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65 Da Baby Quotes That Will Inspire Your Hustle

In this article, we’re diving into some of the most powerful Da Baby quotes that will motivate you to push your limits and chase your goals.

The North Carolina rapper burst onto the scene in 2019 with his hit song “Suge” and has since become one of the most exciting talents in hip-hop. Da Baby’s songs always contain high-energy beats and clever wordplay, which is why they’ve seemed to resonate with so many people.

But aside from his music, Da Baby also shares an abundance of wisdom about hustle, success, and his creative process. The following quotes from Da Baby will cover everything from self-confidence, perseverance, and the pursuit of greatness.

So without further ado, let’s dive into these quotes that will motivate you to hustle towards your goals.


Best Da Baby Quotes


  • “Stay focused, stay humble, and always stay hungry for more.”


  • “When you reach a certain level, people don’t got nothing left to do but find a reason not to like you.”


  • “No, I wasn’t a bad kid. I was always intelligent, strong-minded, and outgoing like I am now.”


  • “If I folded under pressure, I woulda never made it to where I am now. I think you gotta love the pressure to be successful.”


  • “I feel like people think they have me figured out, while I’m just sitting back here ten steps ahead of them.”


  • “Believe in yourself, your abilities, and your own potential. Never let self-doubt hold you captive.”


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  • “I already got my flowers. I’ve performed at the Grammys. I was the #1 streaming artist in the world for like a year. I don’t gotta stress about nothin’. My kids are set for life.”


  • “I feel like my music walks both lines. I feel like people who like trap music mess with my music, but I also feel like people who enjoy good quality music mess with it too.”


  • “It is what it is. Whatever God wants me to go through, let’s do it. Do it chin up, chest out.”


  • “You gotta do everything you can to control your own narrative.”


  • “If you are willing to go through it with me, grab my hand, let’s go. If not, I wish you the best.”


  • “I love it when you have to perform at a certain level or else. That’s when I’m at my best.”


  • “The goal was to be the hottest artist on the planet, and I think I’ve done that.”


  • “I was all about touching people and influencing people, I’ve always been that type of person. I was the one teaching people things, I just always had a way with my words and I always spoke with substance.”


  • “I’m all about creating my own thing and being great at it. That’s how I approach the game when I create the music.”


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  • “Make sure the people you’re hustling for are still gonna be there by the time you reach the goal.”


  • “I don’t play the ugly game. I think everyone is beautiful, and I see it in me now more and more.”


  • “To be honest, it seems like substance is beginning to matter less and less in today’s music. Substance isn’t as important as it used to be.”


  • “My music is about setting good vibes and creating good energy. That’s what I’m all about.”


  • “If my head drops for a minute, don’t mind me. I’m gonna pick that motherfu**er right back up.”


  • “I feel like my music is made for the old generation and the new generation. It’s got that vibe and that good energy, but it also has that substance and content at the same time.”


  • “I put my pride in my pockets a long time ago.”


  • “The music I make, it’s so hard. I listen to it 100,000 times before it even drops.”


  • “I like to have fun with my videos and performances, that’s the most fun part when it comes to the music. I get to show off my character.”


  • “I don’t even listen to peoples’ music… I’m really in-tune with my craft, I listen to me all day long.”


Da Baby Quotes About Money & Success

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If you’d just prefer to keep reading, then here’s some Da Baby quotes about money.


  • “It’s just the way I’m set up, being that once-in-a-generation, once-in-a-lifetime, once-in-an-era type of star.”


  • “The first million dollars I get, I’m putting my momma in a big house. And I also want my family to have ways to make their own money. Then I’ll take care of myself. Family first.”


  • “With me, it was always about the hustle. It’s never really been about the accolades.”


  • “I like having the odds against me. I feel like I’m at my best under pressure.”


  • “You can never doubt yourself. I always set my goals larger than life, through the roof. That’s what I enjoy, chasing those bigger accomplishments and seeing what I’m capable of.”


  • “You gotta pay your dues in whatever game that you’re in. I definitely had to pay mine.”


  • “I deserve every bit of my success because I worked for it. That’s why I don’t feel bad about it…I’ve put in the work for real.”


  • “I’ve never been one to set limits for myself. I’ll definitely set a goal before I set a limit.”


  • “The struggle is what made me special. A lot of people are out here tryna skip the struggle, but you can’t if you have big dreams.”


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  • “I’ve studied the greats. I’ve studied all the genius marketers throughout the rap game. I borrow from anybody with something to offer. I’ve just always been a hustler.”


  • “In two years, I expect to be sittin’ at the Grammys with five nominations. Nobody expects more from me than I do.”


  • “I’m pretty sure my expectations are higher than the average person’s. It just sets my standards.”


  • “I love being the underdog. Something about climbing outta the mud makes those victories that much sweeter.”


  • “You gotta fall in love with the hustle. If you ain’t in love with the hustle, you’re not gonna make it in whatever you’re tryna do.”


  • “Becoming successful, staying successful, remaining free, and staying alive don’t happen where I’m from. That’s something that I will never take for granted.”


  • “It’s the work you don’t see that gets people the furthest.”


  • “You can’t cheat the game. You can’t cheat the grind. You get out what you put in at the end of the day.”


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  • “Anything I do, I’m doing it for a reason.”


  • “I’ll let the game tell me when to drop music. If it was up to me, I’d drop music every damn day.”


  • “I’m gonna put my family first and make sure they’re in a position to get right before I start spending crazy money on myself. That’s just how I operate.”


  • “You’re either with that and willing to go out of your way to make people who contribute to your dreams coming true happy or you aren’t.”


  • “I just had that mindset to never settle. That’s a credit to my pops, too. He used to say ‘the sky’s the limit’ every time we talked.”


Famous Da Baby Quotes From Songs

Let’s wrap up this list of Da Baby quotes with some of his most famous lyrics from his songs.


  • “I’m the type to let a n**ga think I’m broke and then pop out with a million.”


  • “I don’t follow no b*tches on IG, but they follow a n**ga.”


  • “Pack in the mail it’s gone, she like how I smell, cologne.”


  • “Got like thirty-two thousand in one of my pockets, the other one that’s where the Glock at.”


  • “Play if you want let’s do it, I’m a young CEO, Suge.”


  • “If I love ya, then I need ya. I f*ck with you like Martin f*ck with Gina. We family like we Venus and Serena.”


  • “Keepin’ my head above water just like a shark fin. We got the narcs in the chopper, Clark Kent.”


  • “Friends are like Autumn, every year they leavin’. And imma rake em’ up in a pile, throw em’ in a bag. Tie them b*tches up and just leave em’.”


  • “Let’s talk bout this young n**ga that came up from nothin, now he worth a million.”


  • “I just closed a deal for an M, now I’m out in LA like a motherf**kin Laker.”


  • “I’m pure like cocaine in the 80’s. Pullin up rockin’ all white like I’m Gotti.”


  • “How she only 21 and she a savage? My b*tch so bad, she make my other b*tch look average.”


  • “I told him ice my wrist up, I like to hold my fist up.”


  • “I told a b*tch to shit up, you bout to f*ck my nut up.”


Final Thoughts

I hope that this collection of Da Baby quotes have inspired you to push through your struggles and relentlessly pursue your goals.

We can all learn something from Da Baby’s rags to riches story. His journey to success is a testament to the power of setting big goals and doing whatever it takes to reach them.

So the next time you need a boost of motivation, just remember these words from Da Baby: “Stay focused, stay humble, and always stay hungry for more.” 

If you stay focused on your mission, maybe one day you’ll be the one inspiring others with your own words of wisdom.

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