12 Unrealistic Tropes That Make Movies Entertaining Yet Utterly Ridiculous

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Movies are primarily for entertainment, so it’s only natural they contain a few ridiculous tropes to get the viewer invested for a few hours. The thing is, you’ll probably realize it later, too. Even though they’re rare, we’ve discovered some unrealistic tropes that we’ve really enjoyed, and you might too.

1. Splitting up in Haunted Locations

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What is it with people splitting up in spooky or creepy locations? This happens in horror or thriller movies, and doesn’t make sense in real life. Sure, it advances the plot and gives us some fun jump scares, but most people would stick close to each other in creepy spaces.

2. Shooting at Locks

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Contrary to popular belief, shooting at locks is not a good idea. It doesn’t help to open the door immediately, as it does in the movies. You would need ultimate precision and a specific gun even to attempt this. Sometimes, the bullet will ricochet and hit you instead. So no, this trope is fun but ridiculous.

3. Ripping Out IVs

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We’ve all seen people wake up from a coma or in an immediate hurry to leave the hospital when they rip out their IVs. You’d be in a whole lot of pain if you tried it. IVs are tubes placed inside veins. Aggressively ripping them out would cause blood to go everywhere and you crying for help.

4. Obvious Stakeouts

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This is more prominent in action or cop films, but it also happens in romcoms when someone stalks their partners. Sitting in a car parked in front of their house or apartments is ridiculously suspicious since most people would pay attention to any stranger parked in front of their residence. If they already know you, they probably know your car anyway.

5. Trained Soldiers Can’t Land a Shot

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You see this a lot in action movies where trained professionals, assassins, or even soldiers can’t seem to land a shot on their target. It makes things entertaining as the protagonist appears invincible, but it’s ridiculous. It’s especially silly if the protagonist is running in a straight line and making no effort to shake the shooter off.

6. The Peeping Toms in Romcoms

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This trope is more prominent in 2000s romcoms, where the love interest would stalk and peep their crushes or love interests as if that’s normal. It does feel gushy and romantic at the moment because they’re just so in love. But when you think about it, it’s pretty perverted and creepy of them to do it.

7. Dropping Things When Shocked

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We get it — you’re shocked. But dropping everything you’re holding because of it is a messy way of showing it and draws more attention to yourself. Viewers eat it up every time since it always means that drama is about to happen between the characters. But it’s just ridiculous because you don’t typically drop everything you’re holding simply because you’re in shock or surprised.

8. The Whole “Follow That Car!” Scene

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If you said this to a taxi driver, they would be confused and concerned. In the movies, these drivers typically go along to advance the plot. You would have to pay them extra and explain the situation as the driver tries to catch up to the other taxi. That’s not nearly as interesting, plus more money is involved.

9. Enhancing and Zooming In Pictures

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It is funny how movie protagonists and tech geeks can enhance and zoom in on pictures or videos with a button click to reveal someone’s face. They never come out pixelated, and it always works. In reality, you can only zoom in and enhance pictures like that if you have the in-built feature or a unique program. Either way, getting that result would take more than a couple of clicks.

10. Hitting Someone on the Head

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Usually, characters get hit on the head and get knocked out without consequences. Sometimes, they even get up a few moments later as if nothing happened. In real life, if you’re hit on the head, you’d either be dead or suffering from a concussion due to head trauma. You’re not getting up anytime soon.

11. Getting Shot and Shrugging It Off

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We’ve seen this countless times in the movies where someone gets shot, and they still move around like nothing happened to them. It doesn’t matter where you get hit. If you actually get shot, you’re staying down because that is the most pain you will ever feel. You may also be bleeding out. Getting shot in movies is just a plot advancement tool at this point.

12. The Airport Chase

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This primarily happens in romcoms, where the male lead realizes his love for the girl and chases her to her gate through a crowded airport. In the real world, there’s no way you’re getting through security and finding any gate that quickly or even getting to them in time. You’re better off getting on a plane or calling them.

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