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45 Eye-Opening Kevin Samuels Quotes About Life

In this article, we’re going to dive into a list of the best Kevin Samuels quotes of all-time.

Kevin Samuels was one of the few people not afraid of speaking uncomfortable truths, and it’s a shame that he’s no longer around to share his wisdom.

Whether you agree with his opinions or not, there’s definitely lessons to be learned from his outlook on success, dating, and life in general.

So without further ado, let’s dive into some of his best quotes that will leave you inspired to upgrade your life.


Motivational Kevin Samuels Quotes


  • “You cannot wait until everything is perfect, you have to start improving yourself with the skills you currently have.”


  • “Winners find a way to win, losers give you reasons why they can’t.”


  • “Anytime someone is a winner, they have haters.”


  • “You have to be brutally honest about where you are and where you want to get to. Understand how far that is and then put in the work.”


  • “You don’t have to have the resources of the top 1%, but you must have the mindset they do.”


  • “Don’t ask the world to respect you if you don’t respect yourself.”


  • “Throughout history, losers and quitters have always found a way to justify losing.”


  • “Money-making is a social activity and success is shared; you will only go so far without other people.”


  • “Waking up everyday is a miracle. There’s some people out there that are okay with not waking up if they go to sleep.”


  • “I’m not telling you that you can’t do a damn thing. You can act however you want to act and you get the outcomes you get.”


  • “You can lose the game, but don’t lose the lesson.”


  • “Life happens out in the world, you’ve gotta leave your house and go get busy.”


  • “The reason you’re not successful is not because you lack information, it’s because you lack desire.”


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  • “I don’t care about your pride. You can’t be proud and broke at the same time.”


  • “Just put your head down and work hard for five years; and you will fill your life with brighter possibilities than you could have possibly imagined.”


  • “If you continue to do what you do, you will continue to get what you’ve got.”


  • “Anyone can have a good year or two, but if you string it together that implies some sort of consistency.”


  • “You can decide to win in your life, but the first thing you need to do is stop complaining about everything that’s within your control.”


Kevin Samuels Quotes On Dating & Relationships

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If you’d just prefer to keep reading, then here’s some more Kevin Samuels quotes about dating and relationships.


  • “We have gotten to the point where we don’t know how to relate to each other. We know how to swipe left, swipe right, hook up, and get on.”


  • “You don’t have to be active on social media to know that today’s dating culture is toxic.”


  • “Making a man in your present pay for stuff in your past equals no future.”


  • “Do not give to anybody based upon your level of attraction or interest. Do or give based upon their level of investment.”


  • “A high-value woman is attractive and appealing. She’s discerning and disciplined. She’s enthusiastic and exuberant. She’s loyal and liberated.”


  • “Many modern women today cannot deliver the wife experience. That’s why you get the girlfriend treatment. The wife experience is respect, affection, support, peace, and tranquility.”


  • “What percentage of men in this country make six figures or more? It’s 10%. So the question is what do those men, who make that kind of money, who all women tend to want…what do they want?”


  • “Whether you like it or not, the market decides your value. The market decides everything.”


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  • “We ask so much of each other without realizing how much of a sacrifice it is to give someone what they want physically, mentally, and financially.”


  • “A woman that’s in high demand, her mindset is three main things: she’s cooperative, she’s smart, and she’s agreeable. All three of those things must be there.”


  • “Women want a financially stable, young, sensitive man capable of violence and men want a chaste, sexually liberated mother who also can host dinner parties.”


  • “We’re shocked because people don’t tell women the truth these days. Men get told the truth all the time, women have no problem telling a man: I don’t want an average man. It happens every day on my show.”


Inspirational Kevin Samuels Quotes For Men

To wrap up this list, here’s some more inspirational Kevin Samuels quotes that will motivate you to become a better man.


  • “Whatever you desire to do, you can get it done. Stop the excuses.”


  • “If you’re a man, you need to become C.I.A – Confident, Intelligent, and Assertive.”


  • “When men are the best versions of themselves, the world is a better place.”


  • “Why should anyone else respect you if you don’t respect yourself?”


  • “If you are doing your work and following your why, your life will be fulfilling and you will attract like-minded people.”


  • “If a man values himself, then there’s no reason that he shouldn’t be able to succeed on his own terms.”




  • “You are going to be insulted if you’re a winner. Winners always get insulted by losers. They’re gonna throw a lot of insults at you, but the one thing they’re not gonna be able to do is beat you.”


  • “Women want men who are purpose and goal-oriented. They want men who are driven, productive, competitive and successful.”


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  • “If you’re a man, ask yourself the question; do people invite you to anything? Do people invite you to go anywhere? If not, then you’ve got work to do.”


  • “What bothers most men is living a life of insignificance. Well, you’re the only one who can fix that problem; so stop bitching about it and take action.”


  • “Women love men who have a life that looks exciting.”


  • “Men get told every day where they rank, they get rejected all the time.”


  • “When you learn how to walk away from a woman, you’re in a position of power.”


  • “Women by nature want to consolidate on the highest value man possible. Social media and dating apps have made it to where you have 100% of women wanting men in the top 10 to 20%.”


  • “Being a high-value man starts with money. Now there are a lot of people who don’t like that concept, but I didn’t come up with the whole notion of a six-figure guy.”


  • “As a man, you must have utility; you must be of use to a group of people. If other people don’t see you as useful, then you’re not a high-value man.”


Final Thoughts

I hope that you enjoyed this list of Kevin Samuels quotes!

Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Kevin Samuels was not afraid to speak his mind.

He often polarized people with his points of view, but there’s something very admirable about someone who’s not afraid to speak their truth even if it ruffles some feathers.

His quotes should serve as a reminder that life is shorter than we think it is and death can come at any moment.

So while you’re still here, let the way that you live your life be an inspiration to others.

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