I became fascinated with the personal development world all the way back in high school.

Back then, I was an ambitious young kid with some big goals. Yet despite having no shortage of ambition, achieving these goals felt like an impossible task.

When it came time to actually take action and live up to the high standards that I had for myself, I’d always relegate back to old habits and never make any progress.

No matter how well-crafted my goals were, or how many motivational videos I watched, I simply could not bring myself to take action when it mattered.

This constant cycle of setting goals, not achieving them, and then doing the same thing a few months later became my calling card for the next six years of my life.

I was perpetually stuck on the self-improvement hamster wheel. And like many people on the self-improvement hamster wheel, it always felt like there was just something missing from my life.

It just didn’t make sense to me:

  • Why was changing my behavior so hard?
  • Why couldn’t I take action despite having the right intentions?
  • Why did my motivation always seem to fade at the wrong time?
  • What’s happening in the brain that’s pushing me back to old habits?

These are the sorts of questions that wracked my brain on a daily basis. 

And I knew that I wasn’t the only one asking them, so I decided to go find the answers, apply them to my own life, and then share those insights with people just like me.

About Me:

Hey there! My name is Justin Gasparovic. I’m a personal development geek who’s obsessed with discovering new ways to help people make serious changes in their life. 

After struggling with my own self-improvement journey for years, I decided to launch Enemy Of Average in 2020 to help readers make positive changes in their life.

My goal for this site is pretty straightforward: spread simple, actionable self-improvement advice to as many people as possible.

After spending thousands of hours educating myself on topics like habits, productivity, and happiness, and mindset, I’ve been able to make significant progress in key areas of my life that plagued me for years.

And yet just like everyone else, I’m still a massive work in progress. There’s plenty of things that about my life that need to change, and deep rooted insecurities that I’ve yet to address. 

Let’s forge ahead and address them together! My hope is that you use the various resources provided on this site to jump off the self-improvement hamster wheel and start addressing the things that are keeping you stuck.

Use These Resources To Get Started:

To help you navigate this site and find what you’re looking for, here are a few quick resources below that will help you get started.

  • Click here if you want my recommended reading list 
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