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70 Health Affirmations To Keep You Feeling Your Best

If you’re looking to take control of your health, then practicing health affirmations is a fantastic place to start!

Your self-talk contributes to success in every arena of your life — health, career, relationships, productivity, etc.

So if you want to live a healthy lifestyle and build a strong body and mind, your self-talk needs to align with this vision. 

Let’s dive into a list of health affirmations that will keep you on the path towards living a happy, healthy life.


What Are Health Affirmations?

Health affirmations are short, powerful statements that help you reframe negative beliefs and stay focused on your health goals.

They’re best used throughout the day as a form of self-motivation, prompting you to act in alignment with the person you want to become.

For example, you may use fitness affirmations to spring yourself into action when you don’t feel like working out.

You may use fear affirmations when you’re feeling hesitant to engage in positive behaviors that are outside of your comfort zone.

This isn’t just self-help mumbo jumbo either, as research shows that practicing positive affirmations can produce measurable behavior change.

Take this study published in the The National Library Of Medicine for example. To analyze the impact of self-affirmation on promoting healthy lifestyle changes, participants were split up into two groups:

  • One group was asked to track how many servings of fruits and vegetables they ate over a one week period while practicing health affirmations.
  • The other group was asked to track their consumption without the use of affirmations.

The participants in the self-affirmation group ended up eating an average of 5.5 more servings of fruits and vegetables throughout the week.

Studies like this one prove that positive self-talk can be an effective tool for developing the kinds of habits that lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Later on in this article, we’ll discuss the proper way to implement affirmations so that you can achieve similar benefits.


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Powerful Daily Health Affirmations

Let’s kick things off with some powerful health affirmations that you can use to build a more positive internal dialogue!


  • I’m working on improving my health every single day.


  • I’m the only one responsible for how my body looks. 


  • My body is my responsibility.


  • It’s okay for my body to be a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time.


  • Embracing temporary discomfort now will do wonders for my health.


  • I may not want to lift weights, but I do want a muscular frame.


  • I may not want to go on a run, but I do want to shed pounds off my waist.


  • I am worthy and capable of achieving peak health.


  • Being on this earth alone is a miracle, and I can extend that miracle through proper nutrition and exercise.


  • Being born with a normally functioning body is a gift that I treasure each day.


  • I treat my body with the love and kindness it deserves.


  • My body puts my positive thoughts into action.


  • My body is ready to handle whatever challenges come my way.


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  • I can do something right now to improve my health.


  • My actions can have a significant impact on my physical and mental health.


  • Building healthy habits is hard. Being unhealthy is hard. I have to pick my hard.


  • I am full of energy and passion at the moment.


  • My body can take me wherever I want to go.


  • Improving my health starts with repeating small daily disciplines over and over again.


  • I don’t care about my past health habits, I’m going to make a positive decision right now.


  • With enough time, I can mold myself into someone who is in peak physical and mental condition.


Morning Health Affirmations

​​Enjoying this list of affirmations for health so far? Then perhaps you’d find value in these articles on the benefits of affirmations and how to write affirmations.

If you just want to keep reading, then here’s some morning affirmations you can use to get your day off to a healthy start.


  • Today is the perfect opportunity to take one positive action towards improving my health.


  • My mind and body are ready for the day ahead.


  • Every day is an opportunity for growth.


  • I don’t need to achieve all of my health goals today; just one small step in the right direction will suffice.


  • My health goals are realistic and achievable.


  • Energy and ambition flow through my body.


  • Today I will make time to care for my body and nourish it with the right foods.


  • My health is one of the most important things in my life; and today I will act like it.


  • Upgrading my health requires me to change my habits.


  • I’m committed to doing whatever it takes to improve my health.


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  • Every positive health decision fills me with motivation to pursue more growth.


  • I don’t have to listen to excuses about why I can’t workout.


  • If someone else is capable of changing their body, then I am too.


  • My health is directly tied to my level of discipline.


  • I’m focused on my health today.


  • I’m always open to activities that improve my health.


  • It’s a wonderful day for me to make some healthier choices.


  • I am committed to being my best, healthiest self.


Mental Health Affirmations

Your mental health and your physical health are inextricably linked. If your mental health is a wreck, you’ll struggle to get your body to engage in the behaviors that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some powerful mental health affirmations that will put a positive spin on your internal dialogue when it turns negative.


  • My body and mind are forces to be reckoned with.


  • My mental health is a massive priority.


  • I am at peace with what I cannot control.


  • I don’t need to listen to negativity; thoughts are just blips on my radar.


  • My thoughts do not have to dictate my actions.


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  • I refuse to give any power to negative thoughts.


  • Stress is like a storm; it will pass eventually.


  • Right now, I have the power to choose where to focus my attention.


  • I can counter every negative thought with a positive one.


  • Having negative thoughts is a completely normal part of the human experience.


  • Nothing can stop me from achieving my goals.


  • I keep my mind healthy by accepting my thoughts, but not giving into them.


  • I release the need to compare my progress to others.


  • I’m on a unique journey that’s preparing me for great things.


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  • No matter what’s going on in my brain, I have the power of choice.


  • I consciously choose to focus on the good when my brain wants to highlight the bad.


Healing Affirmations


  • Every day that I’m alive is an opportunity to heal my body and mind.


  • I’m healing myself every single day.


  • I give myself permission to heal.


  • Past trauma does not impact what I can do at this moment.


  • Pain turns me into a stronger, better version of myself.


  • I’m surrounded by people who can help me heal.


  • I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be right now.


  • My past does not define my future.


  • A bad day does not mean that I have a bad life.


  • If other people can overcome suffering, then I can too.


  • I’m at peace with my past and preparing for the future.


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  • Life is always happening for me, not to me.


  • Growth only comes from difficult moments.


  • Every day I’m working on turning my pain into power.


How To Use These Positive Affirmations For Health

The way that you utilize health affirmations is going to depend on the behaviors you’re trying to develop. 

If your primary goal is weight loss, then your affirmations should motivate you to live a more active lifestyle.

If your primary goal is to improve your diet, then your affirmations should motivate you to abstain from junk food and change your eating habits. 

So before you start practicing affirmations on a daily basis, first think about the most important health-related goal that you’re trying to achieve. 

I know you probably have several, but it’s best to start with one. As you get more comfortable with affirmations, you can always add more into the mix.

Once you’ve narrowed your focus to one goal, go back through this list and pick one or two affirmations that resonate with this personal goal.


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Now all that’s left is to put these affirmations into action! Don’t limit yourself by setting guidelines on when or how often to use these affirmations — simply practice them whenever you feel like you need to.

Experiencing some negative thoughts about your body? Use positive self-talk to shift focus away from these self-sabotaging thoughts.

Not feeling motivated to hit the gym or go on a morning walk? Repeat positive affirmations that remind you of your goals and help you take action.

Each time you combine positive self-talk with action is a small step forward towards the healthy lifestyle that you’re after.


Final Thoughts On These Health Affirmations

I hope you enjoyed this article talking about how to implement health affirmations into your life!

There’s always going to elements of life that you can’t control. However, one thing you have absolute control over is the way that you talk to yourself.

And while good self-talk doesn’t magically give you a healthy lifestyle, it will certainly put you in a better position to make healthier choices.

Use these affirmations to attack the day and upgrade your lifestyle one small step at a time!

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