10 Signs You Have High Emotional Intelligence That Sets You Apart

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Emotional intelligence is one of the greatest contributing factors to success.

It is a universally beneficial skill to nurture. It helps us navigate social situations, as well as identify and manage our emotions, and that of others. Most importantly, emotional intelligence is a skill that anyone can develop, as shown by recent studies.

Let’s examine what it truly means, and explore the 10 most common signs that you have high emotional intelligence.

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

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According to a study published in Frontiers in Psychology, high emotional intelligence is described as the ability to perceive emotions, reason with emotions, understand emotions, and manage emotions.

It is also the ability to cope with stress, problem-solve, and communicate effectively. It makes sense then, that higher emotional intelligence can also help us with better job performance.

You’re Self-Aware

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One of the main traits of high emotional intelligence is self-awareness. This means being in tune with your own emotions, knowing how to identify and express them, and it also means being aware of your strengths and vulnerabilities.

Thanks to these traits, you can better navigate daily life, relationships as well as challenges in your career.

You Can Self-Regulate

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It’s great to have a high self-awareness and introspective nature, but we also need the tools, resources, and self-discipline to manage our emotions and cope with stress.

Many practices help regulate your nervous system and your emotions. Some popular ones include meditation, journaling, exercise, breathwork, developing a growth mindset, and mindfulness practices.

Try to experiment and see which resonates with you most, to aid you best in regulating your emotions.

You’re Socially Aware

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Social awareness is another trait of emotionally intelligent people.

It means being able to effectively read and interpret people’s emotions, and this includes both verbal and non-verbal language. In short, being socially aware is a combination of psychology, intuition, and empathy to better understand those around you.

You Have Empathy for Others

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Kindness goes a long way. Being able to empathize with others and understand their perspective is an important trait of high emotional intelligence.

When you’re patient and forgiving, and understand where people are coming from, it makes people feel heard and understood – which is an essential building block for a healthy relationship.

You Have Great Communication Skills

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Individuals with high emotional intelligence tend to be great communicators. They know how to identify and verbalize their emotions to get their point across. On the other hand, people with lower emotional intelligence are not as empathic or attuned to their own emotions, and as such can find it more difficult to communicate effectively.

You’re Good at Relationship Management

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Relationship management is about having a combination of traits that help you maintain relationships both at home and at work. These include charisma, leadership skills, conflict management, teamwork, and being able to inspire or motivate those around you. 

You’re Good at Conflict Resolution

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Everybody benefits from conflict management abilities: your friends, your family, and your co-workers.

Conflict management means being able to deal with disagreements by being calm, empathic, and offering solutions in a level-headed manner. It is about having a patient and logical approach to any conflict, instead of reacting defensively or impulsively based on emotions.

You Can Positively Reframe Situations

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Having a positive outlook and being adaptable is key for many situations in life.

Whether it’s a high-stakes job or a disagreement with your partner, reframing the situation positively can make the difference between a terrible week, or a productive week where you learn a lot of lessons.

You’re Curious and Open-Minded

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When you have an open and curious mind, you welcome life’s opportunities for growth. Every new experience is an adventure, a flavor to taste, and holds the potential for becoming a better person. You’re not afraid to step outside your comfort zone and try new things.

Additionally, curiosity is what fuels our ability to bond and relate to other people. Everybody enjoys spending time with a person who is genuinely curious about them.

You Set Healthy Boundaries

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Setting boundaries is a skill often overlooked, yet it is incredibly valuable in both professional and personal relationships. Additionally, it’s a very healthy habit to adopt in your day-to-day life.

Learning when and how to say no or turn down an invitation, makes all the difference between listening to our bodies, minds, and wellbeing, or completely ignoring it.

When you honor your boundaries and communicate them assertively, your mental health, confidence, and even happiness can improve, as you feel more appreciated and respected by those around you.

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