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80 Tristan Tate Quotes That Will Fuel Your Ambition

In this article, we’re going to dive into some of the best Tristan Tate quotes that will inspire you to become the best version of yourself!

Most people know about Andrew Tate, the former professional kick-boxer who took over social media and became the most Googled man on the planet.

However, not as many people are familiar with Tristan, a former kickboxer himself who preaches a very similar message to his brother Andrew.

The core theme of his message is that you need to build your character as a man and become the best, strongest, wealthiest version of yourself.

And although he hasn’t quite garnered the spotlight like his brother has, he’s nonetheless an inspiration to anyone striving to achieve great things.

So without further ado, let’s dive into some of his best quotes about success, wealth, discipline, and life in general.


Motivational Tristan Tate Quotes


  • “Do the impossible and you’ll never doubt yourself again.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “If you stop working, you start deteriorating. You never get fit and then think “Ok that’s it,” and then stop working out. If you’re not growing, you’re shrinking.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “99.9% of people who are born broke end up living broke, staying broke, and dying broke. That is the reality of the world.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Being able to say and do whatever I want is a freedom most don’t have. Come out of the matrix.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Just because everyone is doing one thing, doesn’t mean doing the opposite is wrong.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “You can’t just walk through life as a dork because the things you want in life don’t come very freely to dorks.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Money does make you happy if you know what to buy. Lambos and Bugattis are cool, but calling your mother and saying, “Hey mom, you don’t have to work that shitty job anymore.” That’s happiness.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “If you’re a procrastinator, have fun staying poor. It sounds harsh but the reality is no one is coming to save you.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Extreme outliers are the only people to learn from in any field. Beware of the advice of ordinary men, it brings nothing but the ordinary.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “If you’re gonna be sad anyways, be a sad winner and not a sad loser.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “As you climb the mountain and reach where you wanted to reach, you’ll realize that there are new mountains to climb.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Everyone I’ve ever lost is worse off without me.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “I’ve never had to deal with procrastination. I’ve never had to deal with motivation. What’s the alternative? Literally being a loser forever, that’s all the motivation I need.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “You can change how rich you are. You can change how fit you are. You can change how smart you are. Almost everything in your life is within your control.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “I believe that self-help books are success p*rn. You can read all the self-help books you want but the successful people are out in the world taking action.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Life is like a game of chess and you can’t take moves back. All you can do is look at the position you’re in and make the best move possible.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Here’s what a lot of people don’t want to hear; to become Tristan Tate was a slow process of 15 years, and I’m still working on myself.” ~ Tristan Tate 


  • “A man without struggle is never going to be a powerful man. The best men you know are men that have been through struggle and have come out on the other side. If you’re going to be a hero, then you’re going to suffer.” ~ Tristan Tate


Tristan Tate Quotes On Success

Let’s keep this list rolling with some more of the best quotes from Tristan Tate about success.


  • “A lot of people want to blame their circumstances without realizing that aside from their height, they can change every single one of them.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “You know the secrets to success, you don’t need me to tell you. You know that the answer is to stop doing things that waste your time and apply yourself to something important.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “When I was on my way up, I lost all of the people who I needed to shake off already.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “The journey to success is important, not just the destination. The setbacks and bad things that happen to you make you stronger and sharper.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Being poor, weak, and broke is your fault. The only person who can make you rich and strong is you. Build yourself.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “If you want to become successful, you have to deal with pressure. If you can’t deal with pressure, that’s your fault. Put yourself through more hard shit.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Expensive gyms are where you meet some of the hottest girls and the coolest dudes. Invest in your surroundings.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “No matter what you want to do in life, it takes a certain amount of passion, time, and dedication.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Don’t base your self-improvement goals on getting women or something else. When you do it for you, all the other things come afterwards.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “After school most guys simply don’t know what to do. You waste your most precious years of your youth when you have unlimited energy to hustle and grind.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Accomplishment honors your ancestors.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Money doesn’t change somebody, it reveals who they really are.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “It’s very hard to become rich and successful. So if you can’t learn how to self-motivate, then it’s never gonna happen for you.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Getting rich is possible in today’s world. but it’s gonna take a lot more hard work than it’s ever taken before. The days of free money on the internet have ended.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “If you want to be successful, you need to be able to identify low-quality people and curate the social circle that’s gonna help you level up.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “We live in a hyper-competitive world. So if you’re not performing at your very best, you’re no longer competitive.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “When you start accomplishing your goals, even if they’re small goals, it really opens your eyes to what’s possible for your life.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Most people will never get rich and will die poor. So first all understand that simple fact and then get your a** into gear.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Look where money comes and then get in the middle, that’s a good starting point for success.” ~ Tristan Tate


Tristan Tate Quotes On Discipline & Mindset

Enjoying this list of quotes so far? Then you’d probably enjoy these Andrew Tate quotes or this list of motivational quotes for men.

If you’d just prefer to keep reading, then here’s some more Tristan Tate quotes about discipline and mindset.


