12 Habits That Will Make Your Neighbors Hate You

Hermits and recluses enjoy a life free from the irritating habits of other people. For those of us who still live on the grid, we must endure our neighbors, or they must endure us.

Neighbor relationships can be complex and delicate, whether you live in a spacious suburb or a cramped apartment building. This list includes some of the most annoying habits that can cause neighborhood feuds. Avoid them or lean into them; it’s your choice.

Do You Want Your Neighbors to Hate You?

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This list serves two purposes. The first is to make you aware of your annoying habits so you can be more considerate of your neighbors. The second is to give you ideas and inspiration to get under your neighbors’ skin.

Maybe they ratted you out to the HOA for something silly, or they’re rude whenever you see them. We’re not encouraging you to start a passive-aggressive war with your neighbor, but if you’re already set on doing so, this list might give you some clever (and legal) ideas.

Nighttime Lawn Care

Backyard Grass Mowing During Nighttime.
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Nothing says “good morning,” like the aggressive sound of a lawn mower at 4 AM.

If you want to irk your neighbors, doing landscaping chores during sleepytime hours is a great way to get on their hit list.

Weed-whacking before the sun comes up or mowing just after everyone goes to bed is sure to make you neighborhood enemy number one. If you can’t do lawn care during the day, consider hiring someone to do it for you during the day.

Solo Concerts

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The privacy of your home probably seems like the best place to blast your favorite band’s new album or work on your karaoke skills alongside Mariah Carey’s vocals. However, you might be angering your neighbors with these solo concerts.

If you want to agitate them, get heavy bass speakers and jam out at all hours. Otherwise, make sure your music isn’t floating onto their property. You can try to mitigate sound by hanging soft things on your walls, like a tapestry, or getting heavy curtains.

Unsolicited Advice

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This habit tends to irritate people in general, so be careful who you give advice to and how you do it. However, it can be especially irksome for neighbors.

Don’t tell your neighbors how they should park their cars, mow their lawns, water their flowers, put out their trash, or anything else that doesn’t directly affect you. Don’t make suggestions about their house’s paint color, fence material, or mailbox placement.

If a neighbor asks for your advice, offer it kindly. Otherwise, it’s best to mind your beeswax.

Spontaneous Furniture Arrangments

urban apartment building with nice landscape.
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This one mostly applies to those living in apartment buildings and condos, as people with their own houses can rearrange their furniture without bothering anyone.

However, if you live above someone else, deciding to switch your living room and bedroom furniture at midnight on a Monday might irritate a few people. But even just sliding your chairs in and out from under your dining table can be rude if it’s late at night. Rearrange furniture during the day or invest in a rug to dampen the noise.

Maximalist Lawn Decor

Front yard multicolored shrubs intersecting with bright green lawns behind the house is a modern, green grass
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Don’t get us wrong, we love a pink plastic flamingo, but not everyone does. Many people complain about the decor on their neighbors’ lawns, whether a cheeky gnome or an inflatable Santa Claus.

You have every right to put whatever decorations you want on your front lawn as long as they’re not offensive or vulgar. However, lining up 20 reflective pinwheels on your front lawn isn’t the classiest vibe.

While it is your property, your neighbors have to look at it, which can be frustrating for them. Avoid weird and flamboyant decor if you want to keep the peace. Otherwise, go nuts with gaudy statues of baby angels and a flock of flamingos.

Vocal Canines

Barking dog behind fence.
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Over time, you might become accustomed to your dog’s incessant yapping, but your neighbors likely feel differently. Whether your dog is inside your house or in the backyard, if they bark constantly, you’re neigbors probably hate you.

It doesn’t matter if your dog weighs two pounds or 100 pounds — the constant noise is grating. This issue is not an easy fix, as you have to train your dog to stop barking, but it’s not fair to your neighbors to do nothing about it.

Popular Bird Feeders

house with bird feeder.
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Bird feeders can be sweet additions to your property, enticing cute little birds to visit. In most cases, a bird feeder is fine, but sometimes, they get out of control.

If you have a bird feeder that is particularly popular with the winged creatures in your neighborhood, it may disrupt your neighbors’ peace. You could be drawing an excess of birds to your area, and birds can be loud and messy. If you want to irritate your neighbors, litter your property with bird feeders. Otherwise, make sure your bird feeder doesn’t become the local birds’ haunt.

Large or Excessive Vehicles

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If you have a one-car driveway and eight cars, this can clutter up the street and annoy everyone else. Sometimes, these situations are unavoidable. Maybe you have a large household, and everyone needs their own vehicle.

Large vehicles, like a boat parked in your driveway or a massive RV on the street, are also unpleasant. You might have nowhere else to store these vehicles, but just know your neighbors hate them. They make the street look ugly and cramped.

Obscene WiFi Names

man cave wi-fi password sign.
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Okay, this one is kind of hilarious and probably only irks your more uptight neighbors. Many people (including us) like to get playful and sassy when making their WiFi names. It might be a dirty joke or a risque phrase that is an inside joke in the household.

However, your neighbors probably see it every time they open their WiFi and might not find it as charming and comical as you do. If they have kids, they might even ask you to change it. If you really hate your neighbor, you could make a WiFi name that pokes fun at them!

Frequent Visitors

Couple Greeting Friends Arriving For Dinner Party At Home.
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Of course, you’re allowed to have visitors, and you can even throw reasonably quiet parties. That doesn’t mean strangers on their street won’t upset the neighbors.

This applies to suburban and urban neighbors. Hearing your neighboring apartment door open and slam ten times a day is just as aggravating as random cars parked in front of your house.

If you have frequent visitors, ask them to be mindful of your neighbors, or you can encourage them to be as annoying as possible. It all depends on your mission.

Untamed Sprinklers

Watering garden with a hose at heat summer.
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Have you ever walked by someone’s house and been soaked by their sprinklers? This isn’t great as a passing pedestrian, but it can be even worse for neighbors.

Your wild sprinklers might disturb or harm your neighbor’s property. You might get their car wet, overwater their lawn, or spray water on their windows.

We know these sound inconsequential, but sprinklers can cause property damage over time. The polite thing to do is check that your sprinklers only spray water within the parameters of your property.

Regular Renovations

home removations.
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Some people get antsy and like to revamp their homes regularly. Living in a home during renovations can be taxing, but living beside it can be almost as disruptive.

If you have laborers coming in and out all day, moving equipment, and making noise, your neighbors will grow angry. Typically, people are understanding at first, but if renovations go on for too long or occur too often, they’ll run out of patience.

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