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44 Friday Affirmations To Close The Week Strong

Friday is a phenomenal day for a number of reasons. Aside from being the day that kicks off the weekend, it’s also a great day for some self-reflection and self-regulation.

Maybe you had a great week. Maybe you had a terrible week. The thing is — life is gonna go on regardless.

So if you had a terrible week, you need to mentally move past it and focus on what you can do now to close the week strong. If you had an amazing week, then congratulate yourself for a job well-done, but don’t let it sap your motivation to have a productive Friday.

Emotional regulation is key to bouncing back quickly from bad weeks, and repeatedly stringing together good weeks. 

Let the following Friday affirmations serve as motivation to close the week strong regardless of how things have unfolded so far.


Friday Affirmations To End The Week Strong

Here’s some Friday affirmations that you can use to close the week with a bang!


  • Today I will treat Friday like any other day of the week.


  • I’m strong and capable of doing what needs to be done today.


  • I’m thankful for the opportunity to end the week strong.


  • I’m ready to show up and make Friday amazing.


  • If I put in the work right now, I’ll go into the weekend satisfied.


  • My self-discipline doesn’t just disappear because it’s Friday.


  • I feel at my best when I’m making progress towards my goals.


  • I’m the type of person who takes Friday seriously.


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  • While most of my peers take it easy today, I will make massive progress.


  • Every day I’m becoming a better version of myself.


  • Today is just another day to take massive action.


  • Each time I work hard when I don’t feel like it, I get stronger.


  • My actions at this moment determine my future.


Affirmations For Friday Morning

​​Enjoying this list of Friday affirmations so far? Then perhaps you’d find value in these articles on the benefits of affirmations and how to write affirmations.

If you just want to keep reading, then here’s some more morning affirmations to get you motivated to crush the day ahead.


  • I’m intentional and focused as if today were a Monday.


  • I’m fully prepared for whatever challenges that today brings.


  • The more I get done this morning, the easier the rest of my Friday will be.


  • Today I will do one thing outside of my comfort zone.


  • No matter what’s happened this week, I can make today great.


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  • I have a to-do list that I’m 100% capable of managing.


  • I’m going to start today calmly and confidently.


  • Today is a fresh start.


  • Every single day is an opportunity for me to show up and be better.


  • Today I will do one thing better than I did yesterday.


  • Each positive step forward brings me closer to my goals.


  • I’m preparing for an amazing day today.


  • I’m strong enough to handle whatever life throws at me today.


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  • The challenges that I face today will turn me into a stronger person tomorrow.


  • I trust that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.


  • My vision is clear and my mind and body are ready to pursue it.


Friday Work Affirmations

Although it’s tempting to slack off at work on a Friday, you can gain a massive leg up on your peers by crushing the last day of the week.

Here’s some positive Friday affirmations for work to keep you disciplined as you close out the week.


  • I’m grateful for the opportunity to push my boundaries today.


  • Today I will commit to learning something new.


  • While the rest of my colleagues take it easy today, I’m going to show up and be disciplined.


  • The work that I do today will make Monday easier.


  • When I don’t feel like working, I work anyway.


  • Today I will crush it at work and stand out to my bosses.


  • I’m a skilled worker who demonstrates my value every hour of the day.


  • Every small win that I achieve right now leads to bigger wins in the future.


  • Today is yet another day to take a positive step forward in my career.


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  • I’m headed in the right direction.


  • I can accomplish anything that I dedicate my focus to.


  • Every moment is an opportunity for me to work on my self-control.


  • Successful people don’t take it easy on Fridays.


How To Use Friday Affirmations To Finish The Week Strong

Practicing affirmations on a Friday is very beneficial considering the way that most people view this day of the week.

If you’re like most people, you probably feel a slight dip in motivation on Fridays. It’s only natural since the weekend is right around the corner and we want to escape work as quickly as possible.

However, you don’t want to make a habit of letting Fridays go to waste. That’s why during those moments where you’re tempted to procrastinate and waste time, your self-talk needs to be on point.

Here’s how you should implement the Friday affirmations that have been covered in the article so far:

  • Don’t recite affirmations at specific times, repeat them at the exact moment you need them.
  • Go through the list and pick out the one or two affirmations that resonate with you the most.
  • When you feel stressed, overwhelmed, reluctant to take action, or even complacent, repeat these affirmations for 20-30 seconds.

If you follow this structure, you’ll have some motivational jet fuel to rely on when you’re tempted to take Friday easy.


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Final Thoughts On These Friday Affirmations

I hope that you enjoyed this article on Friday affirmations! Feel free to use these affirmations to overcome whatever challenges that you bump into this Friday.

If you find yourself ruminating because of all the time that you wasted this week, use your self-talk to stay focused on what you can control right now.

If you find yourself slacking off because you’ve already had a great week, use your self-talk to remind yourself that every single day is important.

Once you’ve demolished your to-do list for today, you’ll be able to enjoy the weekend knowing you didn’t leave anything to chance.

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