don’t need to have it all figured out to move forward.


  • I am in 100% control of my decisions.


  • At all times, I possess the power of choice.


  • I’m the only one who decides my future.


man reciting short positive affirmations


  • My past does not define me.


  • My life is a gift.


  • I don’t need to feel motivated to make forward progress.


  • If I only work when I feel motivated, I’ll never be successful.


  • I have a bias towards action.


  • My thoughts are not me; they’re just minor nuisances.


  • I’m so much bigger than my excuses.


  • I refuse to be average.


  • I was not put on this earth to just go through the motions.


  • I’m in charge of the type of person that I become.


  • I’m thankful for another day to try to level up my life.


  • Every small step moves me towards my goals.


soccer pitch


  • I let go of the desire to change quickly because nothing great happens overnight.


  • I accept all my thoughts, even the negative ones. 


  • My persistence will pay off eventually.


Short Positive Affirmations For Friends

Enjoying this list of short positive affirmations so far? Then perhaps you’d find value in these articles on the benefits of affirmations and how to write affirmations.

If you just want to keep reading, then here’s some more positive affirmations centered around appreciating and valuing your friends.


  • I’m thankful for everyone who has my back.


  • I’m lucky to have wonderful people in my life.


  • I deeply value my friendships.


  • I refuse to surround myself with negative people.


  • I’m always looking for ways to level up my social circle.


  • I’m courageous enough to cut negative people from my life.


  • I’m surrounded by people who support my dreams.


  • My friends embrace my uniqueness, and I embrace theirs.


  • I feel at my best when living an active social life.


  • I have something to contribute to every one of my friendships.


  • I choose to be around people who empower me.


friends practicing short positive affirmations


  • I am worthy of having good, supportive friends.


  • Deep personal relationships are the foundation of my happiness.


  • I’m never too busy to make time for my friends.


  • Forming lasting friendships comes from my actions.


  • I’m always open to meeting new people.


  • Every day is an opportunity to expand my social circle.


  • The world is a friendly and social place.


  • I’m always careful of who I surround myself with because that affects who I become.


  • Good people cross my path every day.


Short Positive Affirmations For Work

Next up, let’s dive into some positive affirmations for work. Feel free to use these short affirmations whenever you’re bumping up against resistance during the workday!


  • My job provides me with endless opportunities.


  • Every day is an opportunity to improve my professional skillset.


  • I bring immense value to my company.


  • I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to.


  • Working under pressure improves my mental toughness.


  • Feeling stress is an opportunity for personal growth.


  • I believe in my professional abilities. 


  • I look forward to challenging myself today.


  • My work ethic is what separates me from my peers.


man working at his computer


  • I can’t control the future, but I can control the present.


  • I accept that I won’t always feel motivated to put in work.


  • I’m capable of achieving amazing things in my career; but that starts with getting today right.


  • I approach my work with energy and passion.


  • I trust myself and my ability to perform at the highest level.


  • I’m destined for a wildly successful career.


  • No one can do the work for me.


  • I cannot produce amazing work in my comfort zone.


  • I work hard now so that I can rest easy later.


Positive Morning Affirmations

To conclude this list of short positive affirmations, we’ll close with some morning affirmations aimed to help you start the day with a positive mindset.


  • Today is yet another opportunity for growth.


  • The way that I spend my next hour will set a trajectory for my day.


  • I’m going to smash through my to-do list today.


  • I have an opportunity to live up to my potential today.


  • I’m grateful for another day to improve my life.


new york skyscraper


  • I’m ready for whatever the day throws at me.


  • Any forward progress that I make today is a win.


  • I am constantly growing and improving.


  • I have the strength to handle today’s challenges.


  • Every moment of struggle is also an opportunity for growth.


  • Today I will do one thing that is outside my comfort zone.


  • My life will not change until I change my decisions.


  • I’m motivated to start the day on a positive note.


  • Today I will choose progress instead of stagnation.


  • Achieving my goals starts with small steps today.


  • My future depends on what I do today.


  • Energy and positivity flow through me.


  • I can get through any obstacles that come my way.


weights on the floor


  • Today I will finish everything that I start.


  • I’m eager to see what I can accomplish today.


  • I don’t compare myself to others; only to the person I was yesterday.


  • Today will be an insanely productive day for me.


How & When To Use These Short Positive Affirmations

Now that we’ve gone through an extensive list of affirmations, you’re probably wondering when and where to deploy them for maximum impact.

Put simply, you should practice affirmations on an as-needed basis. I know that many people advise practicing affirmations at specific daily intervals, but I recommend taking a different approach.

Your thoughts are entirely unpredictable. Your mind doesn’t run on a schedule, so it’s best to be flexible with your self-affirmation practice.

That doesn’t mean you can’t practice these short positive affirmations at specific intervals, it just means those intervals shouldn’t be the only time you practice them.

In terms of how to actually implement affirmations into your day, that part is pretty straightforward given what we’ve just discussed.

There’s really two key situations where positive affirmations are most effective:

  • #1: When you’re dealing with negative, irrational thoughts: Ruminating about your past mistakes, worrying about the future, self-loathing, and exaggeration are all fair game here.
  • #2: When you’re struggling to take action: If you find yourself battling internal resistance to do something positive that moves your life forward, affirmations can be a powerful way to self-motivate.

In these moments, your internal dialogue is crucial because you have an opportunity to shift your internal beliefs.

When you’re struggling to take action, you have the opportunity to form the belief that you’re someone who does what’s right regardless of how you feel.

When dealing with negative thoughts, you have the chance to form the belief that negative thoughts don’t represent who you really are.

So as you begin practicing affirmations daily, start by implementing them in these two scenarios and then expand their use as you become more comfortable.


positive affirmation sign


Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this list of short positive affirmations! Feel free to pick a few that resonate with you and start building the habit of positive self-talk. 

Your thoughts don’t have any power unless you give them power.  If you find yourself latching onto and getting lost in negative thoughts, then those thoughts will determine your actions and beliefs.

Let today be the day where you start to see your thoughts for what they are — blips on the radar that don’t define your character. Start beating back negativity with positivity and you’ll find it much easier to find inner peace in life.

I hope you put these short positive affirmations to good use!

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64 Affirmations For Success To Help You Reach Greatness

Your brain is not wired for success, it’s wired for survival.

In order to promote survival, your brain will actively protect you from situations where you may encounter stress, discomfort, and fear. 

Essentially, this means that it actively protects you from success. Learning to thrive in chaos and take action in spite of massive discomfort is essential to living a successful, happy life.

So if your brain isn’t naturally wired to help you dominate in these environments, then you’ve gotta lend it a helping hand.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by practicing positive affirmations geared towards helping you take action to achieve your goals.

In this article, we’ll dive into an extensive list of affirmations for success and discuss how you can use them to combat negativity and self-doubt.

Let’s dive in!


What Are Success Affirmations?

Success affirmations are short, powerful statements that encourage you to engage in positive behaviors that move your life forward. They’re quick-hitting phrases designed to reframe negative beliefs and remind you of your core values.

In the context of your daily life, they’re a great tool to implement in everyday scenarios such as these:

  • When you’re dealing with unhelpful thoughts about the past, present, or future.
  • When you want to get out of your comfort zone but are feeling trapped by fear.
  • When you want to put in work but aren’t feeling motivated whatsoever.

The key goal of success affirmations is to shift your beliefs. Because when you believe something about yourself, you’re likely to act in accordance with that belief even if it’s against your self-interest.

If you believe you’re a procrastinator, then you’re going to put off work. If you believe that you’re anti-social, then you won’t introduce yourself to strangers. 

However, if you believe in your ability to alter both of these traits through sheer effort, you’ll be much more likely to engage in the right behaviors.


man practicing success affirmations


Shifting away from your old self and forming new beliefs starts with reminding yourself that you can act in alignment with your ideal self at any moment.

And each time you follow up these internal reminders with action, you move one small step closer to attaining your version of success.


Powerful Daily Success Affirmations

Without further ado, let’s get into some daily affirmations for success that you can repeat whenever you need some motivational jet fuel.


