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65 New Year Affirmations For A Successful 2023

If you’re ready to crush 2023, then the following New Year affirmations will help make this the year that everything comes together for you.

In order to make this happen, you’re gonna have to start by aligning your internal self-talk with your long term goals.

You can’t just let your brain run wild this year. If you do, it will have no problem perpetually broadcasting what Russ Harris calls “F-F-F Radio” (Fear, Failure, Flaws).

This is the year where you push back against the kinds of thoughts that keep you stuck. It’s the year where positivity, not negativity, becomes the driving force in your life.

Let’s get into some New Year affirmations that will help you achieve both of these goals.


What Are New Year Affirmations?

New Year affirmations are short positive statements that reinforce positive beliefs you want to develop and challenge negative beliefs you want to get rid of.

You can tailor these affirmations to achieve whatever goals you have for this year.

Practicing these brief, positive statements will help you counter negative thoughts that prevent you doing the things you know you need to do.

With enough repetition, you can actually shift your programmed responses to these thoughts. And as a result, they will decrease in frequency and intensity.

So without further ado, let’s dive into a list of New Year affirmations that will help you make the upcoming year your best one yet!


Positive New Year Affirmations To Manifest Success


  • I don’t have time for my excuses this year.


  • At this moment, I can take tiny steps towards achieving my goals.


  • My future depends on what I do right now.


  • Feeling discomfort means I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.


  • I’m capable of overcoming my desire for instant gratification.


  • Every moment is an opportunity to move closer to my goals.


  • I don’t have to be perfect all the time to have an amazing year.


  • I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.


  • I will go as far as my discipline takes me.


  • I’m shaping my future with every decision.


  • I can’t always control my thoughts, but I can always control my actions.


  • Achieving my goals requires me to put in work when I don’t feel like it.


  • A new year means new doors are opening for me.


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  • As long as I take consistent action, I will achieve my New Year’s resolutions.


  • If I get the ordinary things right, I will have an extraordinary life.


  • Whatever doubts I’m experiencing right now can be removed through action.


  • I don’t engage in low-value behaviors because I’m a high-value person.


  • Right now is the best time to follow through on my commitments.


  • I’m unstoppable once I start gaining forward momentum.


  • I embrace discomfort because it means I’m moving forward.


  • When I make a mistake, I will bounce back quickly with action.


  • At any given moment, I’m capable of making improvements.


  • This year is going to be my best one yet.


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  • I’m capable of achieving great things.


  • I’m leveling up my fitness one small action at a time.


  • I’m leveling up my finances one small action at a time.


  • I’m leveling up my social life one small action at a time.


  • I’m overcoming procrastination one small action at a time.


  • I will do something right now to make forward progress.


  • I’m strong, determined, and capable.


Affirmations For New Beginnings

Enjoying this list of new year affirmations so far? Well, then you might find these articles about the benefits of affirmations and how to write affirmations valuable.

If you just wanna keep reading, then here’s a few more positive affirmations to help you level up your self-talk.


  • I don’t have to let my past influence my actions at this moment.


  • I’m ready for a new beginning.


  • I’m excited about the opportunities ahead of me.


  • What better time for me to change than right now?


  • Every little decision that I make matters.


  • I can alter my future trajectory by acting on my intuition right now.


  • I trust my gut and choose to listen to it.


  • Every day is a new opportunity for me to get things right.


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  • This is the year that I stay laser-focused on my goals.


  • I don’t have to give into my distractions.


  • I bounce back quickly from failures.


  • Success will come to me when I start taking consistent action.


  • Spending the next hour of my time in a productive way is a positive step forward.


  • I can’t change how my life has unfolded thus far, but I can control how it unfolds from this moment forward.


  • I’m attracting success with every positive action that I take.


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  • I’m ready to move beyond my past failures.


  • I will not waste today because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.


  • My fears start to die off every time that I show courage.


  • Life is happening for me, not to me.


  • I have the power to shape the trajectory of this year.


  • Now is the perfect time to carve a new path.


  • I’m in complete control over whether or not I achieve my goals this year.


  • This is my year, and this is my moment.


  • My past doesn’t need to dictate my future.


  • Life passes quickly, which is why I need to make the most of today.


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  • I am a unique and special person.


  • I have a unique contribution to make to the world.


  • This is the year that the real me emerges.


  • I have no room in my life for “I’ll do it tomorrow.”


  • This is the year that everything changes for me.


How To Use These Affirmations For The New Year

Now that you’ve read through all of these New Year Affirmations, you’re probably wondering how to use them for maximum effectiveness.

Affirmations are most effective during moments of internal conflict. Countless studies like this one prove that self-affirmation can buffer stress and relax your body and mind during uncomfortable situations.

As you work towards your goals, you’re going to be faced with uncomfortable decisions all day long:

  • The decision to get started on work on or keep watching Netflix.
  • The decision to get up early or snag an extra couple hours of sleep.
  • The decision to hit the gym or stay home.
  • The decision to stop and get fast food or cook a healthy meal at home.

These are the moments where the game of life is won and lost. 

Why leave things up to chance when positive self-talk can give you the extra push you need?

If you’re relying on willpower alone to help you make the right choice at the right time, you’re going to fail more often than not.

Your brain’s preference for instant gratification over long-term reward is a primitive urge — it’s been around for thousands of years and it’s not going anywhere.

New Year affirmations can help counter this urge, and here’s a three step process that will make them easy to put into practice.

First, identify the top two goals that you want to achieve this year. Once you’ve done that, identify the decisive moments each day where you’re sabotaging your ability to achieve these goals.

These decisive moments need to be very specific. If you’re trying to lose weight, you might write down something like this: “When I’m drinking my morning coffee and feel the urge to put off my morning workout until after work.”

Finally, commit to practicing 2-3 different affirmations in these moments. Feel free to use the New Year Affirmations above as a guideline. If you feel like you need to, adjust them so that they align with your personal goals.

If you commit to 20-30 seconds of focused self-talk in those moments where you’re faced with the easy path or the hard path, you’ll find it easier to make the right choice.




Final Thoughts On New Year Affirmations

I hope you enjoyed these New Year affirmations!

If you’re truly committed to making this year your best one yet, then it’s crucial for you to take control of your internal dialogue.

Your brain is your greatest asset and your greatest liability at the same time — positive self-talk turns it into the former, not the latter. 

Here’s to your best year yet!

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