65 Lil Peep Quotes That Will Get You In Your Feelings

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In this article, we’re going to explore some of the best Lil Peep quotes on life, sadness, death, love, and many other topics.

If you’re a fan of Peep’s music, you know that his lyrics often dealt with themes of depression, heartbreak, and self-expression. That’s a big reason that his music ended up resonating with so many — you could really tell that he was pouring out everything that was in his heart.

His authenticity is what made him a cult favorite in the music world before his traffic passing back in 2017. 

In this article, we’re gonna pay homage to Lil Peep by covering some of his poignant quotes and lyrics that showcase the vulnerability and emotion in his music.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, comfort, or simply want to admire his music, these quotes and lyrics from Lil Peep are sure to hit you right in the feelings.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Lil Peep Quotes About Life

  • “You need to be grateful for what you have. I mean, you got shoes on your feet right now, some children don’t even have access to water.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “I always make music as an art. It’s never been a product for me.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “I always knew I was going to be an artist. I was very confident in that.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “I think it’s amazing that there’s so many different ways to come at music nowadays.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “I want people to hear what I have to say, and I want to be able to get a lot of points across.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “I’m not trying to ride a wave, I’m trying to make my own wave.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “We don’t need to label people anymore. We need to stop putting people into boxes.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “Everything changes with time. You can’t predict where you’re gonna be next year; you have no idea.” ~ Lil Peep

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  • “My mother always told me that time heals everything. And sometimes it feels like a slow process, but eventually you will heal.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “You’ve gotta make the most of life because there are people out there so much less fortunate than you. Live on for them. Live the life that they wish they could live.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “Stay aware of the things happening around you and don’t get brainwashed by society.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “I just always knew that music was what I loved to do. And if I just did what everyone else did before me…I could be successful.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “All you need to start making music is a microphone, a computer, and an audio interface. When you spend that $400…you’ve now got the world in your hands at that point.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “Always be grateful. There’s people out there who are fighting to survive.” ~ Lil Peep

Lil Peep Quotes About Death

  • “If I die, don’t cry. Look up at the sky and say goodbye.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “I will scream your name till my last breath.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “You can’t kill energy. Energy doesn’t die.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “I don’t know what comes after death, but I have a feeling you could just wake up again as someone else.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “So it seems that every time I die I wake up. When it’s time to meet my maker, I’ll be ready for him.” ~ Lil Peep

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  • “When I die, bury me with all my ice on. When I die, bury me without the lights on.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “They gon’ miss me when I’m dead, I lay my head and rest in peace. I’m prayin’ to the sky, and I don’t even know why.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “Burn me down till I’m nothing but memories.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “Even if I try hard, I ain’t gonna make it.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “I got a feelin’ that I’m not gonna be here next year, so let’s laugh a little before I’m gone.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “I was dyin’ and nobody was there. Please don’t cry baby, life ain’t fair.” ~ Lil Peep

Lil Peep Sadness Quotes

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If you’d just prefer to keep reading, then here’s some more Lil Peep quotes about sadness.

  • “I don’t care what people think of me. I don’t even care what happens to me.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “Everybody act like they care. Why does everybody act like they care?” ~ Lil Peep
  • “I don’t want anything from people but then I want too much from them at the same time.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “I always have happiness for like 10 seconds and then it’s gone. I’m getting so tired of this.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “I’m in love with a ghost girl, all alone in a lonely world.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “I definitely think the planet is very sad. I also think a lot of people are very ungrateful, which is another big problem.” ~ Lil Peep

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  • “Is anybody out there? Can anybody hear me? I hate it when you fake care.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “Rain keeps falling, tears keep falling.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “Some days, I’ll be very down and out, but you won’t be able to tell, because I really don’t express that side of myself on social media.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “I’ve been in very, very, very low points in my life. Really bad situations that I think would cause most people to break.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “This music’s the only thing keeping the peace when I’m falling to pieces.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “I don’t let people help me but I need help.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “Sometimes life gets messed up, that’s why we get messed up.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “Everybody who cares about me wants me to do therapy, but I just can’t do therapy.” ~ Lil Peep

Lil Peep Quotes on Love

  • “I’ve had my heart broken in a lot of different ways a lot of different times by different people – whether it be a family member, a girlfriend, a friend.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “We can fall apart, start over again.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “I can see it in your eyes, that you wanna get out. I can see it in your eyes, that you need me right now.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “I just want to lay my head on your chest, so I’m as close as it gets to your heart.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “I used to think I loved you, now I know it ain’t true.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “It’s hard to fix a broken heart. I try to write songs about it, but it doesn’t really help.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “I wish I didn’t have a heart to love you.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “I know that I’m not that important to you. But to me, girl, you’re so much more than gorgeous.” ~ Lil Peep

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  • “Right now I know that I’m not really worth it. But give me some time, while I work on it.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “Trust me I got nothing for you other than love.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “Girl you know you make my cold heart warm with a touch.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “Blowin’ up my phone like I miss you. Know I love you by the way that I kiss you.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “Yeah I just wanna feel alive..baby take your time.” ~ Lil Peep

Best Lil Peep Lyrics Quotes

To wrap up this list, here’s some of the best Lil Peep quotes from the songs that he put before his tragic passing. 

  • “I love a girl that don’t even need a boy. Baby, I’m a beamer boy. I want a Z3, that’s a two-seater boy.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “They say they miss the old me, maybe they’re the ones who killed the old me.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “And that’s why I don’t pick my phone when it rings. None of my exes are over Lil Peep.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “Shoutout to everyone makin’ my beats. You helpin’ me preach. This music is the only thing keepin’ the peace when I’m falling to pieces.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “If I find a way, would you walk it with me?” ~ Lil Peep
  • “How did I find you? I’ll be inside, I’m making music to cry too.” ~ Lil Peep

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  • “Break my bones, but act as my spine.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “I did this all by myself. Matter of fact, I ain’t ever ask for no help.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “I’m just waiting for a wave and I’ll drown. I just wanna help you see that you should run away from me.” ~ Lil Peep
  • “Everybody’s actin’ real different. Nobody was talkin’ to me a few months ago. And now everybody hittin’ up my phone.” ~ Lil Peep

Final Thoughts

Well, that wraps up this list of Lil Peep quotes from this talented artist who left the world way too soon.

Through his unique blend of emo rock and hip-hop, Peep tackled themes of depression, anxiety, heartbreak, and self-expression in a way that resonated deeply with many people.

And while these quotes won’t bring Lil Peep back, hopefully they’ve brought back some fond memories of listening to his music.

And in case you needed a reminder, life is short. When Lil Peep passed away, he was only 21 years of age with so much life left to live.

So stop acting like you live twice and go make the most of what you’ve been given.

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