  • I have everything I need within me to be successful.


  • I’m willing to do what it takes to be successful.


  • I am strong and capable.


  • I have the ability to resist instant gratification and work towards my most ambitious goals.


  • I don’t have to listen to my negative thoughts right now.


  • I release the need to be perfect. 


  • My courage grows every time that I act in spite of fear. 


  • My goals are bigger than my excuses.


  • I’m capable of taking small positive actions right now.


  • Every moment is an opportunity for me to move closer to success.


  • I’m a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time.


woman rockclimbing


  • I’m not blind to my fears, but I’m perfectly capable of acting in spite of them.


  • There is no better time to take action than right now.


  • I’m the creator of my own life.


  • I see opportunities for success everywhere that I look.


  • There is nothing that can stop me from achieving success.


  • At any given moment, I’m capable of forward progress.


  • I live by this mindset; small progress is still progress.


  • I’m always capable of doing something to move my life forward.


  • I can change anything that I want in my life through consistent action.


Affirmations For Success And Prosperity

Finding value in these affirmations for success so far? Then perhaps you’d enjoy this article on the benefits of positive affirmations, or this one which covers how to write affirmations that really work.

If you just want to keep reading, then here’s some more affirmations about achieving success and prosperity.


  • One day my story will inspire others to success.


  • Every small step in the right direction leads me closer to my ideal future.


  • I will not let my past determine my future.


  • Every day is an opportunity for me to grow into my ideal self.


green hills


  • Fear and stress are powerful opportunities for growth.


  • Growth doesn’t happen in my comfort zone.


  • My courage grows every time that I act in spite of fear. 


  • Mistakes bring me closer to success.


  • Before my life changes, I need to change.


  • I’m powerful enough to live up to my full potential.


  • I don’t have time for distractions that take focus away from my goals.


  • Negative thoughts do not define who I am.


  • I’m capable of producing positive change in my life.


  • I meet the minimum requirements for success.


  • My current struggles are molding me into the person I’m supposed to become.


  • I let go of the need to compare myself to others because I’m on a unique journey.


  • I’m not my past. I am the person who has learned from it.


man reciting success affirmations


  • Struggle is exactly what I need to be successful.


  • I don’t need to feel motivated to get things done.


  • Successful people do what they have to do whether they feel like it or not.


  • I have limitless potential waiting to be unlocked.


Affirmations For Success In Business

Here’s some more success affirmations that will help you manifest success in your business endeavors!

If you’re looking for additional affirmations specifically geared towards business success, then feel free to check out these business affirmations.


  • I’m developing my business acumen every single day.


  • I’m on the path towards business success.


  • I’m perfectly willing to outwork my peers to get what I want.


  • I’m a magnet for business success.


  • No one is going to hand me success. I have to go earn it.


  • I believe in myself and my abilities.


  • I can build forward momentum right now.


  • When I do things that I don’t want to do, my mind grows stronger.


  • Self-doubt is natural, every other business titan has experienced it too.


  • I don’t run from failure because it’s an opportunity for growth.


  • I feel ready to take on new challenges.


  • Massive success is just around the corner for me.


man looking at lake


  • I don’t give into negative thoughts that undermine my skill set.


  • I’m committed to doing whatever it takes to be a success story.


  • I’m enjoying the journey to success.


  • Difficult situations are a perfect opportunity for growth.


  • I’m capable of solving complex problems and handling stress.


  • I cannot always control how I feel, but I can always control how I act.


  • I did not come here to live an easy life; I was born to be challenged.


  • Success is inevitable as long as I don’t quit.


  • The best part about life is that I’m in 100% control of my decisions.


Do Affirmations For Success Work?

Every one of you reading this has a different definition of success. Some of you may want to become a best-selling writer, or a successful entrepreneur, or a head chef at a Michelin star restaurant.

Whatever your definition of success is, relententless action is what fills the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

However, your brain doesn’t make taking action any easier.

  • Your brain seeks comfort even though success requires massive discomfort
  • Your brain seeks peace even though you forge your character in chaos.
  • Your brain seeks calm even though stress helps you grow.
  • Your brain seeks easy even though everything about success is hard.

If you don’t provide any resistance to these instinctual desires, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever get the life that you want.

Practicing affirmations for success can serve as that resistance. By reminding yourself of the person you want to be in moments of internal conflict, you put yourself in a better position to override your brain’s desire to remain stagnant. 


woman sitting by the lake


This isn’t just self-help mumbo jumbo either, as research backs up the positive impact that affirmations can have on behavior.

Through neuroimaging studies like this one, researchers have found that self-affirmation activates the brain regions responsible for positive valuation and reward. This means that positive affirmations can directly improve your ability to cope with external/internal threats to your self-image.

Aside from the internal benefits, studies like this one have shown that self-affirmation has a measurable impact on goal-related behavior change.

So yes, success affirmations do work. 

As long as you combine them with positive action and practice them consistently, they will help you rewire your brain for success.


Final Thoughts

Success is a difficult journey no matter what you’re pursuing in life. My hope is that these affirmations for success make that journey just a bit easier for you.

Whenever you’re struggling to take action or get control of your mind, practice these affirmations for 15-20 seconds. Take some time to consciously re-focus on who you really are and what you’re after.

I think you’ll find that by interrupting your brain’s natural thinking patterns, you’ll find it a helluva lot easier to do what you need to do to reach success.

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55 Spiritual Affirmations To Help You Find Your Purpose

All of us are on a spiritual journey of some sort in this life.

For most of us, this journey centers around finding meaning. We’re all trying to understand why we’re here and what our true calling is. We all want our actions to have purpose and impact the world around us in a positive way.

Undertaking these spiritual pursuits is quite challenging. And if you’re going to be successful in these pursuits, you’re gonna need some help from your brain.

It’s impossible to live a meaningful life by being your own worst enemy, which is why positive self-talk is such a crucial skill to develop.

In this article, we’ll dive into a list of spiritual affirmations that you can use to build a strong, positive mindset as you try to find purpose in life. 

Let’s get started!


Deep Spiritual Affirmations


  • I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be right now.


  • I’m committed to living out my true purpose.


  • Every positive action moves me closer to my ideal self.


  • I’m on my own unique journey of spiritual enlightenment.


  • My spirit feels most alive when I’m taking actions that improve my life.


  • I can achieve anything that I devote my mind and spirit too.


  • Every single moment is an opportunity to act.


  • I have everything I need within me to achieve my goals.


  • I am deeply connected to my endeavors right now.


  • Great power lies within me.


  • I cannot change my past, but I can take control of the present.


  • I don’t give into negative thoughts that sabotage my dreams.


woman reciting spiritual affirmations


  • I’m willing to sacrifice what I am for who I want to become.


  • I trust the plan that the universe has laid out for me.


  • There are opportunities for forward progress all around me.


  • I embrace my higher purpose each time I choose discomfort over safety.


  • My intuition is leading me exactly where I’m supposed to go.


  • I am in tune with my highest self.


  • Action lies between the person I am now and the person I want to become.


  • Finding my true purpose requires taking action even when I don’t feel like it.


  • Successful people do what they have to do whether they feel like it or not.


  • I’m prepared for whatever challenges that the universe throws my way.


  • I was not put here to live an average life.


  • The universe is full of endless opportunities for growth.




  • My life is saturated with opportunity.


  • The universe doesn’t owe me anything, I have to go take what I want.


  • I will never give up on pursuing my true calling in this life.


Daily Spiritual Affirmations

​​Enjoying this list of spiritual affirmations so far? Then perhaps you’d find value in these articles on the benefits of affirmations and how to write affirmations.

If you just want to keep reading, then here’s some more deep affirmations for spirituality.


  • Every single day is a blessing.


  • My spirit is always guiding me in the right direction.


  • I accept that there will be failures and setbacks on my journey towards meaning.


  • Struggle is no match for my persistent spirit.


  • Failure is inevitable on the path to improvement.


  • I don’t want an easy life, I want the courage to live a difficult one.


