10 Things You Should Stop Spending Money on Now

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Inflation is a giant pain in the rear as prices of everyday goods have skyrocketed. Everyone is trying to stretch their money further, but some deals are few and far between. How are people surviving these days? A group of penny pinchers gathered in a group chat to discuss the top things we need to stop spending money on.

1. Gambling

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Sure, the thrill of winning a large sum of money can be appealing, but there’s a reason why big casinos are flush with money. The house always wins. Eventually, you will lose that gambling bet. Is it worth it? Maybe, but while $100 can go a long way at the grocery store, it disappears in a minute at the blackjack table. Avoid the ATMs, and take the maximum amount you’re willing to lose. There’s nothing wrong with walking away from the table.

2. Cigarettes

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I’ve never been a smoker, but I have seen the prices on packs these days. How can people afford this habit? One smoker offers his advice, saying, “Please don’t start this horrible addiction. I would love to save the hundreds of dollars a month I spend on packs of smokes. It’s gross, and it’s hard to quit.” Sounds like a money pit we should avoid.

3. Luxury Cars

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A fancy new car can be a fun new toy to drive around town, but more and more people are ditching high-end brand cars for more affordable options. Have you seen some of the new, more affordable brands out there lately? Some of the new Kias and Hyundais look like BMWs and Audis. You can still have all the bells and whistles of these luxury brands, but spend thousands less.

4. Fancy Weddings

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Weddings are events you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life. Still, more couples are advocating for smaller, cheaper weddings than the huge events of the past. Millennials are opting to have budget-friendly ceremonies with a small group of friends and family while saving money for honeymoons, mortgages, and life expenses.

5. Designer Clothes

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There is nothing more self-confidence-boosting than feeling good in your clothes. A nice suit or dress may be required for business meetings, but many people are opting for less expensive brands. One person on a budget suggests ditching the expensive name-brand clothes for cheaper options from outlet malls and big chain box stores. The quality is usually comparable and it’s half the price.

6. Delivery Fees

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Almost anything can be delivered to your doorstep these days. The convenience may cost you a pretty penny as those delivery fees stack up. Companies like DoorDash, UberEats, and InstaCart are great convenience options, but ditching them and picking up your food could keep some money in your pocket.

7. Diamond Jewelry

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Did you know that diamonds are a depreciating asset? It’s true. Diamonds look nice and hold sentimental value, but will never bring back a return on your investment. Lab-grown diamonds are much cheaper and are growing in popularity as of late. One future husband writes, “I got my girlfriend a big, beautiful, clear, lab-grown sapphire that shines better than any diamond I could not afford. The gem was like 100 bucks, and it’s a real sapphire. She’s happy as can be.”

8. Detoxes and Cleanses

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These health products can cost hundreds of dollars, but do they work? Some people might claim they do, but most health experts agree they are a waste of money. The body can detoxify itself without these special cures. Drink more water, eat more fruit, and save your money. Most fruits and vegetables taste better anyway.

9. Newest Tech Gadgets

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Having the newest, most innovative electronic gadgets is fun, but those can be expensive. I’ve had the same phone for almost three years, and it still works fine. I’ve never understood the fanfare that new phones get. Most of them do the same thing as the one in my pocket. Also, the latest technology can take a few generations to work correctly. Hold on to that old phone for just another year. Your bank account will thank you.

10. Coffee Shops

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Coffee keeps us all awake and focused throughout the day. We might all be grumpy, walking zombies without our morning cup of joe, but the prices for coffee on the go can be a bit pricey. Making a pot at home could keep your bank account happy. Think about how those $5 cups add up. That could be money spent on other essential items.

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