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62 Mindfulness Affirmations To Help You Stay Present

One of the hardest things to do in this world is to stay present.

Our brain is always thinking about something — a better future, mistakes from our past, what we’re going to eat for dinner, etc.

Managing these thoughts and living in the moment is extremely difficult considering how vulnerable our attention is at any given moment.

Below, you’ll discover an extensive list of mindfulness affirmations that will help you bring your attention back to the present.

Feel free to use these affirmations to detach from your negative thoughts and refocus your mind on what’s right in front of you.


Mindfulness Affirmations For Being Present

Let’s kick off this list of affirmations for mindfulness with some positive phrases that you can use to stay grounded.


  • I accept whatever thoughts I’m experiencing right now.


  • I recognize that my thoughts are coming and going all the time.


  • I don’t need to listen to my thoughts, they’re just blips on my radar.


  • I fully embrace the present moment and all it has to offer.


  • I don’t need to listen to my mind right now, we’ll check in later.


  • I am mindful of my surroundings.


  • My thoughts are mild interruptions, especially the negative ones.


  • I’m working on staying present with every moment that passes.


  • My ideal future will unfold from this moment forward.


  • Currently, I’m totally immersed in the present moment.


  • I thank my mind for all of its thoughts, helpful and unhelpful.


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  • I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m focused on the here and now.


  • There will never be another “this moment,” so I’m going to enjoy it.


  • I recognize all that is around me.


  • When I focus on my breath it is impossible for me to feel stressed.


  • I take deep breaths to recenter my mind.


  • I welcome all the negativity and positivity present in this moment.


  • Dear mind, I’m not listening to your negativity right now.


  • My mind is a nuisance, nothing more.


  • Sorry mind, I’m giving all of my attention to the present right now.


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  • All of my feelings will pass eventually; now is the only thing that matters to me.


  • I’m grateful to be alive and breathing right now.


  • My negative self-talk holds no power over my actions.


  • I’m slowly pushing negativity out of my mind.


  • When I am aware of the present, I am alive.


  • Each time I shift my attention back to the present, I become more mindful.


  • Everything is exactly where it’s supposed to be right now.


  • That’s enough mind! No need for those negative, stressful thoughts anymore.


  • This moment is the only thing that matters; I will experience it fully.


  • Focusing on the present makes me a happier person.


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  • When I’m fully present, it’s impossible for me to be suckered in by my irrational mind.


Morning Mindfulness Affirmations

Finding value in these mindfulness affirmations so far? Then perhaps you’d enjoy this article on the benefits of positive affirmations, or this one which covers how to write affirmations that really work.

If you just want to keep reading, then here’s some more morning affirmations you can practice to start the day with a clear mind.


  • Today I choose to live in the moment.


  • Right now is all that matters.


  • I’m aware of all the beautiful things around me this morning.


  • Sorry, mind. I don’t have time for stressful thoughts this morning.


  • Thanks, mind. I appreciate the negative thoughts, but they have no power over me.


  • My thoughts are of little importance compared to the present.


  • I embrace this moment with joy and passion.


  • My negative thoughts will pass, which is why I’m not feeding into them right now.


  • At this moment, I have everything I need.


  • I accept myself and all of my thoughts without criticism.


  • My body and mind are strong. 


  • I’m capable of living in the present right now.


  • I accept everything that I’m currently feeling right now.


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  • I am focused and grounded right now.


  • My breath is my anchor.


  • I take care of the future by first taking care of the moment in front of me.


  • Thanks, mind. I’m noticing your thoughts right now without judgment or criticism.


  • I do not worry about things that I cannot control, that’s my brain’s job.


  • My power lies in the moment right in front of me.


  • My thoughts are just thoughts; nothing more, nothing less.


  • I can impact my future with what I decide to do right now.


  • My actions at this moment determine my future happiness.


  • The only thing that I can control in this world is how I decide to act right now.


  • I don’t judge myself for the thoughts that my erratic mind manufactures.


  • The moment in front of me is the perfect opportunity to take action.


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  • All of my power is in the here and now.


  • My mind grows stronger every time that I recognize and accept my thoughts without judgment.


  • I’m thankful for my mind, it gives me plenty of opportunities to practice self-control.


  • Just because I’m experiencing negative thoughts, doesn’t mean I have a negative life.


  • I am rooted in the now.


Why Affirmations Are Important For Mindfulness

Don’t you wish that sometimes you could just shut your brain off for an hour? No rumination, no stressful thoughts, no worrying, no thinking about random ideas.

Well, practicing mindfulness is the closest that you can get to this state. You’re never going to be able to control your thoughts, but you can control how you respond to them. 

You can choose whether to feed into them and give them power, or accept them for what they are — minor nuisances meant to drag your attention away from the present.

With mindfulness affirmations, you’re able to interrupt thoughts that promote stress and replace them with positive thoughts that restore a sense of calm.

Research from the Harvard Business Reviews shows that mindfulness practices like this can improve self-regulation, reduce stress, and improve resilience.


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How To Use These Mindfulness Affirmations To Remain Present

Although mindfulness is a skill that takes a lot of practice to develop, the good news is that there’s ample opportunity to practice it throughout the day.

Every instance where your mind wanders is a chance to shift your attention back to the present. Given that your brain is perpetually manufacturing thoughts, there’s thousands of opportunities to practice mindfulness each day.

So as you go through this list of affirmations, feel free to pick a few that resonate with you.

Once you’ve done that, all that’s left is to listen to your brain. When you sense that you’re ruminating over the past, judging your flaws, or worrying about the future, use the mindfulness affirmations you’ve chosen to bring your attention back to the present.

This will help you become a passive observer of your own mind. As you become more disciplined about implementing these mindfulness affirmations, you’ll find that negative thoughts don’t have nearly the same impact on your internal state.

This ability to self-regulate and cultivate an attitude of acceptance towards your thoughts will do wonders for your life.


Final Thoughts On These Mindfulness Affirmations

“We often suffer more in imagination than in reality.” ~ Seneca

In this quote, Seneca is reminding us that our mind is often the root cause of many of our problems. 

Luckily, mindfulness affirmations are a great way to reduce the amount of self-inflicted suffering that’s present in your life. By consistently re-directing your attention to the present, you can reduce the impact of negative thoughts on your emotional state.

And while you’ll never be able to completely buffer negative thoughts, you are capable of turning them into speedbumps instead of roadblocks.

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