  • I can’t predict the future, but I can control the present.


woman chanting spiritual affirmations


  • I can get everything that I want in this life, I just can’t have it all at once.


  • I’m getting closer to living out my true purpose one small decision at a time.


  • My true power lies in my ability to impact the present.


  • Positive action encourages the universe to conspire in my favor.


  • I’m committed to a life of meaning, no matter what obstacles are in front of me.


  • When my spirit is being tested, those are perfect conditions for growth.


  • My struggles will be worth it.


  • I’m grateful for the blessings that I’ve been given in life.


  • If I choose discipline now, I will reap amazing rewards later.


  • I’m bigger than my excuses.


  • I was made to be the creator of my life.


  • I was born with everything I need to live out my dreams.


  • If other people can live out their true calling, then what’s stopping me?


  • I’m capable of overcoming all of my fears and doubts.


  • I choose to let go of negative thoughts that don’t serve me.


  • I am not my past; I’m the person who has learned from it.


woman standing on mountain


  • My spirit is strong enough to handle the unknown.


  • The universe has blessed me with another day to go improve myself; time to take advantage of it.


  • I see opportunities for growth everywhere that I look.


  • Today I will do one thing to shake me from my comfort zone.


  • I don’t have to make the same decisions today that I did yesterday.


How To Integrate Spiritual Affirmations Into Your Day

Now at this point, you’re probably wondering where spiritual affirmations might fit into your day.

Well, they’re best used whenever your present self and future self are at war.

  • Your present self is the part of you that wants you to procrastinate, be lazy, give into bad habits, and avoid discomfort.
  • Your future self is the part of you that wants you to get out of your comfort zone, embrace hard work, and get shit done.

In other words, your future self is the kind of person who lives a life filled with meaning and purpose, while your present self is the kind of person who spends their final days wallowing in regret.

The problem is that your brain doesn’t like the future self. Acting like your future self requires you to exert energy and willpower, which are two resources that your brain isn’t very fond of using.

That’s where spiritual affirmations come into play. Since you’re not always gonna feel motivated to take action, practicing positive affirmations is a great way to self-motivate when you bump up against internal resistance.

Here are some examples of situations where you might implement spiritual affirmations:

  • Your alarm goes off and you don’t feel like getting out of bed
  • You’re sitting on the couch procrastinating and want to spring yourself into action.
  • You’re about to do something uncomfortable and you need to push past fear.

These are the moments that define your life. The way that you handle these small, seemingly insignificant moments is what defines your character.

Practicing positive self-talk in these decisive moments will help you mitigate the internal stressors that try to push you towards self-sabotage.




Final Thoughts On These Spiritual Affirmations

Spiritual growth is an essential component of living a happy life.

Think about the people that you look up to for a second actors, authors, musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, etc. 

What’s one thing that they all tend to have in common? 

They appear to be doing what they were born to do. We admire these people because they’ve decided to pursue their truest calling instead of settling for a life they don’t really want.

As you embark on this same journey, use these spiritual affirmations to maintain a positive mindset and force yourself into action when your motivation isn’t there.

When you let your internal dialogue support your growth instead of hamper it, you should find it much easier to live a meaningful life.

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70 Health Affirmations To Keep You Feeling Your Best

If you’re looking to take control of your health, then practicing health affirmations is a fantastic place to start!

Your self-talk contributes to success in every arena of your life — health, career, relationships, productivity, etc.

So if you want to live a healthy lifestyle and build a strong body and mind, your self-talk needs to align with this vision. 

Let’s dive into a list of health affirmations that will keep you on the path towards living a happy, healthy life.


What Are Health Affirmations?

Health affirmations are short, powerful statements that help you reframe negative beliefs and stay focused on your health goals.

They’re best used throughout the day as a form of self-motivation, prompting you to act in alignment with the person you want to become.

For example, you may use fitness affirmations to spring yourself into action when you don’t feel like working out.

You may use fear affirmations when you’re feeling hesitant to engage in positive behaviors that are outside of your comfort zone.

This isn’t just self-help mumbo jumbo either, as research shows that practicing positive affirmations can produce measurable behavior change.

Take this study published in the The National Library Of Medicine for example. To analyze the impact of self-affirmation on promoting healthy lifestyle changes, participants were split up into two groups:

  • One group was asked to track how many servings of fruits and vegetables they ate over a one week period while practicing health affirmations.
  • The other group was asked to track their consumption without the use of affirmations.

The participants in the self-affirmation group ended up eating an average of 5.5 more servings of fruits and vegetables throughout the week.

Studies like this one prove that positive self-talk can be an effective tool for developing the kinds of habits that lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Later on in this article, we’ll discuss the proper way to implement affirmations so that you can achieve similar benefits.


girl reciting health affirmations


Powerful Daily Health Affirmations

Let’s kick things off with some powerful health affirmations that you can use to build a more positive internal dialogue!


  • I’m working on improving my health every single day.


  • I’m the only one responsible for how my body looks. 


  • My body is my responsibility.


  • It’s okay for my body to be a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time.


  • Embracing temporary discomfort now will do wonders for my health.


  • I may not want to lift weights, but I do want a muscular frame.


  • I may not want to go on a run, but I do want to shed pounds off my waist.


  • I am worthy and capable of achieving peak health.


  • Being on this earth alone is a miracle, and I can extend that miracle through proper nutrition and exercise.


  • Being born with a normally functioning body is a gift that I treasure each day.


  • I treat my body with the love and kindness it deserves.


  • My body puts my positive thoughts into action.


  • My body is ready to handle whatever challenges come my way.


woman working out


  • I can do something right now to improve my health.


  • My actions can have a significant impact on my physical and mental health.


  • Building healthy habits is hard. Being unhealthy is hard. I have to pick my hard.


  • I am full of energy and passion at the moment.


  • My body can take me wherever I want to go.


  • Improving my health starts with repeating small daily disciplines over and over again.


  • I don’t care about my past health habits, I’m going to make a positive decision right now.


  • With enough time, I can mold myself into someone who is in peak physical and mental condition.


Morning Health Affirmations

​​Enjoying this list of affirmations for health so far? Then perhaps you’d find value in these articles on the benefits of affirmations and how to write affirmations.

If you just want to keep reading, then here’s some morning affirmations you can use to get your day off to a healthy start.


  • Today is the perfect opportunity to take one positive action towards improving my health.


  • My mind and body are ready for the day ahead.


  • Every day is an opportunity for growth.


  • I don’t need to achieve all of my health goals today; just one small step in the right direction will suffice.


  • My health goals are realistic and achievable.


  • Energy and ambition flow through my body.


  • Today I will make time to care for my body and nourish it with the right foods.


  • My health is one of the most important things in my life; and today I will act like it.


  • Upgrading my health requires me to change my habits.


  • I’m committed to doing whatever it takes to improve my health.


woman chanting health affirmations


  • Every positive health decision fills me with motivation to pursue more growth.


  • I don’t have to listen to excuses about why I can’t workout.


  • If someone else is capable of changing their body, then I am too.


  • My health is directly tied to my level of discipline.


  • I’m focused on my health today.


  • I’m always open to activities that improve my health.


  • It’s a wonderful day for me to make some healthier choices.


  • I am committed to being my best, healthiest self.


Mental Health Affirmations

Your mental health and your physical health are inextricably linked. If your mental health is a wreck, you’ll struggle to get your body to engage in the behaviors that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some powerful mental health affirmations that will put a positive spin on your internal dialogue when it turns negative.


  • My body and mind are forces to be reckoned with.


  • My mental health is a massive priority.


  • I am at peace with what I cannot control.


  • I don’t need to listen to negativity; thoughts are just blips on my radar.


  • My thoughts do not have to dictate my actions.


man sitting on bench


  • I refuse to give any power to negative thoughts.


  • Stress is like a storm; it will pass eventually.


  • Right now, I have the power to choose where to focus my attention.


  • I can counter every negative thought with a positive one.


  • Having negative thoughts is a completely normal part of the human experience.


  • Nothing can stop me from achieving my goals.


