70 CT Fletcher Quotes That Will Leave You Inspired

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In this article, we’re going to dive into some super inspirational CT Fletcher quotes that will motivate you to embrace the grind of life.

Fletcher knows a thing or two about embracing the grind. As an army veteran and world champion bodybuilder, discipline and struggle are an integral part of his life philosophy.

His unwavering commitment to his craft is one of the main reasons why he’s had such an illustrious career and garnered a massive community of admirers along the way.

So without further ado, let’s get into some of the best quotes from this legendary bodybuilding champion.


Inspirational CT Fletcher Quotes

Let’s kick off this list with some of the most inspirational CT Fletcher quotes of all-time!


  • “If you don’t have the mental capacity to be obsessed with what you’re trying to get, you’re never gonna get it.”


  • “May I have more please? May I have more pain? May I have more torture? Because I know it’s gonna make me grow.”


  • “Find your magnificent obsession, whatever it is, and let nothing or no one tell you that you can’t do it. Tell them to sit back and watch you do it!”


  • “The most powerful motivational speeches that I’ve ever heard have come from people who told me I couldn’t do something.”


  • “Never accept the limitations of someone else!”


  • “I don’t need you to agree with me, I have the courage to stand alone.”


  • “Everything is impossible until someone crazy enough comes along and makes it possible.”


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  • “To hate someone you’ve never met for no other reason than they don’t look or believe like you reveals the weakness of your character.”


  • “You must become obsessed with what you are trying to get, you have to be obsessed with it.”


  • “I tried and I fell short. Is there victory in that? You’re damn right there is.”


  • “Anytime that you give everything that you possibly could, there is satisfaction knowing you did your absolute best. There is real victory in that!”


  • Doctors told me before my last competition that I could die from lifting that much weight. I was faced with death, and I chose gladly to compete. If I die in the pursuit of magnificent obsession, then so be it. I went out doing what I loved.”


  • “Greatness, in any field, cannot be achieved without obsession.”


  • “The stories of extreme will, of people that came through stories of extreme circumstances that they were not supposed to make it through, that’s what we are capable of.”


CT Fletcher Quotes About Discipline & Success

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If you just want to keep reading, then here’s some more CT Fletcher quotes about discipline and success.


  • “What’s the secret? Here’s the secret – hard work! That’s the secret!”


  • “Pain is a necessary evil, get used to it. Make friends with it.”


  • “Will is the key to success. Remember who you are and don’t let nobody tell you that you can’t do it.”


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  • “Your diet ain’t anything without the discipline to stick to it.”


  • “Obsession isn’t always a bad thing, obsession is a downright requirement to be great.”


  • “Suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret.”


  • “Some go big, I went enormous. Some set goals, I set milestones. Some climb hills, I climbed mountains. Some want growth, I command growth. Some said it was over, I said it’s not.”


  • “Be so busy working to reach your goals that you don’t have the time to hate on someone else who is trying to reach theirs.”


  • “I will die in my pursuit of my goal. I won’t let death or anything on this earth stop me. I will have it no matter what the cost is, I will have it.”


  •  “If you don’t believe it’s possible, just sit back here and watch me do it.”


  • “You may have more genetic prowess than me, but you will not out-work me…I’m the king of that.”


  • “History never remembers the haters.”


  • “Live an extraordinary life, don’t settle for an ordinary one. It’s easy to be ordinary. Anybody can do that.”


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  • “Screw mediocrity. I don’t want to be mediocre! Screw being like everybody else, I don’t want to be like everybody else! Screw being in between, there is no in between. All or nothing baby!”


  • “Never accept the limitations that someone else has placed upon you. Decide for yourself what your limitations are.”


  • “Be focused! Pick your goal and stick to it!”


CT Fletcher Quotes About Working Out

It’s much easier to be strong in your mind when you’re strong in your body. 

Showing up at the gym each day and lifting heavy weights is certainly a catalyst for improved mental toughness.

This is a philosophy that Fletcher has embraced with veracity in his life. So with that said, let’s dive into the best CT Fletcher quotes about what it means to go hard in the gym.


  • “You have no excuses. It’s still your set. Let’s get it done!”


  • “Don’t look for an easy way out. Nobody wants to work hard these days. The 20 minute abs. The 10 minute this. The 10 minute that. Come to the gym, work your butt off, and earn it!”


