95 Quotes About Trusting In God: Find Strength In Faith

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In this article, we’re diving into some of the most powerful quotes about trusting in God and having faith in his plan for your life.

If faith is a big part of your life, then it’s inevitable you’ll go through experiences that test just how strong that faith really is.

You may find yourself struggling to make ends meet after getting laid off. You may be forced to wrestle with uncontrollable grief after suddenly losing a close friend/family member. You may have to deal with the betrayal of the person you love.

Or maybe…it’ll be several events like that coming down on you all at once.

The good news is that no matter how bad life gets, unshakeable faith can carry you through even the most dire circumstances.

So whether you’re going through a tough time or simply need a reminder to keep your faith strong, these trust god quotes are sure to lift your spirits.

Let’s dive in!


Powerful Quotes About Trusting In God


  • “Satan’s biggest fear is for you to become everything that God created you to be. This is why he has tried everything to make you lose focus.” ~ Ray Lewis quote


  • “Never let a bad situation bring out the worst in you. Choose to stay positive and be the strong person that God created you to be.”


  • “God never said the journey will be easy, but he did say that the arrival will be worthwhile.” ~ Max Lucado


  • “The more you go with the flow of life and surrender the outcome to God, and the less you seek constant clarity, the more you will find that fabulous things start to show up in your life.” ~ Mandy Hale


  • “God will never place an unattainable goal in your heart. if you’re dreaming of it, it’s because God knows it can be yours.”


  • “Sometimes your prayers aren’t answered because you’re worth more than what you’re asking for.” ~ Inky Johnson quote


  • “Never forget the three powerful resources you always have available to you; love, prayer, and forgiveness.” ~ H. Jackson Brown Jr.


  • “Hope is the ability to hear the music of the future; faith is the courage to dance to it today.” ~ Peter Kuzmic


  • “God has a purpose for your pain, a reason for your struggles and a reward for your faithfulness. Don’t give up.” ~ Eric Thomas quote


  • “To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.” ~ Thomas Aquinas


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  • “Let your life reflect the faith you have in God. Fear nothing and pray about everything. Be strong, trust God’s word, and trust the process.” ~ Germany Kent


  • “Though your doubt can create mountains, your faith can move them.”


  • “We are never defeated unless we give up on God.” ~ Ronald Reagan


  • “It is the things that we go through that prove our faith and test our godly character.” ~ Scott Neve


  • “I don’t give anyone that much power over my path that I’m walking. Not one person can make or break what I’m doing, except me or God.” ~ Nipsey Hussle quote


  • “I believe if you keep your faith, you keep your trust, you keep the right attitude, if you’re grateful, you’ll see God open up new doors.” ~ Joel Osteen


  • “My faith didn’t remove the pain, but it got me through the pain. Trusting God didn’t diminish or vanquish the anguish, but it enabled me to endure it.” ~ Robert Rogers


  • “Faith is taking the first step and trusting that God will walk along the road with you.”


  • “Faith is not the power of positive thinking; it is believing in God and trusting that his will is always best even when you cannot understand why.” ~ Shari Howerton


  • “God places us in situations so we grow strong in our faith in him and to call upon him more often. These situations are tests from God to improve our faith and love for him.” ~ Jay Shetty quote


Short Quotes About Trusting In God

Let’s keep this list rolling with more short trust god quotes which highlight the power of having faith in his plan for your life.


  • “Faith and prayer are the vitamins of the soul; man cannot live in health without them.” ~ Mahalia Jackson


  • “We may not always understand the why. But we can trust the Who.” ~ Jennifer Spredemann


  • “Belief will open the door, faith will help you see the light, but trust will give you lasting peace.” ~ Charles Glassman


  • “It’s worth taking a risk when motivated by faith in God’s word.” ~ Ruben Barreto


  • “Sometimes the only means of transportation is a leap of faith.” ~ Susan J. Decuir


  • “Surrender to what is, let go of what was, have faith in what will be.” ~ Sonia Ricotti


  • Trusting the process means you are allowing God to handle the situation and moving yourself out of the way.” ~ Germany Kent


  • “If all you have is faith, you still have it all.”



  • “You may not understand what’s happening right now, but God’s purpose will be revealed in time.”


  • “Never trust an unknown future to a known God.” ~ Corrie Ten Boom


  • “Even on your toughest days, God has always been right beside you.”


  • “When you are down to nothing, God is up to something. Stay strong, pray, and keep the faith.” ~ Germany Kent


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  • “When you feel storms in your heart, look to God for shelter. He will never leave you alone in the rain.”


  • “Everything you’re experiencing is leading you to the path God created for you.”


  • “Faith is about trusting God when you have unanswered questions.” ~ Joel Osteen


  • “Have faith in God; God has faith in you.” ~ Edwin Louis Cole


  • “Faith sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable, and receives the impossible.” ~ Corrie Ten Boom


  • “Faith activates God. Fear activates the enemy.” ~ Joel Osteen


  • “God is not punishing you, he’s preparing you. Trust his plan, not your plan.” ~ Trent Shelton quote


  • “When things don’t work out, have faith that God has something better in store for you.”


  • “God will never give you anything you can’t handle, so don’t stress.” ~ Kelly Clarkson


  • “God has already prepared the way. He’s just preparing you.” ~ Ed Mylett quote


Stop Worrying And Trust God Quotes

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If you’d just prefer to keep reading, then here’s some powerful quotes about trusting in God.