  • I keep my mind healthy by accepting my thoughts, but not giving into them.


  • I release the need to compare my progress to others.


  • I’m on a unique journey that’s preparing me for great things.


open road


  • No matter what’s going on in my brain, I have the power of choice.


  • I consciously choose to focus on the good when my brain wants to highlight the bad.


Healing Affirmations


  • Every day that I’m alive is an opportunity to heal my body and mind.


  • I’m healing myself every single day.


  • I give myself permission to heal.


  • Past trauma does not impact what I can do at this moment.


  • Pain turns me into a stronger, better version of myself.


  • I’m surrounded by people who can help me heal.


  • I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be right now.


  • My past does not define my future.


  • A bad day does not mean that I have a bad life.


  • If other people can overcome suffering, then I can too.


  • I’m at peace with my past and preparing for the future.


people driving on highway


  • Life is always happening for me, not to me.


  • Growth only comes from difficult moments.


  • Every day I’m working on turning my pain into power.


How To Use These Positive Affirmations For Health

The way that you utilize health affirmations is going to depend on the behaviors you’re trying to develop. 

If your primary goal is weight loss, then your affirmations should motivate you to live a more active lifestyle.

If your primary goal is to improve your diet, then your affirmations should motivate you to abstain from junk food and change your eating habits. 

So before you start practicing affirmations on a daily basis, first think about the most important health-related goal that you’re trying to achieve. 

I know you probably have several, but it’s best to start with one. As you get more comfortable with affirmations, you can always add more into the mix.

Once you’ve narrowed your focus to one goal, go back through this list and pick one or two affirmations that resonate with this personal goal.


health affirmations book


Now all that’s left is to put these affirmations into action! Don’t limit yourself by setting guidelines on when or how often to use these affirmations — simply practice them whenever you feel like you need to.

Experiencing some negative thoughts about your body? Use positive self-talk to shift focus away from these self-sabotaging thoughts.

Not feeling motivated to hit the gym or go on a morning walk? Repeat positive affirmations that remind you of your goals and help you take action.

Each time you combine positive self-talk with action is a small step forward towards the healthy lifestyle that you’re after.


Final Thoughts On These Health Affirmations

I hope you enjoyed this article talking about how to implement health affirmations into your life!

There’s always going to elements of life that you can’t control. However, one thing you have absolute control over is the way that you talk to yourself.

And while good self-talk doesn’t magically give you a healthy lifestyle, it will certainly put you in a better position to make healthier choices.

Use these affirmations to attack the day and upgrade your lifestyle one small step at a time!

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87 Gratitude Affirmations For A More Positive Life

It’s natural to want to achieve great things and level up your life — the pursuit of more is fundamental to our nature as human beings.

However, it’s important to balance ambition with appreciation. You need to embrace where you are because if you can’t appreciate the journey, you’ll never appreciate the destination.

Luckily, showing gratitude isn’t outrageously difficult. All you need to do is spend a few minutes each day consciously focusing on the positive aspects of your life.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by using gratitude affirmations. In this article, we’ll dive into the benefits of expressing gratitude and run through an extensive list of affirmations for gratitude that you can practice daily.


How Do You Write Gratitude Affirmations?

Writing positive affirmations for gratitude is a pretty straightforward process. 

As long as you’re writing short and powerful statements that highlight the positive aspects of life, then you’re on the right track.

Typically it’s best to start these affirmations with “I am,” but it’s not absolutely necessary. Then, you simply build off of it by attaching something you’re grateful for to the end of that sentence.

It doesn’t matter what you decide to show gratitude for. You can use gratitude affirmations to show appreciation for simple things like having a roof over your head, or access to clean water.

It could also be something deeper, such as a traumatic event from your past that you’ve found a way to learn from. 

As long as you’re genuinely expressing gratitude, there’s no right or wrong way to write and practice these affirmations. 

Here’s a few examples of what they might look like:

  • I’m grateful for waking up today and having the opportunity to change my life.
  • I’m grateful for my past because it’s a great source of wisdom for me.
  • I’m grateful for having people around me who care about my well-being.

In the following sections of this article, we’ll dive into some more gratitude affirmations that you can integrate into your daily routine.


gratitude affirmations in a notebook


Daily Gratitude Affirmations

Let’s kick things off with some powerful gratitude affirmations that will serve you well in cultivating an attitude of appreciation.


  • I’m grateful for everything that has happened to me.


  • I trust that everything is working out as it should for me right now.


  • I’m grateful for problems and challenges because they turn me into a stronger person.


  • It’s okay to show appreciation for what I have while being motivated to get more.


  • I’m grateful for the opportunity to choose the kind of life that I live.


  • I’m grateful for my past; it’s full of lessons that will help me create a better future.


  • I’m grateful for my past because it’s a great source of wisdom for me.


  • I’m happy to be on my own two feet with a chance to live life to the fullest.


  • Every moment is a gift and I’m committed to using them wisely.


  • I’m grateful for being born in a time where there’s abundant opportunity to be successful.


  • I’m thankful for the struggle because I’d be unable to appreciate joy without it.


  • No matter how bad things get, there’s always something to be grateful for.


  • Everywhere I look, I see opportunities to express gratitude.


woman practicing gratitude affirmations


  • There is nothing wrong with this moment; it’s the perfect time to take action.


  • I’m grateful for all of the experiences that I’ve endured up to this point.


  • I’m always capable of approaching life with a glass half-full perspective.


  • I can’t control the future, but I can be grateful for what’s right in front of me.


  • I’m grateful that life is always presenting me with opportunities to grow.


  • I love myself despite all of my flaws and insecurities.


  • Every difficult situation is an opportunity for growth.


  • I’m grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the world.


  • I express deep appreciation for the small improvements that I make each day.


  • I’m going through today with an attitude of gratitude.


woman jumping


  • I am grateful for the good and the bad parts of me; they’re a part of my unique character.


  • I’m grateful that I always have the opportunity to choose my fate.


  • I am grateful for the paths that didn’t lead me to where I wanted.


Short Gratitude Affirmations

​​Enjoying this list of affirmations so far? Then perhaps you’d find value in these articles on the benefits of affirmations and how to write affirmations.

If you just want to keep reading, then here’s some more short gratitude affirmations.


  • Every single moment that I’m alive is a blessing and an opportunity.


  • I’m grateful to be alive.


  • Life is always happening for me, not to me.


  • I can always find something positive in a negative situation.


  • Negative thoughts do not serve my well-being.


  • A negative mind will never give me a positive life.


  • Every day is a new opportunity for growth.


  • I’m so lucky to have been born a human being.


  • I’m grateful for the present moment.


  • I’m grateful for the ups and downs of life.


  • All of my past mistakes are lessons.


  • I’m grateful for the beauty of nature.


large brown mountain


  • I’m grateful for all of the years that I have left to live.


  • I am grateful to be exactly where I am.


  • I am grateful for the beautiful gift of life.


  • I’m grateful for who I am and what I have.


  • I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn new things today.


  • I’m so lucky to have been born a human being.


  • Simple pleasures are what life is all about.


  • I’m grateful for the warmth and security that my home provides.


  • I’m grateful for the life that I’m living.


  • The more I recognize the good, the more good comes my way.


  • I’m grateful for the freedom to decide my future.


Gratitude Affirmations For Success

Here’s some more powerful gratitude affirmations for manifesting success in your endeavors.


  • I have everything I need within me to be successful.


  • I’m grateful for being born in a time where there’s abundant opportunity to be successful.


  • I meet the minimum requirements for achieving success.


  • I’m grateful to have been born with the ambition to live an amazing life.


  • I’m grateful that success is 100% attainable provided that I work hard enough.


  • I’m grateful for the journey, not just the allure of the destination.


  • I’m thankful for all of the wisdom that I’ve gained in life thus far.


windy road in the forest


  • I’m grateful to have the power to change anything about my life.


  • I’m grateful for the power to turn my dreams into a reality.


  • I’m thankful for failure because it means that I’m one step closer to success.


  • I’m blessed to have been born with a persistent spirit.


