10 Things We’d Love To See on the Vegas Sphere

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We have all seen this giant sphere that has taken over the Las Vegas skyline as of late. It looks like a spaceship, projecting graphics into the desert sky. It truly is remarkable. That begs the question, if you could control the contents of the sphere for a day, what would you project? A group of creative thinkers discussed what they would put on the sphere if they had the opportunity.

1. Santa Snowglobe

Santa claus with gift
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December was the perfect time of year to spread some Christmas cheer. What better way to bring a winter wonderland to Sin City than to fill that sphere with Santa and the North Pole? I would love to see Santa flying over the bright lights of the Vegas Strip. The desert doesn’t get a lot of snow, so why not bring them a white Christmas?

2. Bouncing Screen Saver Logo

Las Vegas, Nevada, the USA, 25 August 2023: MSG Sphere is light up in Las Vegas, Nevada. Exosphere is new building in Las Vegas what attracts tourists.
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Remember this logo that would wander around the computer screen while the monitor rests? We all wanted the dancing logo to hit directly in the corner, but it never did. Imagine the crowded streets of Las Vegas cheering on a bouncing screensaver in the sky. P.S. I know spheres don’t have corners, but you understand what I imply here.

3. Venmo Screen Requesting Money

Giving money
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It seems that we have some creative entrepreneurs out there. What would it hurt to throw up your name and ask for some money? The city is filled with rich people who spend their money on dumber things than that. It would probably go viral, and you could make a few bucks. It’s a pretty brilliant idea if you think about it.

4. Your Own Face

Gen Z taking selfie
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The vanity here is strong. Many people would blast their faces into the sky for a few minutes of fame. They would look down on the tourists like peasants, who were the king on their throne. All hail the weird face in the sky! They would be kings and queens for the night.

5. Rick Astley

Rick Astley
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Some jokesters out there would give Vegas the classic Rick Roll. A viral trend that interrupts a video with the 80s singer Rick Astley singing his hit song will surely get some laughs. A classic prank would only be magnified by the massive sphere.

6. Bob Ross

Bob Ross
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If the nightlife of Vegas is getting to be too much, or the blackjack table has wiped you out, wouldn’t it be nice to look up in the sky and see Bob Ross painting a tranquil river scene? That would calm me down a little bit. I like the idea of bringing a little wholesomeness to Las Vegas.

7. Eye of Sauron

Eye of Sauron
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Taken from the Lord of the Rings movies, this eye of fire hovering over the casinos and hotels would look pretty cool. I imagine it would be pretty scary for those unaware of the reference, but they might be too drunk to care. I wonder if someone would try to throw their rings in it?

8. Puppies

Bichon Frise
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Who doesn’t love puppies? Multiple people were on board, saying they just wanted to see some cute animals. Las Vegas can drain your soul out of you, so a dopamine drop of cute puppies playing in a giant sphere would make me happy. I can hear the “awwws” of the people straining their next, watching the puppies play in the sky.

9. A Giant Ring Cam

Ring Camera
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I like this idea. Set up a ring cam somewhere on the strip where people would have to go and find it. It would be the perfect scenario for people-watching. Everyone would be scrambling to find the ring cam for their shot to the sphere for a few minutes. The things that people would do and say into that Ring cam would be hysterical. I think it would cause some chaos, but hey, it’s Vegas.

10. A Giant Crack

Vegas Sphere
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One prankster says they would put a giant crack in a sphere to make it look broken. He says, “I would just find it funny to watch people try to figure out if it was broken or not.” Imagine the disappointment of tourists who came to see the magical ball in the sky. The humor is sick and twisted, but it could make for a funny prank.

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