  • “Through hard work, perseverance, and a faith in God, you can live your dreams.” ~ Ben Carson


  • “To trust God in the light is nothing, but to trust him in the dark…that is faith.” ~ Charles Spurgeon


  • “If God brings you to it; he will bring you through it.”


  • “And if God has promised to stay present with, help and uphold those who trust in him, do we have any real reason to fear?” ~ John Stange


  • “There’s a lot of things that we go through and we don’t even know why. But at the end of the day, God has a purpose and a plan for you.” ~ Morgan Wallen quote


  • “God keeps no one waiting unless he sees that it is good for them to wait.” ~ C.S. Lewis


  • “God is more than able to guide you in the right path. Keep trusting him.” ~ Lailah Gifty Akita


  • “Take heart in your journey. It’s all part of God’s plans for your amazing future.”


  • “Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. It is the belief that God will do what is right.” ~ Max Lucado


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  • “No matter how you may feel, you can rely on your faith to be your compass.”


  • “God isn’t asking you to figure it out. He’s asking you to trust that he already has.”


  • “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.


  • “God loves to surprise us. His gifts often come from the most unexpected sources and in the most unanticipated ways. If we can just be patient and keep trusting, He will not fail us.” ~ Ryan Stevenson


  • “Faith means believing the unbelievable. Hope means hoping when everything seems hopeless.” ~ G.K. Chesterton


  • “Life may take you to where you least expect it, but have faith that you are exactly where you need to be.”


Trust God Quotes That Will Give You Strength

Here’s some more deep quotes about trusting in god and staying strong when life puts your faith to the test.


  • “Glory be and praise to God. I didn’t do any of this. God did. I don’t have a recipe or blueprint. I prayed for it, and my prayers are continuing to be answered.” ~ Kevin Gates quote


  • “God not only cares about the details of whatever you face right now, but his purpose will also prevail in the midst of it all.”


  • “God gives God-sized dreams to people with God-shaped hearts.” ~ Erwin McManus


  • “If God doesn’t give you what you think you want, it’s not because you don’t deserve it, it’s because you deserve better.” ~ David White


  • “Let us not pray to be sheltered from dangers but to be fearless when facing them.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore


  • “Some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.” ~ Garth Brooks


  • “Disappointment, defeat, and despair are the tools God uses to show us the way.” ~ Paulo Coelho


  • “God has equipped me for battle, and is by my side leading me to victory.” ~ Virginia Martin


  • “God never hurries. There are no deadlines against which he must work. Only to know this is to quiet our spirits and relax our nerves.” ~ A.W. Tozer


  • “Listen to God with a broken heart. He is not only the doctor who wends it but also the father who wipes away the tears.” ~ Criss Jami


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  • “Sometimes God breaks your heart to save your soul.”


  • “If it’s God’s will, it will happen and nothing will stop it. If it’s not, he has a better plan. Have peace in knowing that.” ~ Whitney Nichols


  • “Faith isn’t a feeling. It’s a choice to trust God even when the road ahead seems uncertain.” ~ Dave Willis


  • “God is at work even in those times where we don’t see it or can’t feel it. Everything ultimately comes down to trust.” ~ Ryan Stevenson


  • “It is pain and failure that teach you the best lessons in life and motivate you to rebuild yourself and stand again with a robust faith.” ~ Priti Chaubey


  • “Life is hard. If anyone tells you otherwise, they’re lying. But life without faith is even harder.” ~ Lori Hatcher


  • “Just wait and see why God had you wait. What God is doing is beyond what you could ever think or pray of.”


  • “God has already lined up all the people in your path to get you to your dreams and visions; all you have to do is get rid of the wrong ones.” ~ Steve Harvey quote


Bible Quotes About Trusting God In Difficult Times


  • “Be not afraid, only believe.” ~ Mark 5:36


  • “The Lord will fight for you; you only need to be still.” ~ Exodus 14:14


  • “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” ~ Philippians 4:13


  • “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” ~ Romans 8:28


  • “Though she falls, she will not be overwhelmed. Because the Lord supports her with his hand.” ~ Psalm 37:24


  • “When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen.” ~ Isaiah 60:22


  • “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love.” ~ Corinthians 16:13


  • “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord God is with you wherever you go.” ~ Joshua 1:9


  • “When you are afraid, give all of your fears to God and trust him.” ~ Psalm 56:3


  • “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” ~ Hebrews 11:1


  • “Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.” ~ John 14:1


  • “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen and help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” ~ Isaiah 41:10


  • “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” ~ John 1:5


  • “For we walk by faith, not by sight.” ~ Corinthians 5:7


  • “Blessed are those who believe without seeing.” ~ John 20:29


  • “Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” ~ Romans 12:12


  • “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” ~ Isaiah 40:31


Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of these quotes about trusting in God, I hope these words have reinvigorated you to face whatever lies ahead with complete confidence.

Always remember that no matter how much you’re struggling, you can always turn to God for comfort and guidance. It may not seem like it at times, but he’s always guiding you towards the life that you desire.

So as you go about your day, use these quotes as a source of inspiration for when life tries to test your faith. 

Because if you can keep your faith intact during the storms of your life, then you’re overcoming whatever life throws in your way.

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