  • It’s okay for me to want success and show gratitude at the same time.


  • I’ve been blessed with more than enough talent to achieve my goals.


  • I’m grateful for another day to make forward progress towards my goals.


  • Gratitude for what I have brings me closer to what I want.


  • I’m grateful for the little things in life.


  • There are money-making opportunities all around me.


pool with a view


  • I thank my mind for always brainstorming ways to be successful.


  • Opportunity is knocking at my door every single day.


Gratitude Affirmations For Friends & Family

To wrap up this list of affirmations for gratitude, here are a few powerful phrases built around appreciating your friends and family.


  • I’m grateful to have people around me who care about my well-being.


  • I’m grateful for my family.


  • I’m grateful for my friends.


  • I’m grateful for the memories I’ve made with my friends.


  • I’m grateful for the people who have my back no matter what.


  • I’m grateful for every moment that I get to spend with my parents.


  • I find joy in the time that I spend with my friends.


  • I’m grateful for the opportunity to impact the lives of people close to me.


  • I’m so thankful that I have people to lean on when times get tough.


  • I appreciate other people for who they are.


  • I’m grateful for all of the love that I receive daily.


family gratitude affirmations


  • I’m eternally grateful for all of the lessons that my parents have taught me.


  • I’m happy to have people that I can trust and rely on.


  • I am grateful for laughter.


  • I’m grateful to be in the company of my loved ones.


  • I’m thankful that everyone I meet has something to teach me.


  • I am grateful that the world is a friendly and social place.


The Benefits Of Expressing Daily Gratitude

If you need a little push to start implementing these gratitude affirmations into your life, then here’s some more insight into how it can impact your life.

Dr. Joshua Brown is a professor of psychology and brain science at Indiana University. In 2016, he teamed up with his colleague Joel Wong, an associate professor of counseling psychology, to analyze the impact of daily gratitude on one’s mental health.

The study they conducted involved nearly 300 adults who generally reported low levels of mental health. Many of these participants also mentioned struggling with anxiety and depression as well.

The study participants were placed into three separate groups:

  • Group one was asked to write out their deepest thoughts and feelings about their negative experiences. 
  • Group two was asked to write someone a letter of gratitude once per week for three weeks.
  • Group three was not asked to do any writing at all
  • Every person in the study received counseling as well

After the experiment was over, the researchers followed up four and twelve weeks later to gauge improvements in the mental health of the participants.

It turned out that the people who wrote gratitude letters experienced significant improvements in their mental health compared to the other two groups. 

The findings from this study highlight something really interesting about gratitude — it doesn’t just work when things are going well.

It’s easy to be grateful and show appreciation when we’re thriving. It’s much harder to see the utility in expressing gratitude when we’re struggling mightily.

And yet, studies like this one suggest that gratitude can act as a springboard to help you get things back on track. 

Repeating gratitude affirmations alone will not change your life. However, implementing positive self-talk can help you cultivate a habit of focusing on the positive in a world where most people latch onto the negative.

This daily practice alone will put you in a better position to live a happier, more meaningful life.


reach for the moon affirmation


Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this article about gratitude affirmations! 

Whenever the topic of gratitude comes up, I’m always reminded of this quote by Oprah Winfrey:

“Be thankful for what you have, you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you’ll never have enough.”

No matter how rich you get, you’ll always want more money. No matter how many places you travel to, you’ll always want to see more of the world. 

We’re hard-wired to desire the accumulation of stuff. More money, more cars, more clothes, more friends, etc.

And while it’s true accumulation can bring some level of happiness, it doesn’t bring the inner peace that most of us are looking for.

True happiness comes from appreciating what you have while working for what you want. It comes from recognizing the little blessings that you’ve been given — a healthy body and mind, a bed to sleep in, friends to share your life with, etc.

And once you can appreciate the small stuff, you can couple that gratitude with the desire to strive for bigger blessings.

I hope that these gratitude affirmations serve you well in both of these endeavors!

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55 Sleep Affirmations To Help You Fall Asleep Easier

Find yourself in need of some sleep affirmations to help you quiet your mind and get into deep sleep faster?

Well, then you’re in the right place. If you’re reading this, my guess is that you have a hyper-active mind that just doesn’t seem to shut off at night.

You want to get a good night’s sleep, but you can’t seem to slow down your mind when you’re trying to get much needed rest. Maybe you’re getting sucked in by thoughts about the past, or your insecurities, or random thoughts that don’t mean anything.

Whatever kinds of thoughts are keeping you up at night, this article will dive into powerful sleep affirmations aimed to quiet your mental chatter and help you enjoy more peaceful sleep.

Let’s dive in!


Powerful Sleep Affirmations

Let’s kick off this article with some powerful sleep affirmations that will make it easier for you to get a good night’s rest.


  • I’m ready for a great night’s sleep.


  • Thanks for all the thoughts! But I’m trying to wind down.


  • I’m focused on my breathing and nothing else right now.


  • It’s time to forget about today and prepare for tomorrow.


bed and blanket


  • I deserve a good night’s sleep for all of the work that I put in today.


  • My mind and body are slowly shutting down.


  • Tomorrow will be better than today.


  • I choose rest and relaxation over rumination.


  • I’m at peace with my thoughts right now.


  • I believe in my ability to make tomorrow great.


  • I’m breathing in relaxation and breathing out stress.


  • Eventually, my mind will slow down and I’ll fall into a deep sleep.


  • I will be into a deep sleep very soon.


  • I’m slowly quieting my mind by remaining fully present.


  • I’m in a calm, restful state right now.


  • My day is over, no need to think anymore.


  • I’m fully capable of falling asleep and staying asleep.


  • I can’t change what happened today, so let’s rest and get after it tomorrow.


  • Tomorrow I will come back with a vengeance.


man practicing sleep affirmations


  • If I’m going to kill it tomorrow, I need to start with a great night’s sleep.


  • I embrace stillness as I lie in my bed right now.


  • Sleep is one of the best habits for my mental health.


Affirmations For Sleep Anxiety

Enjoying this list of sleep affirmations so far? Then these two articles on the scientific benefits of affirmations and writing effective affirmations might be of interest to you.

If you just want to keep reading, then here’s some more affirmations for sleep anxiety.


  • It’s impossible for me to change my past.


  • With each deep breath, my mind grows a little quieter.


  • Anxious thoughts are normal, I just don’t need to pay attention to them right now.


  • I’m not paying my negative thoughts any mind.


  • Worrying about things that I can’t change is like paying a debt I don’t owe.


  • Suppressing negative thoughts is impossible, but I don’t have to give them power.


  • Sleep anxiety is normal, and it will pass.


  • My past doesn’t affect what I’m capable of tomorrow.


  • I refuse to let worry disturb my peace.


  • I don’t give into thoughts that promote negative beliefs.


man reciting sleep affirmations


  • I can’t stop thinking, but I can stop responding.


  • Whatever is causing me stress can wait until tomorrow.


  • I’m focused on closing my eyes and getting to bed right now.


  • I’m a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time.


  • I accept all of my anxious thoughts, thanks mind! Now it’s time for you to slow down.


  • I don’t give energy to things that I can’t control.


  • I relinquish the need to control every thought I have.


  • All the thoughts I’m having right now are just blips on the radar.


  • With each passing moment I’m getting closer to falling asleep.


  • I fully release the stressors of today.


Bedtime Affirmations


  • I look forward to a good night’s rest to recharge for tomorrow.


  • My body and mind are at ease.


  • With each breath, I feel myself getting more sleepy.


  • My bedroom is a place of restoration and relaxation.


bedroom with a view of the mountains


  • I look forward to sleeping soundly throughout the night.


  • I’m grateful for the opportunity to get well-deserved rest.


  • Sleep will rejuvenate me for an amazing tomorrow.


  • Tomorrow I will wake up ready to crush the day ahead.


  • My to-do list is in trouble tomorrow.


  • I look forward to getting my eight hours tonight so that my mind and body are fresh tomorrow.


  • Deep sleep comes easily to me.


