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58 Monday Affirmations To Start The Week Strong

You’re coming off a fun-filled weekend and then BAM! After rolling out of bed on a Monday morning, you get slapped with the Monday blues.

It happens to the best of us, and it’s a mindset that’s ingrained into us very early on in life. Remember the feeling of dread each time your mom or dad woke you up for school on a Monday morning?

Well, that twelve years or so of conditioning means that the Monday blues are hard-wired into us from an early age.

Having a great week starts with a great mindset. Monday affirmations are a great way to foster the mindset necessary to crush the day and week ahead.

This article will dive into the benefits of starting your monday with positive self-talk, and also provide several monday affirmations that you can practice in order to get your week off to a good start.


Why You Should Start Your Monday With Affirmations

“It’s not about how you start, it’s how you finish.”

As someone who was an athlete in high school, I’ve heard this phrase more times than I can count.

While there’s wisdom in this quote, it’s certainly not a productive mindset to carry with you into a Monday morning. In truth, how you start each day determines how you finish it. 

Can you still finish strong if you start the week on your back foot? Sure you can, but why make things harder on yourself if they don’t need to be.


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Monday affirmations can provide a subtle boost of positive momentum that you can carry with you throughout the rest of your day. They’ll put your mind at ease and make it easier for you to take action on your most ambitious goals.

Now simply reciting a few positive Monday affirmations doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have a great week, or even a great Monday. However, they will tilt the odds in your favor by putting you in a better frame of mind.

When it comes to which affirmations you should recite, don’t worry about saying every single affirmation on this list. When you’re just starting out with affirmations, consistency is far more important than volume.

Here’s my advice — pick a few Monday affirmations that resonate with you and practice them at least 3-5x per day for 60 seconds at a time. 

After you’ve spent a couple of weeks building this habit, you’ll find yourself naturally sprinkling in positive self-talk throughout the day. 


Positive Monday Affirmations For Work

Let’s kick off this list of Monday affirmations for productivity that you can leverage to have a great day/week at work.


  • Today is the start of a kick-ass week at work.


  • I’m preparing for an ultra-productive week at work.


  • I’m a valuable part of my organization.


  • I’m great at my job and my co-workers value my contributions.


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  • I’m capable of doing amazing things with my career.


  • I’m manifesting a fulfilling career that brings me joy.


  • I’m motivated to improve my professional skills each week.


  • I won’t always feel motivated at work, and during these moments I will do my best to rely on discipline.


  • I’m focused and ready to face the challenges that work throws at me this week.


  • I’m energized and driven to make the most of my career.


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  • I am a force of nature within my field.


  • I’m committed to professional development and will continue to be for the rest of my life.


  • I’m grateful for the challenges of my job because they turn me into a stronger person.


  • I’m the type of person who sets daily goals and smashes them.


  • I’m fueled by passion in my work.


Monday Morning Affirmations To Jumpstart Your Week


  • I’m filled to the brim with positive energy.


  • I’m excited to take on the day’s challenges.


  • I have the power to turn this week’s obstacles into opportunities.


  • I’m ready to make today great.


  • I choose to celebrate another week filled with amazing opportunities.


  • I will be rewarded for the hard work that I put in this week.


  • I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be right now.


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  • I am strong and capable.


  • I have unlimited potential to make this week amazing.


  • I’m full of ambition and ready to handle whatever this week throws at me.


  • I’m in complete control of my level of effort this week.


  • I will work relentlessly to achieve my weekly goals because they are stepping stones to my biggest long term goals.


  • I’m always open to new opportunities for personal growth.


  • This week I will commit to being open minded to new experiences.


  • I will choose to see the good in every negative situation that I encounter today.


  • I realize that smell steps in the right direction today will set me up for a successful week.


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  • I’m courageous enough to expand my comfort zone.


  • I choose to live boldly instead of being trapped by fear.


  • I will treat today as a miracle, because it is.


  • Today belongs to me.


  • I love myself for who I am right now.


  • Today I will take one small step towards overcoming my biggest demons.


  • Everything that I do today will lead me to a better tomorrow


  • My actions today will align with my long-term vision


Funny Monday Affirmations

When practicing affirmations, it can be beneficial to add a little humor to the mix. Here’s a few cheesy and funny Monday affirmations that will relax your mind a bit.


  • Sorry Monday blues, I have to go be awesome.


  • I’m like a proton, always positive.


  • I have to be odd to be number one.


  • I used to believe in Santa Claus for 10 years. I can believe in myself for one day.


  • My funny vibe will attract a funny tribe.


  • My mistakes don’t define me, my jokes do.


  • I’m thankful for my problems and I’m humble enough to laugh at them.


woman laughing at her problems


  • Dear universe, I’m coming for you.


  • Bad vibes do not go with my outfit today.


  • I’m putting yesterday down, it’s pretty heavy.


  • I’m done cheating on my future with my past.


  • I’m starting to develop a crush on this thing called success.


  • I’m here Monday, bring it on.


  • I’m pretty. Pretty fund. Pretty kind. And pretty strong.


  • I may be a broken crayon, but even broken crayons can still color.


  • I’m like a mosquito: small but effective.


Final Thoughts On These Monday Affirmations

I hope you enjoyed this article about Monday affirmations! If you consistently practice these affirmations over a long period of time, you’ll inevitably start to notice their impact on your mindset.

Studies like this one have shown self-affirmations activate the parts of the brain responsible for positive valuation. In other words, consistently practicing affirmations can rewire your brain and help you create a more positive self-image.

And once you develop a more positive self-image, you’ll find it easier to let go of negative thoughts that prevent you from taking action to improve your situation.

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