Regrettable Choices: 11 Decisions That Hit Like a Ton of Bricks

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Stupid mistakes are inevitable at some point in life. Anyone who says otherwise is still too young to understand the complexities of life. Sometimes, we make decisions that come to haunt us immediately. The more you mull over them, the worse they get. Everyone makes rash moves, but what’s important is that we learn from these mistakes.

1. Ninja Accident

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A person recalls how he was obsessed with everything ninja-related back when he was young. One day, he decided to show off his back flip, so he climbed atop the slide and dove head first. Thankfully, he wasn’t hurt too badly, but he was left with bruised ribs and shattered self-esteem after being embarrassed in front of all his middle school friends.

2. DIY Haircut Gone Wrong

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If you’ve ever seen YouTube tutorials and decided to try out some DIY haircuts, then you know what I’m talking about. While they might seem easy and doable, they go horribly wrong, and you end up looking like a complete fool. One person talks about how they decided to try it out themselves and ended up “looking like a rogue lawnmower victim.”

3. Teaching a Dog To Dance

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Have you ever tried teaching your furry friend new tricks? It can be quite an adventure, but it can also go horribly wrong. A person spoke about how he attempted to teach his pet dog to dance whenever music played; however, what ended up happening was that whenever he danced, the fur ball would end up hiding under the sofa. Poor puppy!

4. A Terrifying Suprise

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As a child, we often try to sneak up on people in an effort to jump-scare them, and some habits simply die hard. Though this person was just playing around, he managed to cause a lot of trouble for his fiance. One day, he decided to drive to the house first and hide in the dark. When she was taking off her jewelry, he ran from the shadows to frighten her, which caused her to let out a shrieking scream, making him regret his decision instantly.

5. Hurtful Words

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Gone are the good old high school days when everyone had crushes and thought they’d met the love of their life. A man recalls how when he was young, he was texting his crush, and his dad came to take his phone because he’d been on it for a couple of hours. The man replied, “Wish you’d pass away!” to which his dad said, “Well, I have cancer again, so I just might!” He still feels like a terrible person to this day.

6. Tax Evasion

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A student walked into class and yelled, “I don’t pay taxes!” as a satirical joke, but people took it a bit too far. He landed up in the principal’s office and got the most soul-piercing stares from all his teachers. Considering he was only a middle school child, the reaction was uncalled for, but he ended up regretting making that joke.

7. The Corporate Ladder

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Fake it till you make it. It is just some made-up saying that almost never holds. An example of this is a person who worked for a management position for a long time, gave several interviews and presentations and ended up landing the job. Yet, it was way above his skill level, making him regret it instantly, and he ended up stepping down two years later.

8. Exploding Eggs

Exploding eggs in microwave
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Out of all of the things you could microwave, eggs should not be on your list, especially not ones that are raw. One person thought it was a good idea to test this out. What ended up happening was that the egg made a high-pitched noise and exploded in his face. He had to get his eyes flushed out in the emergency room.

9. Wrong Recipient

Woman sending wrong mail regreting
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Always double-check who you’re sending an email to in order to avoid embarrassment in the future. A woman was sending out a personal email to her friend and accidentally sent it to her boss. She panicked and set an apology immediately but had to hide her face from him for a month.

10. Taking Your Cat for a Walk

Walking with cat in park
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You generally take your dogs for their daily fitness, but it’s not very common to take your cat out. When one person decided to walk their cat in the park to get some fresh air, their furry companion bolted across the street because she spotted a cat. It took hours for the person to find her, and he decided never to do it again.

11. Free Food

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When a manager decided to treat his team to some Starbucks, one employee didn’t order anything for herself but instead took a sip from another person’s hot chocolate. However, she forgot she had red lipstick on, and when the drink was handed out, the recipient looked at them with sheer disappointment, leaving the employee feeling guilty and ashamed.

Source: Reddit.

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