  • My mind is a quiet and peaceful place at night.


forest at night


  • I’m thankful for the opportunity to sleep in a bed with a roof above me.


  • I’m focused and breathing slowly and deeply to ease myself into deep sleep.


  • I allow my brain to rest now.


  • I’m calming my body and mind by refusing to feed into negative thoughts.


  • My thoughts are flowing freely like an ocean; no need to pay them any mind.


What Are The Best Sleep Affirmations To Say Before Bed?

Ultimately, the best sleep affirmations to say before bed are the ones that are relevant to the thoughts you deal with at night. The affirmations you choose should be quick hitting, powerful statements that address specific threats to your sleep.

If you constantly find yourself ruminating about the past at bedtime, then you may need to practice affirmations for letting go to disengage from unhelpful thoughts about your past.

If the stress from running your own business is keeping you up at night, then you’d probably find value in these business affirmations. And if you just can’t seem to shift internal focus away from your flaws, then self-love affirmations may be useful as well.

At the end of the day, the affirmations you choose to repeat before bedtime are entirely dependent on the nature of your internal dialogue.

You’re the only person who knows your internal dialogue. So in order to get the most out of these sleep affirmations, pick 2-3 that are congruent with the types of unhelpful thoughts that keep you up at night.

Once you’ve nailed them down, deploy your affirmations on an as-needed basis. It’s good to practice them right before bed every night, but you’re also gonna need them while trying to fall asleep too.

So when you lay in bed and feel your mind racing, use these short positive affirmations to get into a more relaxed state.


woman sleeping at night


Do Affirmations Work While Sleeping?

If you’ve stumbled upon this article, you may be wondering whether or not sleep affirmations can reprogram your subconscious mind while you’re resting.

The only correct answer here is that we just don’t know.

Your brain is divided into two parts: your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. 

Your conscious mind is responsible for all of the thoughts and emotions that you’re aware of at any given moment. For example, right now I’m fully aware of the fact that I’m a little tired and a little hungry.

On the other hand, your subconscious mind is far more vast — it contains all of the thoughts, desires, and beliefs that you are unaware of. Similar to a black hole floating in outer space, we don’t know exactly what lies beyond its horizon.

During sleep your conscious mind shuts off to recharge, leaving the subconscious mind free to run the show. The idea behind listening to affirmations while you sleep is that you can rewire your subconscious mind precisely when it’s most active.

However, there’s no clear research to support the hypothesis that this is an effective practice, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

I also don’t think it’s wise to add more background noise to your environment if you already struggle to fall asleep in the first place, but that’s just me!


Final Thoughts On These Sleep Affirmations

While trying to fall asleep, it’s inevitable that you’re going to be bombarded with negative thoughts.

Thoughts about how you’re screwing up your life. Thoughts about negative events from your past. Thoughts that prompt you to worry about the future. 

This is a completely normal part of the human experience. And while you’ll never be able to shut off these thoughts completely, you can mitigate their impact on your internal state.

My hope is that these sleep affirmations help you gain some control over your monkey mind so that you get the rest you deserve each night!

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65 Affirmations For Confidence To Make You Fearless

“How can I become more confident?”

It’s a question you’ve probably asked yourself hundreds of times. Maybe you’ve even read some self-confidence books before to seek out answers to this question.

It’s certainly an important one to ask because confidence is what separates those who get the life they want from those who settle for one they don’t:

The person who’s confident enough to approach strangers will always have a better dating life than the person who’s terrified of rejection.

The person who trusts in their ability to handle uncertainty will always put in more work than the person who’s terrified of failing.

We all know the importance of self-belief, but living by this virtue on a daily basis is far easier said than done.

In this article, we’re going to discuss a list of affirmations for confidence that will help you improve your self-esteem. We’ll also dive into the science behind confidence affirmations and the proper way to practice them for maximum impact.


Do Affirmations Help With Confidence?

Before we cover some powerful affirmations for confidence, let’s talk about some do’s and don’ts when it comes to positive self-talk.

The answer to the question posed above depends entirely on how you use affirmations. If you lack confidence and you try to convince your brain that you’re a confident person, then affirmations will do nothing for you.

By using affirmations in this fashion, you’re essentially having an argument with your brain:

  • Generic Positive Affirmation: I radiate confidence in everything that I do!
  • Your Brain’s Response: “Uhh no you don’t. You’ve lacked confidence for years and I have a bunch of anecdotal evidence to back this up.”

So while people who tell you to repeat confidence affirmations like the one above are coming from a good place, this is the wrong way to go about positive self-talk.


confidence affirmation on a poster


In this study, children who held negative beliefs about their competence were asked to practice self-affirmations while completing a set of math problems.                                                                                                                                                                                      

One group of students was asked to repeat ability-focused affirmations like, “I’m very good at this!” Other students were asked to repeat effort-focused affirmations such as “I will do my best!” 

The students who practiced ability-focused affirmations saw little to no improvement in their performance, while the students who practiced effort-focused affirmations saw significant increases in performance.

The takeaway from this study is that your affirmations for confidence should emphasize effort as opposed to competence.

Don’t say things like, “I’m confident in everything that I do.” or “I carry confidence with me everywhere I go!” 

This is essentially just lying to yourself under the pretense of positivity. Instead, say things like, “I’m capable of developing extreme confidence.” or “I have an opportunity to become more confident at this moment.

In other words, keep your affirmations positive but believable. You’ll find that many of the following confidence affirmations will follow this exact structure.


Extreme Self Confidence Affirmations

Without further ado, let’s kick things off by getting right into the first batch of positive confidence affirmations.

As you read through the list, be sure to write down any phrases that resonate with you.


  • I’m capable of showing confidence at any given moment.


  • I cannot control how I feel, but I can control what I do.


  • I’m the only person who controls my outcomes.


  • Each time I act in spite of fear, I become more confident.


  • The future that I want is waiting for my confidence to catch up.


man reciting affirmations for confidence


  • My level of confidence determines my future.


  • I’m willing to act in spite of fear.


  • If I weren’t afraid, it wouldn’t be meaningful.


  • I’m confident in my ability to handle pressure.


  • My confidence grows each time I take positive action.


  • The actions of confidence come first, the feelings of confidence come later.


  • I can become confident and courageous by overcoming my fears.


  • I’m ready to unleash my inner badass.


  • I trust that I can handle whatever life wants to throw at me.


  • Confidence doesn’t come from thoughts, it has to come from my actions.


  • If I change my decisions, I can change everything.


  • I don’t need to feel ready to take action.


  • Courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s acting in spite of it.


man running forward


  • Doubt is removed through action.


  • I’m perfectly capable of overcoming my lack of confidence.


  • Every confident person once lacked confidence.


  • Confidence is just a skill; and any skill can be improved with practice.


  • I get stronger with each display of confidence.


  • The only person that can stop me is me.


  • I was not made to be average.


  • Successful people do what they have to do whether they feel like it or not.


  • I’m both a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time.


  • The only thing I have control over is whether or not I show confidence in this moment.


  • I trust myself to take calculated risks and let the chips fall where they may.


Morning Affirmations For Confidence

​​Enjoying this list of confidence affirmations so far? Then perhaps you’d find value in these articles on the benefits of affirmations and how to write affirmations.

If you just want to keep reading, then here’s some more morning affirmations for confidence.


  • Every day is a new opportunity to work on my confidence.


  • Today is a great day to choose forward progress.


  • I’m grateful for another opportunity to work on my confidence.


  • I’m determined to do whatever it takes to reach my goals.


hurdle on a track


  • Confidence is a skill that I’m capable of improving.


  • My past doesn’t affect my ability to take action in the present.


  • Fear is a signal that I need to display confidence; it’s not meant to stop me.


  • Discomfort is where I need to live in order to become confident.


  • Great things are never going to come from my comfort zone.


  • I’m focused on what I can control and letting go of what I can’t.


  • I can step into bravery at any given moment.


  • Right now is an opportunity for me to train my confidence muscle.


  • Acting in spite of fear is what will build my character.


man standing on top of mountain


  • I can become supremely confident starting with my efforts right now.


