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10 Signs That Scream-Our Relationship is Healthy and Happy

10 Signs That Scream-Our Relationship is Healthy and Happy

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In today’s wild, fast-paced, no-downtime world, finding a happy and healthy balance in our lives, let alone in our intimate relationships, is increasingly complex. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. If you’re wondering what a happy, healthy relationship looks like from the outside, we’ve got some signs to help you out.

1. Conversation

Couples discussing and talking to each other

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A deep, meaningful conversation that leads to change without feeling the need to interject your ego into the mix is a sign that your relationship is in good standing.

2. Smack Talk

Friends discussing

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This tendency to talk down about your spouse can’t live in a healthy relationship. Sure, it’s easy to complain, especially when others are doing it, but a healthy relationship kicks smack talk to the curb.

3. Boundaries

Couples with mother in law

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This suggestion is a big one, especially in intimate relationships. Standing for what you believe in and having your spouse, best friend, parent, etc., respect that boundary is essential to a happy relationship. It’s also one area where many people struggle every day. Think about this nugget of advice: “The only people who would be upset about you setting boundaries are those that benefit from you having none.”

4. Gratitude

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Being thankful might sound cliche and a bit elementary, but it is a guidepost for healthy relationships. If you can’t be grateful for what your partner does for you daily, let alone the little or big special things, your relationship needs work.

5. Solo Time

Man on vacation

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Spending time away from your partner can be essential to a healthy relationship. I’m not saying it’s a given, as I spend significant time with my husband (more than 90% of most days), and we’ve been happily married for 20 years. But we can be apart and come back together as strong, if not stronger, than before.

6. Nix Social Media

Sad woman with mobile

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Blasting your “dirty laundry” all over social media is never a good idea. It will quickly lead to resentment and distrust in a relationship. If you’re having difficulties, find a healthy way to work on them, like therapy. Don’t spread it all over the internet for the world (and your mutual friends/family) to see.

7. Smiling

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In the newness of a relationship that’s just blossoming, it’s easy to smile when you think about your partner. When you’re in deep, and it’s 2 a.m., and the baby’s up for the fifth time, and you’re sleep-deprived while your partner sleeps on, it’s a bit more complicated. Still, being able to smile at the thought of them is a sure sign that love abides in your home and your relationship is thriving.

8. Good Humor

Woman bursting laughing

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Laughing at and with your significant other is foundational to a healthy relationship. You should be able to enjoy when your significant other is being silly or something funny happens, whether you’re laughing at them or with them. Laughter truly is some of life’s best medicine.

9. I’m Sorry

Couples fighting

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These two words pave the way for open, honest communication, especially when you say them genuinely. You can say them sarcastically, but when they come with a genuine apology and behavior change, they can fix almost any ailment in a relationship.

10. Safe

Couples cuddling while watching tv

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When your relationship is happy and healthy, you feel safe. You don’t worry about when your partner comes home late, or a work project takes up their time for a bit. You don’t obsessively check their phone or scroll through the social media feeds. You feel safe with them and, more importantly, when you’re not with them because you trust them implicitly, and they earn that trust daily.

Just the Beginning

Couples feeding each other

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These aren’t the only signs that your relationship is healthy and happy. But they are some big ones and can help to remind you that no two relationships are the same. Whether you’re dealing with a spouse, life partner, friend, or other family member, these foundational aspects are all excellent signposts that your connection is as strong as ever.

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