30 Charles K Kao Quotes That Will Inspire You

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In this article, we’re diving into some of the best Charles K Kao quotes that will motivate you to dream big!

Charles K. Kao was a Nobel Prize-winning physicist and pioneer in the field of fiber optics. He revolutionized the way information is transmitted around the world, and his work has had a significant impact on the way we communicate today. 

Kao endured many obstacles on his path to revolutionizing telecommunications. However, he had an intense passion for his work and was able to persevere through all of the failures and setbacks he encountered.

That’s why I’ve compiled some of the best quotes from Charles K Kao that will motivate you to adopt the same attitude towards your own dreams.

Whether you’re an aspiring inventor, entrepreneur, or just looking for some inspiration, these quotes will remind you to never give up and push boundaries in everything you do.


Best Charles K Kao Quotes


  • “When information is infinite, individual pieces of information are worth nothing.” ~ Charles K. Kao


  • “At the time, the work we were doing was all speculation. But we poured in everything we had and made it reality.” ~ Charles K. Kao


  • “I always tell young people that if they have a dream, they should pursue it with all their heart.” ~ Charles K. Kao


  • “I was never good at anything except for math and physics.” ~ Charles K. Kao


  • “I think that perseverance is necessary, however I was so enthused about my work that time seemed to pass by very quickly.” ~ Charles K. Kao


  • “Ideas do not always come in a flash but by diligent trial-and-error experiments that take time and thought.” ~ Charles K. Kao


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  • “We must never stop pushing the boundaries of what is possible.” ~ Charles K. Kao


  • “The basic science of fiber optics has been known since the 19th century, but it took years of work to make it a reality.” ~ Charles K. Kao


  • “Practicing what you have learned generates satisfaction.” ~ Charles K. Kao


  • “I’ve had a very satisfying life because I spent most of it making progress on important problems.” ~ Charles K. Kao


  • “We must be willing to think outside the box in order to find new solutions to old problems.” ~ Charles K. Kao


  • “If you really look at it, I was trying to sell a dream. There was very little I could put in concrete to tell these people it was really real.” ~ Charles K. Kao


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  • “You’re not supposed to believe me because I don’t believe in experts.” ~ Charles K. Kao


  • “If the excitement is there for what you’re working on, then the possibilities are limitless.” ~ Charles K. Kao


  • “During my work, we were pushing boundaries. We were doing things that the PR people were telling us were a little too brave to sell, but we just kept going.” ~ Charles K. Kao


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If you’d just prefer to keep reading, then here’s some more inspiring Charles K Kao quotes.


  • “When you are young, you are fervent about the things you believe in.” ~ Charles K. Kao


  • “When optical transmission was regarded as a possibility, it made all of us so much more motivated to come to work. This was something that everyone was so excited about.” ~ Charles K. Kao


  • “The most rewarding part of my work is that it has made a difference in the world.” ~ Charles K. Kao


  • “Search and search again as a way to discover new facts.” ~ Charles K. Kao


  • “The greatest achievements in life are those that make a positive difference in the world.” ~ Charles K. Kao


  • “The challenge was to be able to transmit as much information as possible over the longest distance and at the lowest cost.” ~ Charles K. Kao


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  • “The greatest ideas are often the simplest ones.” ~ Charles K. Kao


  • “I must have inherited my father’s gentle nature.” ~ Charles K. Kao


  • “The introduction of optical fiber systems will revolutionize telecommunications networks.” ~ Charles K. Kao


  • “The success of fiber was the result of a concerted effort from a great number of people in many different countries. It was very satisfying to see fiber live up to its expectations.” ~ Charles K. Kao


  • “Prior to my fiberwork, I was working on microwave systems.” ~ Charles K. Kao


  • “I have always been fascinated by the way things work and how we can make them work better.” ~ Charles K. Kao


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  • “Because of the earlier loss of the two elder siblings, my brother and I lived a very pampered and protected life. Nursemaids kept constant watch. With my parents busy at dinner parties and social events, we only met them as if for a daily royal audience.” ~ Charles K. Kao


  • “Maybe it was the home tutoring, or the late start to formal schooling, or an overly cautious and protective upbringing, but in any case, I never became a talkative person. As an adult, I am not always comfortable in social gatherings with small talk.” ~ Charles K. Kao


Final Thoughts

Charles K. Kao was a brilliant mind whose contributions to the world of science and technology are undeniable.

His dedication and perseverance are evident in the groundbreaking discoveries he made in the realm of telecommunications.

I hope that these Charles K Kao quotes have inspired you to pursue your own goals with the same level of vigor and passion that he did.

As long as you have faith in yourself and are willing to fail, you too have a positive impact on the world.

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