  • I grow with every challenge that I face.


  • All I need to be successful and confident is within me right now.


  • I’m in full control of my life.


  • My limiting beliefs can be re-wired through purposeful effort.


  • I have so much potential inside of me that’s waiting to be unlocked.


  • If I do today what I did yesterday, I will get today what I did yesterday.


  • Nobody can stop me from winning except myself.


  • I’m fully capable of doing amazing things with my life.


  • I don’t need to feel confident to face my fears.


  • All day long, I see opportunities to improve my confidence.


  • My mind isn’t wired for confidence, which is why I’m going to rewire it through my actions.


  • No one is coming to save me. I’m 100% responsible for my life.


man repeating confidence affirmations


  • Every moment in which I doubt myself is an opportunity for growth.


  • There is no growth without discomfort.


  • If I wanted an easy life, I’d have given up a long time ago.


  • I am in charge of my life.


  • No one can stop me from getting the life that I want.


  • No one will hand me confidence, I need to go earn it.


  • I’m coming for what’s mine, and it starts right now.


  • Up until now I’ve let fear win, it’s time for me to start changing that story.


How To Implement These Affirmations For Confidence

Hopefully a few of the affirmations above resonated with you. Now we’re going to shift gears and discuss how you can deploy these affirmations to improve your self-esteem.

First off, identify the daily scenarios where your lack of confidence stops you from doing what you want to do. This will vary from person to person, but here are some common situations that you may write down:

  • You see an attractive man/woman and want to go introduce yourself.
  • You want to do something productive, but are doubting your ability to complete the task at hand.
  • You want to speak your mind, but are struggling with the fear of being judged.


never be afraid quote


These are the kinds of moments where positive self-talk serves you best. When your irrational mind is clouded by fear, this is the perfect time to get your rational mind involved in the conversation.

Once you’ve identified key scenarios where your lack of confidence stops you from doing what you want, now it’s time to sprinkle in some positive self-talk:

  • Whenever you find yourself in these moments, commit to practicing affirmations for 20-30 seconds.
  • When you’re starting out, you may need to keep your affirmations somewhere visible (phone, piece of paper, etc.)
  • Try your best to take action immediately after repeating your affirmations.

In the beginning, you probably won’t take action even with the help of confidence affirmations (don’t beat yourself up, this is totally normal).

Eventually, you’ll reach a point where you’re fed up with inaction and you’ll show a few seconds of courage. 

This is the tipping point where things start to change — once you do it once, your brain now has new evidence. That first momentary flash of bravery is crucial because it proves that you’re capable of taking action.

With each subsequent action thereafter, your brain will start forming new beliefs and showing extreme confidence will become easier and easier.


Final Thoughts On These Confidence Affirmations

I hope that you enjoyed this extensive list of affirmations for confidence!

Just like any other skill in life, confidence is developed through repetition. While positive self-talk can serve as momentum to get the ball rolling, affirmations alone will not shift your beliefs. 

At the end of the day, the actions of confidence need to come first — the feelings of confidence will come after.

If you learn to combine these confidence affirmations with action when you’re feeling fear, then you’re well on your way to getting exactly what you want in life.

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67 Relationship Affirmations For A Healthy Love Life

Whether you’re in a relationship or just getting out of one, relationship affirmations are a great way to manifest whatever you’re currently looking for.

Maybe you’re experiencing some difficulties in your current relationship and want to mend the parts of your relationship that are broken.

Maybe you want to use courage affirmations to boost your self-confidence and become an active participant in the dating scene.

In this article, we’ll dive into why relationship affirmations work as well as an extensive list of positive phrases to foster healthy relationships with those you love.

Let’s dive in!


Do Affirmations Work For Relationships?

I want to share a passage with you from one of my favorite personal development books of all time, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson

“A friend of mine says that people make two lists about their spouses and carry these lists around in their heads. The long list is a detailed accounting of what’s wrong with their spouse, and the short list is what’s right. The long list they consult every day. And the short list? That’s the one they read at the funeral.”

It’s a really powerful quote that highlights the unfortunate reality of human nature — we’re actually hard-wired for negativity.

We all possess a cognitive bias called negativity bias, which means that our brain is more likely to dwell on negative events than positive ones. This bias impacts all areas of your life, but it can be particularly detrimental to your relationships.

Ever wonder why it feels so easy to lash out, criticize, and judge your partner as opposed to appreciating their positive traits? Well, you can thank negativity bias for that.

Ever wonder why it feels so easy to focus on your flaws and insecurities when you’re looking for a new relationship? Well, you can thank negativity bias for that too.

Luckily, relationship affirmations can serve as an antidote to this natural bias that lies within you. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your relationship, find a new one, or heal your current one, positive self-talk will make it easier to do each of these things by instilling more helpful beliefs.

If you constantly remind yourself of the positive aspects of your relationship, they will start to hold more weight in your mind.

If you’re single, keeping your internal dialogue positive will make you feel worthy of a new relationship with someone who shares your values.


man and woman saying relationship affirmations


Positive Relationship Affirmations

Let’s kick off this article with some positive affirmations for relationships to help you build a stronger bond with your partner.


  • I’m accepting of my partner’s strengths and weaknesses.


  • I treasure every moment that I get to spend with my partner.


  • I accept the ups and downs of being in a relationship.


  • I’m willing to be open and honest with my partner.


  • I’m committed to keeping my relationship fresh and exciting.


  • My relationship is built on love, trust, and respect.


  • My partner and I both deserve love.


  • I don’t hold things back from my partner.


  • Every uncomfortable conversation improves my relationship.


  • I resolve conflicts with my partner quickly; I don’t hold things in.


  • I’m lucky to have my partner and they are lucky to have me.


  • My partner and I are committed to forming an unbreakable bond.


couple holding hands


  • I feel safe being my true self around my partner.


  • I deserve love and my partner deserves mine too.


  • I find joy in the little things about my relationship.


  • I’m grateful to have my partner in my life.


  • My partner and I help each other become better versions of ourselves.


  • Every day, my bond with my partner is growing stronger.


  • My partner and I support each other in all of our endeavors.


  • I’m willing to make sacrifices in order to strengthen my relationship.


  • I am open to receiving unconditional love from my partner.


  • I’m grateful for a partner who supports my dreams and goals.


  • My partner accepts my flaws, and I accept theirs.


Affirmations To Heal A Relationship

Enjoying this list of relationship affirmations so far? Then these two articles on the scientific benefits of affirmations and writing affirmations properly might be of interest to you.

If you just want to keep reading, then here’s some more affirmations about healing relationships.


  • Every challenge that my partner and I go through strengthens our bond.


  • Tough times build strong relationships.


  • True love is not perfect and rosy all the time, it’s the difficult moments that make my relationship meaningful.


  • I feel safe expressing my thoughts when I’m unhappy with my partner.


  • I’m not in a perfect relationship, but I’m committed to making it better.


  • I will do everything in my power to heal my relationship.


man practicing relationship affirmations


  • If my partner and I can come through this, our bond will be stronger than ever.


  • I’m not giving up on someone that I fell in love with unless it’s the only option.


  • Today I will have the conversation with my partner that I’ve been avoiding.


  • When I speak my mind, it encourages my partner to speak theirs.


  • How I respond to my partner will influence how they respond to me.


  • When my partner and I disagree, I listen to their point of view with an open mind.


  • I will do my part to mend the broken parts of our relationship.


  • Today I will do one nice thing for my partner to show my appreciation for them.


  • I have the courage to bring up counseling to my partner if it becomes absolutely necessary.


  • Loving relationships are built on difficult conversations and honest dialogue. 


  • The love between me and my partner is stronger than our current misunderstandings.


  • My partner and I will heal our relationship together.


man and woman walking down highway


  • I’m capable of seeing things from my partner’s perspective while also expressing my own.


Relationship Affirmations For Singles

If you’re currently searching for a new relationship, then use these relationship affirmations for singles to start taking back control of your dating life.


  • Before I love someone else, I need to love myself first.


