14 Cheap Purchases That Make You More Productive

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Countless distractions and heavy workloads demand maximum productivity. The solution isn’t found in overtime and grand gestures. It’s found in small investments.

These purchases are not about cutting corners but making smart enhancements to your workplace to boost organization, relaxation, creativity, and time management. Whether you’re a busy professional, a creative soul searching for inspiration, or anyone in between, these cheap purchases could be the game-changer you’ve been looking for to be more productive.

1. An Inspirational Book

Woman reading book in cafe.
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Reading for just six minutes a day has been shown to reduce stress. Stories of success and resilience or self-improvement can motivate you to tackle your tasks with renewed energy and a positive mindset. Set an inspirational book on your desk for decor and productivity.

2. Something Vanilla Scented

Burning candle in glass jar.
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Vanilla is renowned for its mood-enhancing properties, aiding in the reduction of anxiety and stress. Add a candle, diffuser, or scented oil to your workspace. It’s not just about enjoying a pleasant aroma–it’s about creating a more calming, focused, and positive environment conducive to productivity.

3. A3 Notebook With Fat Colorful Sharpies

Man writing notes at desk.
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Creativity sparks productivity. Buy an A3 notebook to brainstorm and think big. It’s a dynamic way to get your thoughts onto paper to enhance productivity. 

Use fat, colorful Sharpies to keep your thoughts big and cover all of the white space. This helps break down complex information into manageable parts so you can prioritize what needs to be done. 

4. Desk Organizer

White work table with stylish gold stationery in desk organizer arranged very neatly in the drawers of the desk.
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It’s easy to waste time searching for a document or something as small as a pen. However, a simple desk organizer can help keep your workspace clutter-free, ensuring that all your essentials (pens, notebooks, etc.) are within easy reach.

5. Cable Clips or Cord Organizer

Cable cord organizer for desk management.
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These can help manage and tidy up all the cables from your computer, phone charger, and other devices, reducing clutter and helping to maintain a cleaner, more organized workspace.

6. Small Plant or Mini Succulent

Woman flipping through papers at desk with plant on it.
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Feeling uninspired or blah. Add some life with a small plant or succulent. Adding a bit of greenery to your desk can boost your mood and improve air quality. It makes for a more pleasant and productive workspace.

7. Trash Can

Man throwing trash in basket in home office.
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It’s easy for paper to clutter your workspace and make you unproductive. Just add a small trash bin for paper can reduce trips away from your desk and cut down on papers piling up.

8. Bullet Journal

Woman cross off day with routine in her Habit Tracker in a Bullet Journal.
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Get rid of mental overload with a bullet journal. This is your personal hub for all tasks, goals, and appointments. It eliminates having to remember every little detail, as everything you need is neatly organized in one place. Prioritize your daily activities and streamline your focus effortlessly with this little gem.

9. Sticky Notes

Woman writing on sticky notes at desk.
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Jot down quick thoughts, to-dos, or pieces of inspiration quickly with these colorful sticky notes.  You’ll save time and be more productive with small reminders on your desk or computer versus trying to remember everything or switch between digital apps.

10. A Daily Calendar

Woman writing in calendar at desk.
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There’s nothing more unproductive than missing an important suspense or forgetting what you were supposed to be doing. So, get a calendar with a daily schedule to set time for everything you need to accomplish. Time blocking or dedicating specific blocks of time for tasks minimizes distractions and brings balance to your day. It eliminates multitasking and allows you to focus intensely on one activity to cross it off the list. 

11. An In-Tray

Woman working on computer at desk with in tray for documents.
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Papers cluttered over your desk, counter, or table can be an eye sore. In Getting Things Done, David Allen says that you need a place to stick papers that you need to take action on. This simple tool prevents things from piling up on your desk and makes sure that you don’t lose important documents that need to be addressed.

12. Digital Timer or Clock

Modern office desk with gold accessories clock plant pens.
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A digital timer or clock can keep you on track and focused. Try the Pomodoro technique to manage work-break cycles with 25 minutes of work followed by 5-minute breaks to maximize productivity.

13. Water Bottle

Businesswoman With Laptop Sitting At Desk Keeping Hydrated Drinking From Water Bottle In Office.
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Staying hydrated is essential for maintaining focus, and having a personal mug or water bottle at your desk encourages regular water intake. Look for a personalized water bottle for extra inspiration.

14. A High-Quality Pen

Happy woman smiling sitting at desktop with laptop writing down important information.
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The physical pleasure of writing with a pen that feels right in your hand can motivate you to focus more on your tasks. This simple act of writing turns into a more satisfying and productive experience with the right tools.

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