Shop, Eat, Love: 10 Uniquely Thai Delights for Your Souvenir List

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Thailand is a beautiful place, with many fun activities to keep you occupied for days. With that comes the illusion of choice as to which holiday delights to indulge since time is of the essence. Expect exotic local delicacies and gorgeous places you’d probably never even heard of!

1. Thai Elephant Pants

Thai Elephant Pants
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These soft, flowy pants are a famous article of clothing for any tourist who has visited the country. You can find them anywhere, and they are great souvenirs. They are airy and comfortable and available in various patterns and colors. Take your pick!

2. Chui Fong Thai Tea

Chui Fong Thai Tea plantation
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One of the most famous tea plantations in Thailand is the Chui Fong tea plantation. You can walk around acres of tea and, by the end of it, purchase packets of tea leaves as souvenirs. Of course, taste-test them while you look out at the stunning view. Thailand is famous for its tea, and this is one of the many places you can get its infamous tea leaves for your loved ones to try back home.

3. Mon Thai Triangle Pillow

Mon Thai Triangle Pillow
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This specific triangle-shaped pillow is part of Thailand’s culture and can be used anywhere in your home. It is a pillow stuffed with a natural filling that keeps itself dry and clean, known as Kapok. It’s a great addition to your house and a delightful reminder of your Thailand travels.

4. Doi Chaang Coffee Beans

Doi Chaang Coffee Beans
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For those who prefer coffee, try Doi Chaang Cofee, which is locally grown and produced in Baan Doi Chaang. These coffee beans are an excellent souvenir for coffee enthusiasts. They are one of the best the country has to offer. Every sip will remind you of your time in Thailand.

5. Handmade Metal Bowls From the Ban BU Community

Handmade Metal Bowls From the Ban BU Community
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Be sure to support the Ban Bu Community when you visit by purchasing one of their handmade metal bowls. A handicraft that is going extinct within the Thai culture and community, these are intricately done and are a great conversation starter for those who visit your home. Supporting the locals is always a win when traveling!

6. Coconut Chips

Baked coconut chip
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A unique snack you can find in Thailand is baked coconut chips. Each coconut is scraped off its filling into bite-sized pieces and baked in the oven to remove moisture. This results in a crunchy, healthy snack that is all-natural and addictive with each bite. It’s a great souvenir that you might not want to share in the end.

7. Coconut Carved Monkey

Coconut Carved Monkey
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Another coconut-related souvenir, Thailand, has some cute handmade coconut monkey carvings that are creative and unique. It’s a fun reminder of your time in the country, where monkeys constantly climb and crawl around. Plus, it’s made out of natural coconut husks, which were recycled. You’re getting green points from the environment for it.

8. Pineapple Crackers

Pineapple Crackers
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There are different versions of these pineapple crackers in Thailand, and each will have you munching all day. They are two thin crackers sandwiched with some sweet and tart pineapple jam. Some variations use biscuits instead of crackers, but they’re basically the same. You can get jars and containers, making tremendous and tasty souvenirs.

9. Cooking Books From Cooking Classes

Woman studying recipe
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If you go to a Thai cooking class, some will gift you with cooking books that feature Thai dishes. This is by far one of the more personalized souvenirs you can get. You can now make your favorite Thai dishes at home, too!

10. Mekhong Whiskey

Three Kinds of Mekong Whiskey Rice Moonshine on the Mekong Delta in Vietnam
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This one is for those who enjoy some spirits. Mekhong whiskey is a distilled spirit made from sugar cane molasses, rice, and some added spices to give it a pleasant aroma and taste. It does feel more like a rum, even if it is named as a whiskey. Either way, this is a delightful souvenir for those who enjoy drinking.

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