  • I effortlessly attract loving relationships by being myself.


  • I am ready for a new journey.


  • I am good enough to be loved by an amazing person.


  • I am worthy of a healthy, loving relationship.


  • I’m willing to be patient and wait for the right person to come into my life.


  • There’s millions of other single people who would love to be in a relationship with me.


  • I’m committed to engaging in habits and behaviors that increase my value as a man/woman.


  • I can’t just wait for the right person to come to me; I must take an active role in finding the love of my life.


  • If other people are capable of finding love, then I am too.


  • I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be at this very moment.


  • I’m committed to embracing the discomfort associated with getting back onto the dating scene.


  • There’s no pressure on me to force a connection that isn’t there.


  • I feel ready to welcome a new romantic partner into my life.


couple walking along the beach


  • Each time that I get out of the house improves my chances of finding the one.


  • My boldness and confidence will serve me well during this chapter of my life.


  • While I still have time to enjoy being single, I will focus on personal growth.


  • Every single day is an opportunity for me to find an incredible partner.


  • There will always be that voice telling me that I’m not good enough; I just choose not to listen to it.


  • I release the desire to be perfect because no one in this world is.


  • I will find someone who loves and accepts me for who I am.


  • I don’t need to put on a mask to attract the right person into my life.


  • I have the courage to embrace rejection and not take it personally.


Final Thoughts On These Relationship Affirmations

I hope that you enjoyed this extensive list of relationship affirmations!

The words that you say to yourself are incredibly powerful. This rings true in any area of your life, but perhaps even more so when it comes to relationships.

If you’re in a relationship, your self-talk affects the way that you view your partner and the way that you treat them. If you’re not in a relationship but want to be, your self-talk affects your motivation to take action and find yourself an amazing new partner.

So whenever you feel your internal dialogue turning negative, deploy these relationship affirmations swiftly and decisively. Once you build a habit of combating negativity with positivity, you’ll find it easier to maintain healthy relationships with the people you love.

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55 Affirmations For Peace To Help You Find Inner Calmness

Regardless of what you’re pursuing, one of the primary reasons you’re likely pursuing it is to achieve a sense of inner peace — you want to feel good about who you are and where you’re going. 

Unfortunately, your brain’s not wired to maintain this state. The world that our ancestors lived in was far more dangerous than this one, so they needed to be on constant alert for potential threats.

Unfortunately, this means that our brains evolved to place more emphasis on negative events than positive ones, a phenomenon called “negativity bias.”

However, everyone reading this has the power to tilt the scales in a positive direction. 

One of the best ways to do this is through your self-talk. Below, you’ll find a variety of affirmations for peace that will help you calm your mind whenever stress and negativity try to steal your inner peace.


Powerful Inner Peace Affirmations

Let’s kick off this list with some potent affirmations for inner peace that will help you find a sense of calm throughout the day.


  • I can be at peace with who I am while striving to be better every day.


  • I’m both a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time.


  • I have an incredible future ahead of me.


  • I have unlimited potential that can be unlocked through focused action.


  • I accept the thoughts that are bothering me, but don’t need to latch onto them.


  • My only focus is on what I can control right now.


  • Moments of peace are fleeting, so I treasure them whenever they come around.


  • My life is a product of what I do, not my irrational thoughts.


  • Any thought that tries to disturb my inner peace goes in the trash bin.


  • I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to expand my comfort zone.


  • I realize that if I embrace discomfort now, I’ll achieve peace later.


  • I feel at peace when I take meaningful action to improve my life.


  • In order for my life to change, I need to change first.


affirmation for peace


  • If I concentrate on taking positive action right now, the future will take care of itself.


  • The things that I cannot control do not have power over my mind.


  • Wherever my mind goes, I don’t need to go with it.


  • Becoming a better version of myself is what drives all of my actions.


  • Each time that I let go of stress, anxiety, and fear, I create a calmer mind.


  • I give myself the courage to let go of any friends that disturb my inner peace.


  • I replace anxiety-inducing thoughts with peaceful thoughts that restore balance.


  • Every day I’m working on trying to find the good in every situation.


  • I’m growing more and more peaceful by the day.


  • Inner peace is a product of positive external action.


  • No one will just hand me inner peace, I have to go find it every day.


  • I am at peace with my past; my future is far more exciting.


beautiful beach view


  • Finding inner peace starts with an attitude of acceptance towards my thoughts.


  • I don’t listen to my brain when it tries to disturb my inner peace.


Morning Affirmations For Peace

Finding value in these affirmations for peace so far? Then perhaps you’d enjoy this article on the benefits of positive affirmations, or this one which covers how to write affirmations that really work.

If you just want to keep reading, then here’s some more powerful inner peace affirmations.


  • Today is the only thing that matters. I’m not worried about the future.


  • My need to ruminate doesn’t serve my inner peace.


  • I can’t prevent my brain from thinking, but I am capable of quieting negative thoughts when they get too loud.


  • I’m thankful that my brain is drawing attention to my flaws; that tells me exactly where I should focus my energy.


  • Getting into a state of peace and inner calm is easy to me.


  • I have no trouble shifting my attention back to the present moment.


  • When other people give up, I keep going.


  • I have limited energy, and I protect it by not giving in to negativity.


woman reciting affirmations for peace


  • No one else is in control of my inner peace except for me.


  • I don’t let stress and rumination take control of my life.


  • I’m at peace with the chaos of life.


  • Embracing temporary discomfort is crucial for my inner peace.


  • Discipline now leads to satisfaction later.


  • I’m happy that today is yet another opportunity for growth.


  • The moment in front of me is all that matters.


  • I trust that everything will work out for me as long as I do my part and put in the work.


  • Worrying about the future is like worrying about a debt that I do not owe.


  • My shortcomings and insecurities are there for one reason; to help me become great.


  • I don’t judge myself for the past, it happened for a reason and I’m at peace with it.


  • I am exactly where I’m meant to be right now.


  • I don’t give any power to thoughts that try to destroy my inner peace.




  • Breathing deeply helps me find some temporary inner peace.


  • I cannot forge a new chapter in my life if I keep re-reading the last one.


  • I’m at peace because my long-term vision is clear and I know exactly how to get there.


  • Peace and tranquility flow through me abundantly. 


  • Life is too short to spend it at war with myself. 


  • With every deep breath that I take, I’m breathing in the energy of peace.


  • Negative thoughts are great learning opportunities; I can use them to practice letting go and finding inner peace.


How To Use Affirmations To Achieve Inner Peace

When implementing these peace affirmations, try your best to be mindful of the daily stressors that disrupt your emotional state.

Affirmations work best when you’re experiencing internal resistance. I’d caution against starting or ending the day with affirmations for this specific reason.

There’s no predicting when stress and negativity will try to take control of your internal dialogue during the day. That’s why your best bet is to use these affirmations for peace on as-needed basis.

Whenever you sense your internal dialogue turning negative, start repeating a couple of these affirmations for 30-60 seconds. By countering these thoughts quickly and decisively, you’ll feel a sense of calm as you get into a more peaceful state.

You may need to do this five times a day. Or twenty times a day. Or fifty times a day. And while that may sound a little daunting, keep in mind that research shows self-affirmation buffers the adverse effects of stress on the brain.

So each time you counteract negativity with positivity, you’re rewiring your brain to think differently. With each rep, you’re forming new neurological connections that will go a long way towards creating a more peaceful life.


woman practicing affirmations for peace


Final Thoughts On These Affirmations For Peace

I hope that you enjoyed this list of affirmations for peace!

While you’ll never get to a place of permanent inner peace in life, you can minimize the level of internal suffering that you experience.

When faced with stress, negativity, or uncertainty, most people let these emotions send them down a mental rabbit hole. If you don’t provide any kind of resistance to internal stressors, then that’s where you’ll repeatedly end up too.

So whenever your brain disrupts your inner peace by worrying about the future or ruminating about the past, deploy these peace affirmations immediately.

Once this behavior becomes a habit, you’ll find it far easier to regulate your emotions and develop a stronger mindset.

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