  • “The hallmark of a real man is controlling himself, controlling his emotions, and acting appropriately regardless of how he feels.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “A boy becomes a man when he masters the art of discipline.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “If you feel depressed, that is a natural, biological, and evolutionary trigger for you to change something in your life.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “A phone is just a digital pacifier in disguise. Stop pulling it out every time you feel anxious.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “You have to understand that life is war. It’s a war for the female you want. It’s a war for the car you want. It’s a war for the money you want. Masculine life is war.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “There is no replacement for effort. I have zero sympathy for the arrogant, entitled, lazy, poor ‘man’. Zero!” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “You need to go after success. You spend too much time searching. Not enough time actively pursuing.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Running into wealth would be the worst thing that could happen to you. You’ve not struggled enough. You’ve never overcome impossible odds. Money won’t change who you are.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Always be unapologetic for being a man.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “To be good you’ll need motivation, but greatness requires obsession.” ~ Tristan Tate

  • “An easy life can be great if you’ve become hardened through struggle. An easy life will suffocate and rot the unprepared mind.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “In your youth, all you have is wolverine-like healing abilities. You should train like an animal. Learn more. Talk less. You don’t know shit.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Money is an accelerant. If you give a depressed, sad person $10 million they’re gonna end up suicidal. If you give a content, fulfilled person $10 million, they’re gonna be happier and more fulfilled.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Before claiming you’re depressed, quit mast**bation and the consumption of adult entertainment. This is a bigger factor in the ‘mental health crisis’ than is ever spoken about.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “I hate hearing bullsh*t like, “it’s all going to come to you at the right time” or “just be patient.” It’s not going to come to you, you have to go out there and earn it.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Watching TV is a very wasteful exercise, so every time the commercials come on, do 50 pushups. Or do 25, or do 10. Do whatever you can do.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “I wasn’t dealt the best hand in life, but I always felt like there was an ace up my sleeve.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Her revenge is getting into a relationship with another man. Your revenge is hitting the gym, making money, and living your best life.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Every man knows the holy grail state is not giving a f*ck. But the part everyone misses is that you have to give a f*ck millions of times before you can’t anymore. It’s a blood, sweat, and tears investment.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “As you go out into the world and apply yourself to different things, you’ll probably find out that you’re not as useless as you think.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “I was broke as f*ck and now I’m rich as f*ck. But I haven’t changed one bit, I’m the exact same person I was before the money.” ~ Tristan Tate


Powerful Life Advice From Tristan Tate

To wrap up this list of Tristan Tate quotes, here’s some of the best advice that he has for people who want to build themselves into the hero of their own life.


  • “Don’t just let anyone access your life. Most people will be jealous and envious of it.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Gardeners build big beautiful gardens which butterflies visit and become a part of.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Your mother is the only woman who will love you unconditionally.” 


  • “You need a group of men to hold you accountable. They’ll inspire you to push yourself further. They’ll motivate you when you’re feeling flat. They’ll be your support network when you need advice and support.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Expand your comfort zone. Introduce yourself first, start more conversations, approach more women. The more you do it, the easier it will be to accept rejection and move on.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Get so rich and famous that the biggest achievement of your exes becomes dating you.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “If you go around treating people like sh*t, you’re never gonna have any friends, girlfriends, and everyone will be out to use you.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “If money was so bad and it did not bring happiness then all of the billionaires would be giving it away. Wake up.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Be the kind of guy who could treat a woman like shit and still have his way with her…and then still treat her like a gentleman.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Make yourself into such a man that you choose the women you want to be around.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “When people judge you, they’re not really judging the real you. They’re judging this character that you’ve created for the world to see.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “If you’re weak, you can get stronger. If you’re dumb, you can get smarter. If you lack confidence, you can become more confident. You get to decide who you become.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Following your passion isn’t always good advice. Do what you’re good at and do what you’re competent at, because your passion could keep you broke.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “As a man who is building an empire, I don’t see how I could justify continuing my life if I wasn’t trying to procreate and have children.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Spend half of your money like you’re gonna live 50 more years and half of your money like you’re gonna live 50 more days.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Look at the things you want in life, and then look at who you are as a person. Then think…how can I positively change myself to get the things I want from life?” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Hating women is like hating millionaires when you’re broke or hating jacked dudes when you’re out of shape. It’s all projection.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “You better be nice to other people, because what goes around comes around.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “No matter what life throws at you, remain calm and confident that you will handle it and emerge victorious.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “Being a fat parent is one of the most irresponsible things you can do to your kids. Remember they are learning from you. All the bad habits you have will get passed onto them and continue a cycle of unhealthiness.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “I think that the real definition of right and wrong actions is whether they cause other people harm.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “As a woman, flooding your man with love is the easiest way to keep him. As a man, flooding your woman with love is the surest way to lose her. Why? Because she wants a superhero. That must be built, it’s time intensive. Flooding her with love wastes all of your time.” ~ Tristan Tate 


  • “Having kids is a very important mission in any man’s life.” ~ Tristan Tate


  • “By studying a woman’s actions and body language, you’ll quickly assess her true feelings about you. She can be verbally sweet, but if her actions reveal a different story then don’t waste your time.” ~ Tristan Tate


Final Thoughts

I hope that you enjoyed this powerful list of the best Tristan Tate quotes of all-time!

Tristan certainly lives a flamboyant lifestyle filled with beautiful women, endless money, fancy cars, and many of the other finer things in life.

The reason he’s able to live that life is pretty simple — one day he realized that he could build himself into whatever he wanted, and he put in the work to become that person.

And as long as you’re willing to struggle, you can do the same. So let these quotes from Tristan Tate motivate you to go out and start building the best possible version of you!

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