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60 Fear Affirmations To Help You Live A Bold Life

Fear is an incredibly powerful emotion that’s integral to our survival. If we didn’t feel fear, we’d do all sorts of silly things that would put our lives in danger.

The sole purpose of fear is to protect us from threats to our survival. It’s the reason why we don’t try to wrestle grizzly bears or stick our hands in the mouth of a tiger. 

While it’s true that fear helps us survive, it also has a bad habit of getting in the way of the things we want. And if you’re reading this, my guess is you’re looking for ways to manage fear and stop it from controlling your life.

In this article, we’ll talk about how practicing fear affirmations can help you achieve this goal. 


How Affirmations Can Help You Overcome Fear

Most of our fears are grounded in irrational beliefs that we hold about who we are and what we’re capable of. One of the main benefits of affirmations is that they allow you to actively challenge these beliefs in real-time.

Fear affirmations don’t eradicate fear completely, but they do reduce the impact that self-sabotaging thoughts have on your emotional state. If you want to get super specific, affirmations activate the ventromedial prefrontal cortex, which is the part of the brain that’s responsible for positive valuation.

A study by led by Emily Falk showed that when we practice affirmations, brain activity in this region increases significantly. This increased activity helps us process threats to our self-worth in a more positive manner.

When implementing fear affirmations, it’s important that you don’t mislead yourself. You shouldn’t use them to pretend that fear doesn’t exist. You should use affirmations to challenge fear and the stream of irrational thoughts that accompany it.

Fear affirmations should be positive, but also believable. If they’re too incongruent with your true identity, you’ll just be lying to yourself under the false pretense of positivity.

Talking to yourself in a positive fashion will center your mind and help you gain control over the irrational thoughts that keep you stuck down the rabbit hole of fear.


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Fear Affirmations To Combat The Fear Of Failure

One of the many fears that you likely wrestle with is the fear of failure. Here are a few powerful fear affirmations that you can lean on when you experience this feeling.


  • I am willing to risk failure in order to achieve my dreams.


  • I accept that the potential for failure will be present no matter what I do.


  • I welcome failure because it molds me into the person I’m supposed to be.


  • I am strong enough to handle disappointment and failure.


  • If at first I don’t succeed, I will always get back up.


  • I’m bigger than failure.


  • I am always looking for new opportunities to grow.


  • I refuse to let fear of failure stop me from going after what I want.


  • I accept that I’m afraid of failing, just like every other successful person who has come before me.


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  • I can’t control my feelings, but I can control how I act.


  • My goals are so much more important than my fear of failure.


  • I can achieve anything that I set my mind to.


  • Failure doesn’t define me and it never will.


  • My self-doubt can be removed by my actions.


  • I’m on the road to success, and I accept that failure is a necessary stop.


  • I can eliminate negative thoughts with positive action.


  • I don’t focus on my doubts, I focus on my dreams and goals


Affirmations For Fear Of Rejection & Judgment

Fear affirmations can also be helpful for managing the fear of rejection and judgment. Here’s a few affirmations that can help you combat this feeling when it arises.


  • I am gradually finding the courage to step into fear.


  • I’m not the center of attention.


  • I accept the fact that other people will judge me no matter what I do.


  • I can relax my mind and body by being fully present in this moment.


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  • Rejection makes me stronger.


  • I welcome rejection because it increases my mental fortitude.


  • If I don’t embrace rejection and ask for what I want, the answer will always be no.


  • I choose to live life on my terms because no matter what I do, people will form their own opinions of me.


  • I have the courage to embrace judgment and rejection.


  • Judgment and rejection from others do not define who I am.


  • I’m at peace with myself.


  • I can’t control what other people think, I can only control what I do.


  • My self-worth doesn’t come from the opinions of other people, it comes from within.


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  • The people who judge me do not know anything about my life.


  • Some people will judge me because they are at war with themselves, and I wish them luck in overcoming their own demons.


  • No one is watching every little thing I do, everyone is focused on themselves.


  • I don’t live my life based on the opinions of other people.


  • I’m open to criticism because it can motivate me to become a more well-rounded person


Affirmations For Fear Of The Future

It’s natural to feel a little afraid of the future. After all, it’s a wildly unpredictable beast that we don’t have complete control over.

However, you shouldn’t let these thoughts corrupt the present moment. Because if you’re always thinking about what’s next, you’ll fail to appreciate what’s right in front of you.

Here’s some more fear affirmations specifically designed to help quell your anxiety about the future.


  • Life is always working for me, not against me.


  • I don’t have 100% control over the future, but I’m capable of taking control of the here and now.


  • I accept the fact that life is inherently unpredictable.


  • My future will be filled with wonderful blessings.


  • At this moment, I can positively impact my future.


  • I choose to let go of anxiety about the future and remain in the present.


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  • My anxiety about the future is completely natural.


  • I didn’t come this far only to come this far.


  • I’m working every day to create a better future.


  • I’m too focused on the present to worry about whether or not things will work out in the future.


  • I choose to let go of what I can’t control.


  • I am worthy of an incredible future.


  • I accept responsibility for where I am now and for taking myself where I want to go.


  • Someday, I will laugh at the fears that I have right now.


  • I trust the fact that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.


  • I recognize that my fear of the future is grounded in irrational beliefs.


  • Every day I’m working towards becoming a positive person.


  • The future is bright. I look towards it with hope and happiness.


  • I acknowledge that change is constant in life, and I’m prepared for it.


  • I will accept whatever challenges that life throws my way in the future.


Final Thoughts On Using Fear Affirmations To Overcome Fear

While fear affirmations won’t erase fear completely, they will give you just a little bit of power over your irrational beliefs.

If you don’t offer up any resistance to fear, it will become a dominating presence that impacts several areas of your life. 

You may already be at that point in your life right now. If that’s the case, then getting in the habit of implementing positive self-talk is a step in the right direction.

When you start to gradually couple these fear affirmations with positive actions that align with the person you want to be, that’s when you’ll experience real change.

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