57 Joshua Graham Quotes To Inspire Your Inner Warrior

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If you’re a fan of the video game, Fallout: New Vegas, you’re probably familiar with the character Joshua Graham. 

Given his backstory, he’s certainly no ordinary video game character. He’s a former member of “The Legion” who was cast out and actually survived being burned alive.

The scars of this experience come in the form of bandages all across his face. And yet, despite undergoing this horrific experience, he returns as a servant of God and a feared warrior.

And if you’ve ever played Fallout before, you know that his words are filled with wisdom and can actually be quite uplifting.

That’s why in this article, we’ll be covering some of the best Joshua Graham quotes that will motivate you to overcome obstacles, harness your inner warrior, and find light in the darkness.

Let’s dive in!


Best Joshua Graham Quotes


  • “Waging war against good people is bad for the soul. This may not seem important to you now, but it’s the most important thing I’ve said.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “For many of us, the road is a difficult one, but the path is always there for us to follow, no matter how many times we may fall.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “Nothing isn’t better or worse than anything. Nothing is just nothing.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “We can’t change the past, but we can learn from it.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “Any society that derives its power and authority from the will of man alone, lives apart from God, and will crumble in the end.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “I am a New Canannite. We are the heirs to a spiritual tradition given to our ancestors thousands of years ago.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “I am the right hand of the Lord and the instrument of his vengeance.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “In a world filled with misery and uncertainty, it’s great comfort to know that there is light in the darkness.” ~ Joshua Graham


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  • “I will carry the fire of the holy spirit inside until I stand before my lord for judgment.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “I want to take from them what they took from me and my family.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “The light of the mind alone cannot dispel the whole world’s darkness.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “He gave no mercy to my family, and I will give none to his.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “Good news is our most valuable commodity.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “A series of small mistakes come before a great fall.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “It’s better to be clean than comfortable.” ~ Joshua Graham


Joshua Graham Inspirational Quotes

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If you’d just prefer to keep reading, then here’s some more inspirational Joshua Graham quotes.


  • “I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me. I fell into that dark chasm, but the flame burned on and on.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “What’s so bad about the darkness? It’s peaceful if you can find the light.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “I believe that there is something beyond this world, beyond this air, and beyond this water around us.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “We all go through periods of darkness, but the choice is always yours.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “There’s plenty to be skeptical of in this world, so it no longer surprises me to learn how many people don’t really believe in anything.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “When the walls come tumbling down, when you lose everything you have, you always have family.” ~ Joshua Graham


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  • “We all have doubts. Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “In my heart, I believe that although I am a sinner, I have been saved.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “We all have something more that is waiting for us in this life.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “That’s the light to me—an end to all suffering and responsibility. The light is non-existence.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “I have found it difficult at times to forgive myself for what happened. But a significant part of the answer involves forgiveness—something I never truly understood.” ~ Joshua Graham


Badass Joshua Quotes From Fallout

Let’s keep this rolling with more of the best Joshua graham quotes from Fallout: New Vegas.


  • “I don’t enjoy killing, but when done righteously, it’s just a chore, like any other.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “Die where you stand!” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “I have to admit, it’s hard to believe. That even after all he did to me, all he tried to do to find me and erase me from this earth, he went first.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “I want them to suffer. I want all of them to die suffering and in pain. I will have my revenge.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “Make the first shot count. You won’t get a second.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “He has a debt to pay for what he’s done, and I’ve come to collect.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “Sometimes I tell myself that all of these wildfires never stop burning, but I’m the one who starts them.” ~ Joshua Graham


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  • “Show no quarter to the White Legs we come across. Make no mistake about why we are here. This is an extermination.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “The only use for an animal in our temple is sacrifice.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “New Canaan dies, but the tribe lives on.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “Caesar would never admit this openly, but he knows that I’m alive. I’ve killed enough of his assassins that have come looking.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “I pray for the safety of all good people who come to Zion, even Gentiles, but we can’t expect God to do all the work.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “I can always see it and feel it in my mind. The warmth of the heat. It will always be a part of my mind, but not today.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “I want to have my revenge against Caesar. I want to call it my own, to make my anger God’s anger. To justify things I’ve done.” ~ Joshua Graham


Joshua Graham Quotes On God

To wrap up this list of quotes from Joshua Graham, here are some his best quotes about trusting in God and the power of faith..


  • “I have been baptized twice, once in water, once in flame. I will carry the fire of the holy spirit inside until I stand before my Lord for judgment.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “In hard times, we can turn to the Lord, but it’s always good to have friends.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “When our Lord entered the temple and found it polluted by money-changers and beasts, did he ask them to leave? Did he cry? Did he simply walk away? No. He drove them out.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “Love the sinner, hate the sin. With Caesar, it’s often very difficult to see through all of that sin to the person inside.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “Too much love of money and ownership, not enough love of God and giving.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “Living in willful ignorance is an ugly thing, but God often speaks loudest in the wildest places of his creation, like Zion.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “It is one thing to forgive a slap across my cheek, but an insult to the Lord requires—no—it demands correction.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “We have made and kept covenants with God to honor his laws. In exchange, we are promised eternal salvation after this life.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “A day will come when our Lord returns to judge us all. Until then, we must honor his laws and start others along the path of salvation if we can.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “Happy are those who do the work of the Lord. Zion belongs to God and the people of God. It is a natural temple and monument to his glory.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “You’re doing God’s work, whether you believe it or not.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “It took me three months to reach New Canaan. It was as though the prodigal son had returned. It welcomed me like I had never left.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “The fire that kept me alive was love, their love. God’s love. I will never be able to repay the debt I owe to them.” ~ Joshua Graham


  • “Every day we walk closer to our judgment, we must do our best to walk in the footsteps of our Lord, and teach others how to do the same.” ~ Joshua Graham


Final Thoughts

Despite just being one cog in a very popular video game, Joshua Graham’s story and wisdom make him more just another video game character.

The fact that he’s a fictional video game character doesn’t mean that we can’t learn from his unique perspective on life and admire his warrior spirit.

So whether you’re struggling with your own demons or just seeking to improve your life, let these words from Joshua Graham inspire you to take control.

Hopefully his words remind you that you have an inner warrior waiting to be unleashed if you have the courage to do so.

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