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53 Productivity Affirmations To Help You Get More Done

If you’ve landed on this article, you’re probably exploring various strategies that can help you be more productive.

There’s a variety of different ways to accomplish this goal, but this article will specifically focus specifically on productivity affirmations that can help you get things done.

Productivity affirmations are great for altering your self-image. They help you consciously challenge limiting beliefs that prevent you from getting the important stuff done each day.

In this article, we’ll dive into some various affirmations for productivity that you can leverage for positive change. In addition, we’ll discuss the proper way to implement them in order to ensure they have real impact on your day to day.

Let’s dive in!


Do Productivity Affirmations Work?

Perhaps one of the first questions you have about affirmations is this — Do they actually work?

I can see why many people are skeptical about the true effectiveness of affirmations, but the short answer is yes. 

There’s a large body of psychological research which backs up the theory that self-affirmations can promote neuroplasticity. If you’re unfamiliar with neuroplasticity, this is essentially our brain’s ability to re-wire itself and form new beliefs.

You see, one of the main impediments to productivity is cortisol. Otherwise known as the stress chemical, cortisol is released when we find ourselves in stressful situations.

When we feel stressed due to a daunting task or project, our brain releases cortisol because it perceives a threat. The task that we’re avoiding represents a challenge that we need to overcome, and the release of cortisol makes it difficult for us to take on this challenge.

This psychological stress response is what causes us to procrastinate even when we know it’s not in our best interest.

Studies like this one from the National Library Of Medicine have shown that re-affirming your values can lower cortisol levels and fight the psychological stress response.

In other words, productivity affirmations can provide some resistance to the neurological mechanisms that promote laziness and procrastination.


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How To Make The Most Of Productivity Affirmations

In order to ensure that you implement productivity affirmations the right way, there’s two key principles that you should keep in mind.

First off, you need to couple affirmations with action. In order to really believe that you’re a productive person, you have to take productive actions. 

Affirmations don’t change your self-image if you don’t act in alignment with them. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that affirmations without action are even more detrimental than doing nothing because you’ll find yourself in a state of severe incongruence.

  • In order to make it easy to couple these productivity affirmations with action, set yourself achievable targets.
  • For example, if you feel yourself procrastinating, try repeating a few productivity affirmations and then commit to only five minutes of work.
  • Odds are that once you start working, you’ll keep going. And by doing so, you’ll have reaffirmed your core values through action.

The second thing to keep in mind with productivity affirmations is that they lose effectiveness if they don’t align with your beliefs. 

It’d be counter-productive to repeat an affirmation like, “I am a productivity master who can get things done at will.” 

Because if you’re the type of person who struggles with getting small things done, you’re never gonna fool your brain into believing this outlandish claim. Affirmations are far more effective when they are representative of your current situation and your core values.

For example, something like “Productivity is important to me because I want to achieve my goals.”  is a much more realistic, believable phrase that ties back to your core values. Even if you’re someone who routinely struggles with procrastination, your brain can’t deny that you have intentions to be productive and reach your goals. 

Remember that when practicing affirmations, your goal isn’t to trick your brain. You’re simply trying to remind yourself of your core values to increase the probability that you act in alignment with them.

In the next section of this article, we’ll dive into a list of productivity affirmations that can help you do just that.


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Productivity Affirmations For Boosting Your Output

Without further ado, here’s a list of some powerful affirmations for productivity that you can use when you’re feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list.


  • Today I can choose to have a productivity day.


  • I am capable of handling stress and getting things done.


  • I’m working towards becoming a more productive person, and now is a perfect opportunity for growth.


  • I’m completely capable of managing my time effectively.


  • I’m stronger than my distractions.


  • I’m grateful for waking up today and having an opportunity to improve my productivity.


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  • I’m strong enough to push through doubt when I don’t think I can handle my workload.


  • Productivity is a skill that can be learned and I’m working every day to improve it.


  • I must focus and perform challenging work if I want to achieve my goals.


  • I’m stronger than the emotions that are encouraging me to procrastinate.


  • I want to engage in meaningful work because I value the idea of challenging myself daily.


  • I can make small progress on my to-do list even if I’m feeling demotivated.


  • I can become a stronger person by putting in work when I don’t feel like it.


  • Today’s work will represent a minor step forward towards my long-term goals.


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  • I can achieve my most ambitious goals through consistent action.


  • I’m committed to following through on my to-do list.


  • I’m the type of person who keeps promises to myself.


  • I’m stronger than the bad habits that keep me unproductive.


  • I’m highly motivated to be productive and become the best version of myself.


  • I’m working towards becoming the type of person who finishes what they start.


  • Just because I have an unproductive day, does not mean that I will have an unproductive life.


  • I’m focused on becoming a more productive person.


  • The distance between where I am and where I want to be lies in the work that’s right in front of me.


  • Regardless of my emotional state, I’m perfectly capable of putting one foot in front of the other.


  • I can achieve small productivity wins right now that will lead to bigger productivity wins in the future


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  • I’ve overcome productivity challenges in the past, and will continue to do so.


  • If I can work through my to-do list today, I will go to bed satisfied.


  • I can overcome procrastination if I just commit to working on the task I’m avoiding for five minutes.


  • Once I get started working on a task, I have the discipline to see it through to completion.


  • I am in complete control of how I use my time.


Affirmations For A Productive Week

Let’s keep things rolling! Here’s a few more productivity affirmations that will help you get your week off to a great start.


  • I’m going to have an amazing week full of productive work.


  • I’m clear on my intentions for the week, I just need to execute.


  • Each week is an opportunity for me to become more focused and productive.


  • I’m determined to achieve my weekly productivity goals.


  • No matter what obstacles get in my way this week, I will make time for important work.


  • What I do this week determines the kind of life that I will have 12 months from now.


  • This week I will commit to limiting distractions that throw me off course.


  • Each week, I’m committed to taking positive action to improve my productivity.


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  • If I have an unproductive day this week, I will come back stronger the next day.


  • I will be tempted to procrastinate this week, and when this happens I will focus on taking one positive step in the right direction.


  • I will avoid the temptation to multitask this week and focus on putting all of my energy into the task at hand.


  • When the going gets tough, I get to work.


  • I’m refining my productivity process every single week, and it will continue to get better.


  • My weekly goals are achievable, and I’m perfectly capable of reaching them.


  • This week I will dive into important work with positive energy because productivity is one of my core values.


  • I’m capable and talented enough to destroy my to-do list this week


  • I refuse to beat myself up when I have an unproductive day.


  • I trust myself to get things done and meet deadlines


  • I do my best work when my back is up against the wall


Final Thoughts On These Productivity Affirmations

Productivity affirmations alone won’t transform your life. However, they will put you in a better frame of mind where you’ll find it easier to make progress on your high-priority tasks.

When you provide some resistance to the self-sabotaging beliefs that keep you lazy and unmotivated, you increase your odds of taking action in spite of them.

So pick a few of these affirmations that resonate with you and try them out! As long as you don’t forget to couple them with small productive actions, you should see a noticeable impact on your productivity.

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