  • “If I waited until I’d felt good, I’d never train. Shut up and get in there and do what you can.”


  • “You have to start, with the belief, that you can do something.”


  • “Champions are made in the gym!”


  • “I don’t know how many more reps…Ima’ do this till I can’t do it no more!”


  • “I don’t wanna be one of the masses, that’s why I’m here in the gym.”


man working out


  • “Overtraining is individualized. What may be overtraining for one man is nothing but a regular workout for another. What you call overtraining may be my warm up.”


  • “For competition, always loop the thumbs around the bar and squeeeeeeeze, squeeze that bar like you’re trying to snap it in two!”


  • “The best judge of what you should or shouldn’t do inside the gym is your own body. Learn to listen to it. It’ll speak to you. Your body will tell you if a movement or an exercise is working.”


  • “It’s no problem for me to eat the same thing every day because I’m not eating cause something tastes good, I’m eating for the results.”


CT Fletcher Quotes About The Mind

Continuing on with this list of quotes from CT Fletcher, here’s some badass quotes from him about the power of the mind.


  • “This is your wake up call! This is your week to make it happen. Wake up the Hercules in you!”


  • “You must trick the body and the mind, you must convince it that this is something new that it must adapt to.”


  • “I’m not down, I’m not done and I’m not through. It’s over when I say when it’s over.”


  • “Screw your excuses! Every one of your measly excuses. Why do I say that? Cause I hear so many of em.”


  • “Unchain your mind. Unchain your mind from the imprisonment of fear. Unchain your mind. It’s been caged with doubt.”


  • “Everything I went through, every beating I got, every broken bone, every time I was rushed to the emergency room, every single struggle is what made it all worth it.”


  • “If you can control your mind, you can control your muscles.” 


  • “Decide for yourself what your limitations are.”


  • “This is my life and I choose to live it the way I want to live it.” 


  • “Don’t quit because it gets hard. Keep pushing through! It will pay off!”


  • “It all begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to has power over you if you allow it.”


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  • “Sometimes if you get a little too high, if you get a little too full of yourself, you must be brought down. You will be taught a lesson.”


  • “No hesitation. No thought about tomorrow, no thought about the next 10 minutes. The only thing that counts is right here, right now.”


  • “I look for pain. I want pain. I love pain.”


  • “Unchain your mind from the binds of average, from the binds of normal.”


  • “If you think it is impossible for you, then it is.”


  • “My doctor told me I would never do this again, never lift another weight again. Man, that was the best thing he could’ve told me. I’m going to prove to you that I can come back, and that I will come back.”


Funny Quotes From CT Fletcher

Fletcher is a hard dude, but we all have the capacity for humor! Here’s some funny CT Fletcher quotes that perfectly capture his type of humor.


  • “You don’t have one muscle on your body, and you gon’ try and instruct people on what to do?” 


  • “It’s always impossible until some crazy SOB like me comes along with the audacity to believe they can do it.”


  • “No matter how slow you go you are still lapping everybody on the couch.”




  • “Every time I go to the doctor, they tell me what I shouldn’t be doing. Then I politely go out the door and do whatever I want to do.”


  • “Your brain is filled with disbelief. It is obese with self-doubt. It is fat with fear.”


  • “My mom would always tell me ‘You’re gonna get humbled one day, there’s somebody out there that’s just a little bit badder.’ I looked her in the eye and said, ‘No mama, somebody’s gotta be the baddest, and that’s me.”


  • “You will find no pity, no mercy, no compassion here.”


  • “I am the one! I am the one that you were foretold about! I am the one you’ve been looking for! Everything can stop now cause I’m here! The show-stopper is here!”


  • “Death…I looked you in the face and I’m still here. You haven’t taken me out yet. I’m still here and I’m kicking your butt!”


Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this list of CT Fletcher quotes!

Fletcher’s message is not for the faint of heart. He’s a hard life that’s come with hard lessons, and his words cut right through the B.S.

If there’s one key message that you take away from these quotes, let it be this — run towards pain and struggle.

If you have an opportunity to run towards discomfort, take it. If you have an opportunity to face your fears, take it. If you have an opportunity to challenge yourself, take it.

The happiest, most successful people on this earth are the ones who’ve voluntarily suffered for their goals and dreams. 

So as Fletcher would say…Stop the excuses and get the f**k to work! 

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