14 Little Frugal Luxuries to Make Life Better

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Living on a tight budget and diligently saving money can create frugal fatigue. It’s hard to avoid spending temptations, which can lead to impulse or binge spending.

Enjoying tiny luxuries every once in a while can make sticking to your budget easier. This way, you can fatten your savings account without depriving yourself of all pleasures. These small treats feel luxurious but cost next to nothing.

Fresh Bedsheets

Woman stretching in bed after wake up.
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Indulging at home doesn’t have to cost a dime. Martha Stewart changes her bedsheets every day for that fresh and cozy feeling. Whenever you need a taste of comfy luxury akin to the sensation of sliding into a freshly made hotel bed, give your bedding some TLC. Don’t cheat yourself here; change your sheets and pillowcases, and wash your duvet if possible.

A Fancy Drink

A young smiling woman is sitting alone in a restaurant on a coffee break, having a video call, and having a juice for drink.
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An extravagant dinner out or a pricey meal at home might be too harsh on a tight budget. One can still give in to something tasty by enjoying an elevated beverage, whether a delicious cocktail, complicated coffee, or fresh-squeezed juice. A delightful drink should cost less than $10 and can make your whole day. Treat your tastebuds and keep to your budget with this cheap purchase.

Long Shower or Bubble Bath

Minimalist farmhouse bathroom with shiplap wall.
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The busiest folks rarely take time to enjoy the simple delight of a long, steamy shower or serene soak in the tub. Rather than your rushed morning shower or sleepy scrub after an intense workout, set time aside to indulge in a shower or bath. Throw on your favorite tunes and let the shower steam calm your mind and open your pores. Or, light candles, break out the bubble bath and have a mini spa day in your tub.

The Scenic Route

Young couple sitting in a car and fastening seat belts
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Luxury can be as simple as taking the scenic route home from work. Most of us rush from point A to point B and back, repeating the cycle daily. You can break up the monotony by exploring a new route and purposefully driving down visually pleasant streets or past inspiring buildings. Perhaps you drive along a bustling school with kids playing outside or journey through a quaint, sleepy suburb.

Discount Flowers

Beautiful woman arranging flowers picked from her garden at home happy and joyful.
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Vibrant bouquets from floral shops can easily cost $100. This is far from frugal, but most grocery stores sell humble bouquets for just a few bucks, as little as $3. Fresh flowers can perk up your space, adding a sweet smell to the air and bringing in organic color. Treat yourself to a discount bouquet once a week or month to give your life a boost of beauty.

Breakfast in Bed

Woman smiling eating breakfast in bed.
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and Depositphotos

You don’t need anyone to treat you to breakfast in bed because you can treat yourself! To make this luxury as convenient as possible, we recommend stocking your kitchen with low-effort but mouthwatering breakfast items. Ready-to-go treats like muffins, croissants, or Danishes are ideal, as you can grab them and be back in bed in the blink of an eye. However, there’s no wrong way to enjoy breakfast in bed.

Premium Car Wash

Car going through an automated car wash machine.
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monticello and Shutterstock

No matter the season, it shocks us how quickly a car becomes dirty. Many see a carwash as an out-of-budget luxury, but car washes are incredibly affordable and can save you money down the road. A premium car wash can cost less than $15 and prevent rust and deterioration. Make this a regular luxury with the discounted monthly memberships, where you can often pay $10 for unlimited washes.

Bakery Fresh Bread

woman eating sandwich on whole wheat bread.
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Buying all your produce fresh at the fancy farmer’s market or purchasing high-end deli cheese may not be frugal grocery shopping. However, fresh bread from a local bakery can cost less than $5. This tiny luxury will make every sandwich and piece of toast tastier. Going to an adorable bakery and leaving with fresh golden bread is a delightful experience in itself.

Watching the Sunset or Sunrise

Woman drinking coffee watching sunrise from window smiling.
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It might sound cheesy, but admiring a sunset or sunrise can make life a little more magical. There is a chance to watch the sun transition twice a day, but most people rarely take advantage of this. Make a date with yourself (or someone else) and watch the sun melt over the horizon. Or start the day with the warmth and vitality of the sun creeping toward the sky.

Water Filter

Woman drinking water in kitchen.
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This little luxury is especially wonderful if you live somewhere with very hard or soft water. Options include Brita pitchers, faucet filters, showerhead filters, washing machine filters, and more. The right water filter can make tap water taste better, improve comfort during and after a shower, soften clothes, and enhance other aspects of your home.

High-Quality Pen

Pensive young female study by desk using mobile internet distracted from making notes create new idea.
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It’s easy to settle for whatever pens are around your house, but don’t underestimate the luxury of the perfect pen. No need to drop $300 on a pretentious pen; find one that flows with your hand and makes writing anything and everything more enjoyable, even if it’s your rent check. If you don’t have a favorite pen, experiment at an office store until you find one!

Date With a Loved One

Couple drinking Wine
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Making time for loved ones is challenging, especially with a hectic schedule. However, it’s one of the most important luxuries. Go to a cheap cafe with your mom; plan a scary movie night with your best friend; have a beach day with your spouse. Spending time with close ones doesn’t have to break the bank, so skip the fine dining and keep it casual.

An Emotional Movie

Woman relaxing on the couch, she is using the remote control and choosing a TV show or movie on the television menu.
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The catharsis of an emotional movie can do wonders to relieve stress, improve mood, prompt important reflection, and untangle complex feelings. If you want an escape but can’t afford a vacation, an intense movie can take you somewhere else for a few hours. Some examples of cathartic movies include Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Manchester by the Sea, Good Will Hunting, Little Miss Sunshine, and Crash.

Early End of a Workday

Young woman leaving the office building holding takeaway coffee and smiling.
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This small luxury doesn’t require spending money, but you might have to forfeit some pay. Taking an early day can put you in a happy mood and offer some sense of control and relief. Leaving 30 minutes early on a Friday afternoon can be a marvelous treat if work exhausts you. Depending on your job, you may lose 30 minutes of pay, but it’s a more frugal option than taking a whole day or week off due to stress.

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