Hostel Harmony: 11 Golden Rules for Shared Living Spaces

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For countless travelers, staying in a hostel is a rite of passage, regardless of age. While there are thousands of hostels of varying quality worldwide, there are many unwritten rules that every hostel-goer should abide by. Recently, experienced travelers of all ages met in an online discussion to reveal the golden rules for shared living spaces. Here’s how to make your next stay in a hostel as effortless as possible!

1. Keep the Lights off if You Return Late

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Trust me, you don’t want to be “that person” who turns on all the lights when they arrive back at the hostel late at night. Doing so will incur the wrath of all your dorm mates! If you find yourself burning the midnight oil, you’ll have to make your way around the hostel the old-fashioned way: By the cover of night. So keep those lights off and try to get into bed without annoying anyone!

2. Practice Personal Hygiene

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Unsurprisingly, stinky men and women are the least popular people staying at a hostel at any given moment. Advising you to practice personal hygiene seems like an obvious golden rule, but you’d be surprised how many people ignore this rule! “For the love of everything holy, please, at the very least, shower once a day,” advises one frequent traveler. “I can’t believe how many people in hostels still think bathing every day is optional.”

3. Keep Conversations to a Minimum if People Are Sleeping

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Most people sleep at night (save for a few party animals), but generally, any time after 10 o’clock is a designated quiet time in hostels. Therefore, it’s essential to keep conversations to a minimum if people are sleeping. Talking loudly or excitedly at night is one of the most inconsiderate things you can do. If you need to have a heart-to-heart, take it outside and confess your love to each other as loud as you want!

4. Keep Your Space Tidy

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Remember, a hostel is a shared space, so keep your area neat and clean, or else you risk incurring the wrath of your fellow travelers. One person has a few easy-to-remember tips to keep in mind: “Don’t tornado your belongings all over the room, hang things on other people’s bunks, or block other people’s lockers,” she advises. That seems simple enough, doesn’t it?

5. Pack Your Bags the Night Before

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Many of these unspoken golden rules are common sense guidelines that all boil down to being considerate of your dorm mates. I get it; traveling is sometimes stressful, but doing little things like packing your bags the night before if you have to leave early in the morning goes a long way toward respecting everyone else staying with you. If you have to leave early, it should be as effortless as grabbing your bag and heading out! (A successful exit always involves letting anyone still sleeping stay sleeping.)

6. Don’t Abuse the Snooze

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According to countless men and women, the most significant offense a hostel rookie can make is repeatedly hitting their snooze button in the morning. Remember, you’re in a shared space, so it’s time to forego the snooze button in favor of waking up on your first alarm. On the other hand, if you want to see how quickly you can become the most disliked person in the hostel, abusing the snooze is a quick way to ensure you’ll have a terrible experience.

7. Don’t Leave Toiletries in Shared Bathrooms

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In a hostel, bathrooms are sacred. They represent the only opportunity for privacy while temporarily living with a group of strangers, so respect the space! One person puts it all into perspective. “Don’t leave your toiletries in the shared or en-suite bathrooms so that no one else is able to use the shelves or hooks.”

8. Stay In Your Own Bed

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I’m shocked at how many people have horror stories of drunk men and women unknowingly (or knowingly) climbing into their beds in hostels. This behavior is unacceptable and brings up valid safety concerns that will ultimately get you kicked out. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few adult beverages before you call it a night, but you must end up in your own bed when it’s all said and done!

9. Be Respectful of Other’s Time

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There’s arguably nothing worse than someone hogging the shower for an extended time when all you need is 90 seconds to brush your teeth before you go to bed! Be considerate of other people’s time. “If you’re going to hop in the shower at peak getting ready to go out times (morning and early evening), it’s nice to ask your dorm mates if they need to hop in and brush their teeth or anything before you go hog the bathroom for 15 minutes,” explains one woman.

10. Keep Your Music to Yourself

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Listen, I’m sure you have impeccable taste in music. But don’t broadcast it. Use the same common sense rules you’d use in an airport or a bus: Keep your headphones on if you listen to music. Nothing can ruin the chill vibes of a hostel quicker than some dummy blasting Sublime at night as if nobody’s ever heard “Santeria” 500 times throughout their life already. Keep your music to yourself!

11. Be Smart

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Being smart is paramount for any adventure, so you should not let your guard down, even if you’re staying at a comfortable hostel surrounded by like-minded travelers. “Bring a small lock with a key for your belongings, because some places won’t provide them,” reveals one savvy traveler. “While most people don’t steal, I know some people who have had anything from socks to laptops taken out of their bags.” You can never be too safe!

Source: Reddit.

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