10 Unnecessary bills you need to get rid of in 2024

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Are you trying to improve your financial health this year? One way to improve your bottom line is to cut out unnecessary expenses. You can take the money you save and pay off debt, save for a vacation, or just use it for necessary bills. Here are some unnecessary bills that you should get rid of in 2024. 


cut cable.
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If you haven’t cut the cord yet, now is the time. There are SO many less expensive streaming services that you can use for your entertainment needs. You can still access all of the shows your family loves without paying a monthly fortune to watch them. 

Expensive Phone Plans

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Many people are paying for cell phone data and minutes they don’t need or use. Check your statement and compare your usage to what you are paying for. If there is a significant amount of service you don’t use, it may be time to make a switch. 

Wasted Energy 

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You may not have ever considered how energy inefficiencies in your home affect your wallet, but you should. Changing your light bulbs to more energy-efficient ones, installing a smart thermostat, and sealing leaks and cracks around doors and windows can reduce your energy costs significantly. 

Stop Subscription Services

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The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to review all of your subscription services and cut out the ones that you no longer use. Service providers make it so easy to sign up for that “free month,” and then you forget about it and don’t use it while still paying for it. Go through your bank statements to see what subscriptions you are paying monthly and cancel the ones you don’t need. 

Gym Memberships

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A monthly gym membership can be quite costly, especially if you aren’t using it as much as you should. If you aren’t using it, cancel it. If you are using it, consider if there are less costly alternatives. Does your company or a nearby church have a gym you can use for less or free? If you do work out regularly, would it be more cost-effective to purchase equipment for your home? 

Overpriced Internet Plans

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Are you paying for internet services or speeds you aren’t using or receiving? Lots of people make the mistake of paying more for the “fastest” internet when, in reality, their internet isn’t any faster than someone who pays a lot less. Consider downgrading your plan to a more affordable option, or at least make sure that you are actually receiving what you are paying for. 

Frequent Dining Out

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You’re tired, you’re hungry, and you just don’t feel like cooking. The temptation to go out or order takeout is real, but it’s taking a toll on your bottom line. Buying food from the grocery store, even pre-made food, is still less expensive than dining out. Start planning your meals, cooking in bulk, and utilizing your freezer for healthy, less expensive meals your family will love. Save dining out for special occasions and watch your savings grow! 

Stop Impulse Shopping

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Retail therapy and impulse buys can really strain your budget and make it difficult to meet your financial goals. Don’t buy unnecessary items that you want immediately. Put it in your online shopping cart and give it a day or two before purchasing. You just might find that you don’t need that item after all. 

High-Interest Credit Cards

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If you carry a balance on a high-interest credit card, the interest and fees can really take a toll on your budget. Consider transferring the balance to one with a lower interest rate. Work towards paying off your balance to avoid those pesky interest fees. 

Shop for Insurance

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If you haven’t searched for new insurance policies for your car, home, or health insurance in more than a year, then it’s time. Monthly premiums and coverage can vary wildly from provider to provider. Make sure that you have all of the coverage you need for the best price by comparing options. You can save a lot over the course of a year by simply changing providers. 

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