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70 Millionaire Affirmations For Attracting Wealth & Success

70 Millionaire Affirmations For Attracting Wealth & Success

Attracting massive wealth into your life starts with re-shaping the negative beliefs holding you back and replacing them with positive ones.

Unfortunately, your brain is not wired for success in this regard. Your brain has one primary goal above all others — to keep you alive while expending as little energy as possible.

This means that it will do everything it can to protect you from threats, discourage taking action, and stop you from getting out of your comfort zone. 

Luckily, millionaire affirmations can kickstart the process of shifting these beliefs. If you combine positive self-talk with positive action, you’re much more likely to acquire the wealth that you desire.

So without further ado, here’s an extensive list of millionaire affirmations that you can use to build the mindset required to become a millionaire.


Powerful Millionaire Affirmations To Manifest Success


  • How I feel has no impact on what I do.


  • Small actions right now can make me a millionaire in the future.


  • Every act of discipline is a step in the right direction.


  • If I’m going to become a millionaire, I must work when I don’t feel like working.


  • I don’t need motivation to take action.


  • I’m committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve my goals.


  • I value my time because time is money.


  • I’m becoming a millionaire one day at a time.


  • My past does not impact my ability to do the right things in the present.


  • I was born to step into my greatness and become a millionaire.


millionaire affirmation


  • Everywhere I look there are opportunities for me to get rich.


  • I have the power to transform my life.


  • I was not born to live an average life.


  • I can create a wealthy future by taking action right now.


  • My level of wealth is directly correlated to my level of action.


  • I can take action right now to improve my financial situation.


  • Incredible wealth can be mine if I don’t give into instant gratification.


  • I am worthy of success.


  • I will never give up on creating the life that I want.


  • The price that I pay now will lead to incredible rewards in the future.


briefcase with money in it


  • I attract prosperity whenever I want.


  • I can turn whatever I want into a reality.


  • Everything that I desire is within reach.


  • I will go as far as my self-discipline takes me.


  • I can unleash my potential right now.


Millionaire Mind Affirmations

Enjoying this list so far? Then you’ll also enjoy these positive affirmations for happiness or this list of positive affirmations for men.

If you just want to keep reading, then here’s some more millionaire mindset affirmations.


  • Millionaires take action whether they feel like it or not.


  • My actions right now are the only thing I have control over.


  • Every challenge is preparing me for the future that I want.


  • The more that I work, the richer I grow.


  • The pain of discipline is far worse than the pain of regret.


  • I will not waste this moment because it’s an opportunity for growth.


  • I’m committed to embracing failure to become a millionaire.


  • The work that I do today will create a life of luxury in the future.


big library


  • I can’t control when I get rich, but I can control whether it happens.


  • The world isn’t going to hand me a rich life, I have to go out today and earn it.


  • When I build a rich mind, I will have a rich life.


  • Everything that I need to get rich is already within me.


  • It’s my destiny to become a millionaire.


  • I will overcome all obstacles that are in my way to becoming a millionaire.


  • When I’m experiencing doubt, that’s the perfect time to take action.


  • I have the power to turn a negative situation into a positive one.


  • I have what it takes to reach the highest levels of success.


man practicing millionaire affirmations


  • I constantly find ways to achieve abundance and prosperity.


  • I don’t need anyone’s permission to go after what I want.


  • A life of wealth waits for me when my discipline catches up.


  • I don’t run from discomfort because it’s the pathway to wealth.


  • My belief in myself is growing every day.


“I AM” Millionaire Affirmations

To conclude this list of millionaire mindset affirmations, here’s some more that start with the phrase “I am.”


  • I am worthy of success.


  • I’m capable of attracting wealth and abundance into my life.


  • I am becoming a millionaire one day at a time.


  • I am going to become a millionaire through hard work and patience.


  • I am stronger than my brain’s desire for instant gratification.


  • I am a millionaire in progress.


  • I am bigger than my fears.


  • I am fully focused on creating wealth.


man reciting millionaire affirmations


  • I am strong enough to remove negative people from my life.


  • I am highly motivated to achieve my goals, despite what my brain is telling me.


  • I am the right person for the journey ahead of me.


  • I am open to any opportunity to get out of my comfort zone.


  • I am the only one who is in control of my future.


  • I am armed with everything I need to create a life of wealth.


  • I am not a millionaire right now, but I have the power to change that.


  • I am patient enough to let my hard work compound over time.


  • I am grateful for the opportunity to wake up today and move my life forward.


  • I am capable of turning my life around one small action at a time.


boats in the ocean


  • I am someone who does not need to feel good to get to work.


  • I am only owed the life that I work for, not the one that I want.


  • I am turning my dreams into reality one step at a time.


How Do You Get A Millionaire Mindset?

If practicing millionaire affirmations were the key to success, we’d have a lot more millionaires in the world today.

And while practicing affirmations is certainly a step in the right direction, you must combine them with purposeful action to forge a millionaire mindset.

Forming new beliefs requires taking new actions. If you don’t immediately take action after repeating these millionaire affirmations, then they become worthless.

Here’s the bottom line answer on what it takes to build a millionaire mindset — you have to build a habit of taking action when you don’t feel like it.

This is the habit that all successful people share. Successful people do what they have to do whether they feel like it or not, and that’s how they get where they are.

Once you get to the point where how you feel has very little impact on what you do, you’re well on your way to achieving your goals. 


How To Use Millionaire Affirmations To Create Success

As you implement these millionaire affirmations to improve your mindset, here’s a couple of tips to keep in mind.

Don’t Mislead Yourself

Trying to convince your brain that you’re someone you’re not is a one-way ticket to unhappiness.

Don’t try to use affirmations to ignore your truth. Where you are is where you are, and that’s completely okay.

If you’re making $50,000/year and barely have any savings in the bank, don’t say something like, “I am a millionaire” or “I am a money magnet.”

You’re not either of those things, and your brain knows this. Instead, try to accept your reality while encouraging yourself at the same time:

“I’m not a millionaire yet, but my actions in this moment can move me closer to a life of abundance.”

This statement is positive and believable, and that’s what you should aim for when structuring your affirmations.


man with money in his hand


Deploy Affirmations At Decisive Moments 

To be honest with you, I’m not a big proponent of starting or ending the day with affirmations.

I’ve always found them to be more effective during the decisive moments throughout the day.

  • The moment where my alarm goes off at 5 a.m. and I don’t feel like getting up.
  • The moment where I don’t want to begin an afternoon writing session because I’m tired after my morning one.
  • The moment when I need to do something uncomfortable, but don’t have the motivation to act.
  • The moment where I’m tempted to sit on the couch and begin binge-watching my favorite show.

These are the key moments that you need to take control of if you’re going to become a millionaire. So instead of implementing affirmations at static times, use them during your own decisive moments.

Figure out the key moments where you bump up against internal resistance throughout the day — the decisions where you day is either won or lost.

And when you find yourself in these moments, commit to practicing your chosen affirmations for 20-30 seconds.

By mixing in some positive self-talk during these moments, you decrease the chances of giving into instant gratification.


Final Thoughts On These Millionaire Affirmations

I hope that you enjoyed this extensive list of millionaire affirmations!

Becoming a millionaire is not something that happens overnight. But if you start building the right habits today, it’s a goal that’s completely within your reach.

Start by mastering your self-talk. Get into the habit of taking control of your internal dialogue during key moments throughout the day.

This will make it easier to hustle and grind on the days where motivation isn’t there to push you forward.

And if you can get to the point where you don’t need motivation to act, you’re well on your way to joining the top 2%.

Here’s to your success!

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