14 Clear Signs You Are More Selfish Than You Think

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Let’s cut to the chase: you might be more selfish than you think. Honestly, we probably all are to some extent.

But this isn’t about occasionally hogging the remote or snagging the last slice of pizza—we’re diving into the kind of hardcore, unapologetic selfishness that might just be messing up your relationships and your life.

From only tuning in when you’re the topic of conversation to acting like the universe personally owes you something, here are 14 brutal signs that you’re really a selfish person. Just buckle up first because this might sting a little.

1. You Don’t Follow Through Consistently

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It might sound silly, but you’re probably a pretty selfish person if you never follow through on anything. Selfish people who only care about themselves will say things like “I’ll call you back” or “I can help” and never follow through.

2. You Can’t Stand Seeing Someone Else Win

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Really, when was the last time you actually felt happy for someone else’s win without making it about yourself? If every congratulation you utter feels like choking down a piece of burnt toast, you might be more into hogging the limelight than you think. Now is a great time to stop hogging and start celebrating. You will survive if someone else gets the limelight for a minute…or two.

3. You Think Compromise Feels Like a Personal Attack

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Just because someone wants to do something different, it’s not a personal attack on you. If bending just a little feels like breaking, well you might be selfish? The thought of not getting your way isn’t a cosmic injustice, you’re just uncompromising. 

Relationships (personal and professional) are give and take. If you’re all take, you’re doing it wrong.

4. Your Gifts Are Booby-Trapped

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Ever give something and wait like a hawk for a thank you—or, better yet, a return favor? That’s not generosity; that’s an investment strategy. True generosity doesn’t come with receipts or expect paybacks. Cut the strings if you want to stop being selfish.

5. You Love the Sound of Your Own Voice

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If you find yourself talking over people, cutting them off, or tuning out their boring stories to jump in with your own, guess what? That’s not just rude…it’s classic selfish behavior. Conversations are not your personal stage; let someone else sing for a change.

6. Your Social Media Is a Me-Monument

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Is your Instagram just an endless tribute to your face, your trips, your food, your life? If your idea of ‘engagement’ is counting likes on your solo adventures, you might just be swimming in the self-absorbed pool. Try posting something that isn’t about you or demeaning to others for once.

7. Changing Plans for Someone Else Feels Like Sacrilege

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If adjusting your plans to help someone else throws your whole day off or you just want to brag about how much you had to give up to make it happen for someone else, it’s time to look in the mirror and face the selfish music. Life’s about flexibility and sometimes giving up your perfect evening plan for a friend in need—and not being a dick about it. And sometimes, giving in silence is best.

8. You’re a Resource Hog

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Ever notice how you always take the best for yourself? Whether it’s snagging the comfiest chair or hoarding the office supplies, if you’re always first in line for the goods, you’re probably last in line for the ‘nice person’ award. Share the cookies and everything else. 

9. Your Apologies Come With a ‘But’

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If your apologies are rarer than a unicorn and usually come with a ‘but’ attached, you’re not really sorry. You’re just trying to get off the hook. Own your mistakes, ditch the excuses, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll start repairing some of those bridges you’ve burned.

10. People Are Always Giving You Something

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If you notice that people are constantly handing you stuff, it’s time for a gut check: Why are they always giving me stuff, and what am I giving back? 

Maybe they’re trying to win your favor or maybe you’ve just trained them to feed your ego and expectations. Either way, it’s a one-way street where you’re doing nothing but taking. Start questioning this dynamic—what are you doing to deserve all these goodies? If the answer is “not much,” then, you might just be a selfish hoarder. Time to start giving back, or at least stop expecting the world to keep serving you on a silver platter.

11. You Aren’t Taking Care of Your Responsibilities

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Not taking care of your responsibilities, whether it’s as mundane as paying bills or as important as spending quality time with family and friends, might leave you wondering–what’s sucking up all my attention? Spoiler alert: it’s probably a big dose of self-absorption. 

Neglecting your duties doesn’t just magically make you the bad guy; it shows a clear priority for your needs, your desires, and probably your leisure, over anything—or anyone—else. It’s a selfish move, pure and simple. 

Look around, who’s picking up your slack? Time to step up and balance the scales, or you’ll find yourself alone with your selfishness as your only company.

12. You Blame Everyone Else for You Not Reaching the Stars

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Blaming everyone else for your unmet expectations is a glaring neon sign of selfishness. When things don’t go your way, pointing fingers is easier than taking a hard look in the mirror. 

But here’s the thing: you’re the common denominator in your life’s equation. By shifting the blame, you dodge responsibility and growth, leaving a trail of unmet expectations and damaged relationships. 

So, please stop saying “I’m not perfect, but…” It’s time to own your part in your story. Stop the blame game and excuses, start making changes, and take control of your journey to the stars.

13. You Think You’re Entitled

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I get it—you’ve worked hard and deserve something for it. But feeling entitled to every convenience, perk, and favor isn’t a good look. The world, your friends, your family don’t owe you something just because you’re you. This isn’t attractive and it’s toxic. It corrodes relationships and builds resentment in everyone around you. 

Nobody owes you anything. Remember it is better to give than to receive. Express some genuine thanks and maybe, just maybe, you’ll start seeing that the world doesn’t revolve around you.

14. You Don’t Know How to Listen

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Lastly, let’s talk about how you handle conversations. Are you really listening, or just waiting to talk about yourself again? 

This isn’t just bad manners; it’s a classic move in the selfish playbook. When every chat spins back to your life, your problems, your opinions, you’re not connecting—you’re just using someone’s ears.

True listening means putting your own agenda on hold and actually caring about what’s being said, not treating it as a countdown to your next monologue. If this hits home, it’s time to shut up and tune in.

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