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85 Short Positive Affirmations To Lift Your Spirits

When you feel your internal dialogue turning negative, positive affirmations are a fantastic tool to have in your back pocket.

Because all day long, you’re going to face threats to your self-image. When given the opportunity to roam free, your brain will ruminate about the past, manufacture anxiety about the future, and highlight everything about your character that isn’t up to par.

Our brain’s bias towards negativity is something we cannot change, yet we can exert an equal force in the opposite direction to counter negative thoughts.

Below you’ll find an extensive list of short positive affirmations that will keep you energized and positive as you go about your day.


Powerful Daily Affirmations

Let’s start this list of short positive affirmations with some powerful phrases that will immediately lift your spirits.


  • I’m committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve my goals.


  • My life is full of endless opportunities.


  • I’m not my past.


  • I don’t need to have it all figured out to move forward.


  • I am in 100% control of my decisions.


  • At all times, I possess the power of choice.


  • I’m the only one who decides my future.


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  • My past does not define me.


  • My life is a gift.


  • I don’t need to feel motivated to make forward progress.


  • If I only work when I feel motivated, I’ll never be successful.


  • I have a bias towards action.


  • My thoughts are not me; they’re just minor nuisances.


  • I’m so much bigger than my excuses.


  • I refuse to be average.


  • I was not put on this earth to just go through the motions.


  • I’m in charge of the type of person that I become.


  • I’m thankful for another day to try to level up my life.


  • Every small step moves me towards my goals.


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  • I let go of the desire to change quickly because nothing great happens overnight.


  • I accept all my thoughts, even the negative ones. 


  • My persistence will pay off eventually.


Short Positive Affirmations For Friends

Enjoying this list of short positive affirmations so far? Then perhaps you’d find value in these articles on the benefits of affirmations and how to write affirmations.

If you just want to keep reading, then here’s some more positive affirmations centered around appreciating and valuing your friends.


  • I’m thankful for everyone who has my back.


  • I’m lucky to have wonderful people in my life.


  • I deeply value my friendships.


  • I refuse to surround myself with negative people.


  • I’m always looking for ways to level up my social circle.


  • I’m courageous enough to cut negative people from my life.


  • I’m surrounded by people who support my dreams.


  • My friends embrace my uniqueness, and I embrace theirs.


  • I feel at my best when living an active social life.


  • I have something to contribute to every one of my friendships.


  • I choose to be around people who empower me.


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  • I am worthy of having good, supportive friends.


  • Deep personal relationships are the foundation of my happiness.


  • I’m never too busy to make time for my friends.


  • Forming lasting friendships comes from my actions.


  • I’m always open to meeting new people.


  • Every day is an opportunity to expand my social circle.


  • The world is a friendly and social place.


  • I’m always careful of who I surround myself with because that affects who I become.


  • Good people cross my path every day.


Short Positive Affirmations For Work

Next up, let’s dive into some positive affirmations for work. Feel free to use these short affirmations whenever you’re bumping up against resistance during the workday!


  • My job provides me with endless opportunities.


  • Every day is an opportunity to improve my professional skillset.


  • I bring immense value to my company.


  • I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to.



  • Feeling stress is an opportunity for personal growth.


  • I believe in my professional abilities. 


  • I look forward to challenging myself today.


  • My work ethic is what separates me from my peers.


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  • I can’t control the future, but I can control the present.


  • I accept that I won’t always feel motivated to put in work.


  • I’m capable of achieving amazing things in my career; but that starts with getting today right.


  • I approach my work with energy and passion.


  • I trust myself and my ability to perform at the highest level.


  • I’m destined for a wildly successful career.


  • No one can do the work for me.


  • I cannot produce amazing work in my comfort zone.


  • I work hard now so that I can rest easy later.


Positive Morning Affirmations

To conclude this list of short positive affirmations, we’ll close with some morning affirmations aimed to help you start the day with a positive mindset.


  • Today is yet another opportunity for growth.


  • The way that I spend my next hour will set a trajectory for my day.


  • I’m going to smash through my to-do list today.


  • I have an opportunity to live up to my potential today.


  • I’m grateful for another day to improve my life.


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  • I’m ready for whatever the day throws at me.


  • Any forward progress that I make today is a win.


  • I am constantly growing and improving.


  • I have the strength to handle today’s challenges.


  • Every moment of struggle is also an opportunity for growth.


  • Today I will do one thing that is outside my comfort zone.


  • My life will not change until I change my decisions.


  • I’m motivated to start the day on a positive note.


  • Today I will choose progress instead of stagnation.


  • Achieving my goals starts with small steps today.


  • My future depends on what I do today.


  • Energy and positivity flow through me.


  • I can get through any obstacles that come my way.


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  • Today I will finish everything that I start.


  • I’m eager to see what I can accomplish today.


  • I don’t compare myself to others; only to the person I was yesterday.


  • Today will be an insanely productive day for me.


How & When To Use These Short Positive Affirmations

Now that we’ve gone through an extensive list of affirmations, you’re probably wondering when and where to deploy them for maximum impact.

Put simply, you should practice affirmations on an as-needed basis. I know that many people advise practicing affirmations at specific daily intervals, but I recommend taking a different approach.

Your thoughts are entirely unpredictable. Your mind doesn’t run on a schedule, so it’s best to be flexible with your self-affirmation practice.

That doesn’t mean you can’t practice these short positive affirmations at specific intervals, it just means those intervals shouldn’t be the only time you practice them.

In terms of how to actually implement affirmations into your day, that part is pretty straightforward given what we’ve just discussed.

There’s really two key situations where positive affirmations are most effective:

  • #1: When you’re dealing with negative, irrational thoughts: Ruminating about your past mistakes, worrying about the future, self-loathing, and exaggeration are all fair game here.
  • #2: When you’re struggling to take action: If you find yourself battling internal resistance to do something positive that moves your life forward, affirmations can be a powerful way to self-motivate.

In these moments, your internal dialogue is crucial because you have an opportunity to shift your internal beliefs.

When you’re struggling to take action, you have the opportunity to form the belief that you’re someone who does what’s right regardless of how you feel.

When dealing with negative thoughts, you have the chance to form the belief that negative thoughts don’t represent who you really are.

So as you begin practicing affirmations daily, start by implementing them in these two scenarios and then expand their use as you become more comfortable.


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Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this list of short positive affirmations! Feel free to pick a few that resonate with you and start building the habit of positive self-talk. 

Your thoughts don’t have any power unless you give them power.  If you find yourself latching onto and getting lost in negative thoughts, then those thoughts will determine your actions and beliefs.

Let today be the day where you start to see your thoughts for what they are — blips on the radar that don’t define your character. Start beating back negativity with positivity and you’ll find it much easier to find inner peace in life.

I hope you put these short positive affirmations to good use!

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