12 Common Shared Traits of People Who Rarely Post on Social Media

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Let’s face it, posting on social media and doom-scrolling is like eating potato chips. They taste good, but they aren’t nourishing your body or mind.

So why do we do it? For many, it’s about keeping up with friends and family. They check in occasionally, like a few posts, and go about their merry way. Others use it for self-promotion or their business, or they’re chronically online because they suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out).

However, many people choose to rarely post on social media or don’t have accounts at all. They share similar traits and have different perspectives, and we all might benefit from taking a page or two from their playbook.

1. They Value Real-Life Connections

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I’m not saying people who use social media don’t value real-life connections, but those who choose not to be online as much prioritize those connections above all else. Prioritizing genuine moments, rather than curating snapshots of events or memories to share on social media, is more important to them.

They most likely have a camera roll of documented experiences, but it’s just for them and those they choose to share it with discriminately rather than broadcasting it online.

2. They Cherish Privacy

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Many people, like my husband, cherish their privacy above all else. They aren’t prone to sharing everything they do throughout the day, pictures of their food, or every adventure and vacation they go on. Living a quieter, more private life protects their peace and offers more tranquility.

As my husband says, “Why would I want to share that? I might have to answer questions, and I don’t have time for that.”

3. FOMO Doesn’t Bother Them

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The fear of missing out, FOMO, is a peculiar phenomenon that affects those who post on social media more frequently. Not being chronically online ensures they’re living their best lives for themselves and not seeing what other people are doing. This choice results in a happier state of mind and less anxiety about not being in the “scene.”

Research has shown that individuals who don’t use social media that much are less likely to experience FOMO and are generally less anxious and happier with their lives.

4. They Enjoy Living in the Moment

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Masters of authentic living, people who resist the urge to share everything on social media are truly living in the moment and not merely existing in it. They don’t feel pressured to capture the perfect angle or write a witty caption that grabs attention. They dive head first into the experience and enjoy it without reservation of how it might appear to others.

Rather than capturing that beautiful sunset or dolphins chasing after the boat, they instead choose to capture it mentally and hold those memories in their hearts forever.

5. They Appreciate Simplicity

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A shared common trait of those who rarely use social media is that they appreciate simplicity. Rather than being bogged down with the excess noise and bad vibes that often come from social media sites, they embrace a simple existence.

Why be bothered with likes, comments, and shares that only provide a short-lived boost of endorphins when you can live a more straightforward life without all that nonsense?

6. They Understand the Importance of Authenticity

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Another trait of those who rarely post to Instagram or Facebook is their understanding of the importance of living an authentic life. They’re not trying to conform to the pressures of curating a supposed perfect life that is often on display. Instead, they choose to march to the beat of their own drum.

In most cases, they prefer the messy and imperfect approach to life because, let’s face it, no one’s life is perfect 100% of the time. Their desire to foster genuine connections supersedes developing superficial engagements.

7. Happiness Doesn’t Equal Perfect Life

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It’s not uncommon to see those who post regularly on social media trying to curate what appears to be the “perfect life.” However, we all know that perfection doesn’t always equal happiness.

Life has ups and downs, and not everything needs to be shared publicly. Those who refrain from posting get this concept and recognize that their happiness doesn’t depend on falsely depicting a perfect life for those who honestly don’t care all that much.

8. They Feel No Pressure to Post

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Those who rarely use social media do so because they honestly feel no pressure to post anything. Their happiness and existence aren’t validated by how many likes or shares they receive. If they even choose to post anything, it most likely won’t be instantaneous but days, weeks, or even months after the fact.

They don’t adhere to anyone else’s timeline and do their own thing when they want to, refusing to accommodate the online image people want them to live under.

9. They’re Busy Living Their Life

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Some people are just too busy living their lives to be bothered by social media. Perhaps they work long hours, are building a business, or are going to school and working. The list of reasons for people’s busyness goes on and on.

It’s important for them to prioritize other goals and accomplishments rather than capturing what they had for dinner the night before. Maybe I should take a page from their playbook!

10. They Recognize the Toxicity

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Social media is toxic, and its consumers are its product with ads that target you. This has been proven numerous times in congressional hearings where certain social media executives have been called to testify.

People who choose not to use social media are better at setting boundaries for themselves and protecting their mental health. They recognize the toxicity that often comes from X (fka Twitter) and Facebook and how that can adversely affect your overall well-being.

11. They Strive for a Balanced Lifestyle

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Striving for a more balanced lifestyle is a shared trait of those who don’t use social media frequently. They understand the importance of setting healthy boundaries regarding technology use and spending quality time with loved ones.

It’s not uncommon to learn that these individuals often don’t have apps on their phones so they don’t get sucked into online scrolling when they could be engaging with friends and family. I know I’m guilty of not recognizing when I’m scrolling and ignoring those around me. How about you?

12. The Value of Quality Over Quantity

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Individuals who rarely post anything share a fundamental characteristic. They value quality over quantity. When they consciously choose to share something publicly, it usually comes from mindful intention with a meaningful message behind it.

These types of posts are made to foster genuine engagement rather than the instant gratification of likes and follows. This particular trait sets them apart from the majority of social media users as they seek to foster deeper relationships with their followers.

Final Thoughts

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People who rarely or never post on social media are choosing to embrace their individuality. How you choose to use social media is entirely up to you. I want to think I’m somewhere in the middle. The nature of my work requires a social media presence, but that doesn’t mean the ones who choose to stay offline aren’t living their best life.

In fact, it could mean the complete opposite; we just aren’t privy to it. We’re only human with many differences, and how we choose to navigate the digital space is entirely our prerogative.

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