16 Flexible Ways to Cut Vacation Costs Without Sacrificing

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Travel costs have increased significantly over the past several years. Gas, accomodations, food, airfare, and even admission to attractions are going up.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stay at home. Here are 16 ideas to keep vacation costs down so that you can still travel and get some much-needed rest and relaxation. 

1. Opt for a package deal

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Being flexible and matching travel plans to package deals can lead to big travel savings. Package deals significantly reduce vacation expenses by bundling flights, accommodations, and sometimes even activities into one price. These deals benefit from bulk rates that individual travelers can’t access on their own.

To take advantage of these savings, compare package offers to different destinations during different seasons from various travel agencies and websites to find the best deal that suits their needs.

2. Set a Budget

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Before you start booking, decide how much you want to spend. Break your budget down into categories like travel, lodging, food, and activities. Then, stick to your budget to avoid overspending.

3. Be Flexible about Where you Stay

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We all have our preferred destinations, but sometimes, staying a little farther out can save you a lot of money while giving you the same experiences. Instead of opting for a well-known beach town, look for a similar town nearby. You might not have as many restaurant or entertainment choices but you’ll still have a fantastic time. 

4. Travel During the Off-Season

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Traveling during the off-season can mean that you have the vacation that you want at your preferred destination for less money. You can save on hotels and airfare and won’t have to deal with the crowds. 

5. Plan Your Vacation Early

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Plan your vacation well in advance to get the best deals and lowest prices on flights and hotels. The earlier you can plan and book your stay, the more likely you will get the best prices and deals. 

6. Use Reward Points and Miles

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If you have a rewards credit card or are part of a loyalty program, use your points or miles to book flights or hotels. Sometimes, you can save a substantial amount of money or even travel for free.

7. Spend Cash

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Using cash while on vacation can help to stick to the budget and avoid overspending, as it provides a tangible way to monitor expenses. When you see physical money leaving your wallet, it can make you more mindful of your spending compared to swiping a card.

Consider your daily budget, then withdraw a set amount of cash for each day, and limit yourself to that amount. Or try separating cash into envelopes for different categories like meals, transportation, and entertainment to keep spending on track.

8. Pack Your Own Snacks

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One of your biggest expenses on vacation is usually food. Airport and convenience store snacks are notoriously over-priced compared to what you can get from the grocery store. Pack some snacks in your carry-on if you are flying, and pack a cooler if you are driving. 

9. Travel via Car or Train

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Traveling by car or train can be a cost-effective alternative to flying, especially for destinations within a reasonable driving or riding distance. This eliminates the need for pricey airline tickets and offers the flexibility to avoid baggage fees and costly airport transfers.

10. Use Public Transportation

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Whenever possible, use public transportation on your vacation instead of hailing a taxi or renting a car. Public transportation like buses or high-speed rail will be much more affordable than a rental car. Better yet, choose a destination where you can walk to everything you need. 

11. Look for Free or Low-Cost Activities

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When choosing your travel destination, look for free or low-cost activities that you can do while you are there. Even high-cost destinations like Disney World have activities that you can do for free, like exploring Disney Springs or resort hopping on the monorail. 

12. Visit the Local Grocery Store

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Once you arrive at your destination and settle in, go to the local grocery store. Grab what you need for sandwiches, snacks, and easy breakfasts. This can prevent you from needing to eat out for every meal and save you money that you can put towards an activity on your trip. 

13. Pack Light

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Don’t overpack for your vacation. You can save money on checked luggage, and it also makes it easier to move through crowds. Pack clothing items that can be easily washed, folded small, and that can be mixed and matched for outfit options. Less luggage also means less room for souvenirs so you won’t be tempted to overspend on them. 

14. Travel Mid-Week

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Everything about traveling in the middle of the week is going to be less expensive. From your airfare to your hotel room prices during the week are not as high as they are on the weekends. Another benefit of traveling mid-week is that there are fewer people traveling so you won’t have large crowds to deal with. 

15. Search For Discounts

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Once you’ve narrowed down your destination and travel dates check sites like Groupon and LivingSocial for great deals. You can get discounts on tickets to the theater or museum or a trip to the spa. Use the money you save to have even more fun on your vacation or put it towards your next trip.

16. Travel with Friends or Family

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Traveling with friends or family can help you save on accommodation and transportation costs, as you can split the expenses.

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