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64 Affirmations For Success To Help You Reach Greatness

Your brain is not wired for success, it’s wired for survival.

In order to promote survival, your brain will actively protect you from situations where you may encounter stress, discomfort, and fear. 

Essentially, this means that it actively protects you from success. Learning to thrive in chaos and take action in spite of massive discomfort is essential to living a successful, happy life.

So if your brain isn’t naturally wired to help you dominate in these environments, then you’ve gotta lend it a helping hand.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by practicing positive affirmations geared towards helping you take action to achieve your goals.

In this article, we’ll dive into an extensive list of affirmations for success and discuss how you can use them to combat negativity and self-doubt.

Let’s dive in!


What Are Success Affirmations?

Success affirmations are short, powerful statements that encourage you to engage in positive behaviors that move your life forward. They’re quick-hitting phrases designed to reframe negative beliefs and remind you of your core values.

In the context of your daily life, they’re a great tool to implement in everyday scenarios such as these:

  • When you’re dealing with unhelpful thoughts about the past, present, or future.
  • When you want to get out of your comfort zone but are feeling trapped by fear.
  • When you want to put in work but aren’t feeling motivated whatsoever.

The key goal of success affirmations is to shift your beliefs. Because when you believe something about yourself, you’re likely to act in accordance with that belief even if it’s against your self-interest.

If you believe you’re a procrastinator, then you’re going to put off work. If you believe that you’re anti-social, then you won’t introduce yourself to strangers. 

However, if you believe in your ability to alter both of these traits through sheer effort, you’ll be much more likely to engage in the right behaviors.


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Shifting away from your old self and forming new beliefs starts with reminding yourself that you can act in alignment with your ideal self at any moment.

And each time you follow up these internal reminders with action, you move one small step closer to attaining your version of success.


Powerful Daily Success Affirmations

Without further ado, let’s get into some daily affirmations for success that you can repeat whenever you need some motivational jet fuel.


  • I have everything I need within me to be successful.


  • I’m willing to do what it takes to be successful.


  • I am strong and capable.


  • I have the ability to resist instant gratification and work towards my most ambitious goals.


  • I don’t have to listen to my negative thoughts right now.


  • I release the need to be perfect. 


  • My courage grows every time that I act in spite of fear. 


  • My goals are bigger than my excuses.


  • I’m capable of taking small positive actions right now.


  • Every moment is an opportunity for me to move closer to success.


  • I’m a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time.


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  • I’m not blind to my fears, but I’m perfectly capable of acting in spite of them.


  • There is no better time to take action than right now.


  • I’m the creator of my own life.


  • I see opportunities for success everywhere that I look.


  • There is nothing that can stop me from achieving success.


  • At any given moment, I’m capable of forward progress.


  • I live by this mindset; small progress is still progress.


  • I’m always capable of doing something to move my life forward.


  • I can change anything that I want in my life through consistent action.


Affirmations For Success And Prosperity

Finding value in these affirmations for success so far? Then perhaps you’d enjoy this article on the benefits of positive affirmations, or this one which covers how to write affirmations that really work.

If you just want to keep reading, then here’s some more affirmations about achieving success and prosperity.


  • One day my story will inspire others to success.


  • Every small step in the right direction leads me closer to my ideal future.


  • I will not let my past determine my future.


  • Every day is an opportunity for me to grow into my ideal self.


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  • Fear and stress are powerful opportunities for growth.


  • Growth doesn’t happen in my comfort zone.


  • My courage grows every time that I act in spite of fear. 


  • Mistakes bring me closer to success.


  • Before my life changes, I need to change.


  • I’m powerful enough to live up to my full potential.


  • I don’t have time for distractions that take focus away from my goals.


  • Negative thoughts do not define who I am.


  • I’m capable of producing positive change in my life.


  • I meet the minimum requirements for success.


  • My current struggles are molding me into the person I’m supposed to become.


  • I let go of the need to compare myself to others because I’m on a unique journey.


  • I’m not my past. I am the person who has learned from it.


man reciting success affirmations


  • Struggle is exactly what I need to be successful.


  • I don’t need to feel motivated to get things done.


  • Successful people do what they have to do whether they feel like it or not.


  • I have limitless potential waiting to be unlocked.


Affirmations For Success In Business

Here’s some more success affirmations that will help you manifest success in your business endeavors!

If you’re looking for additional affirmations specifically geared towards business success, then feel free to check out these business affirmations.


  • I’m developing my business acumen every single day.


  • I’m on the path towards business success.


  • I’m perfectly willing to outwork my peers to get what I want.


  • I’m a magnet for business success.


  • No one is going to hand me success. I have to go earn it.


  • I believe in myself and my abilities.


  • I can build forward momentum right now.


  • When I do things that I don’t want to do, my mind grows stronger.


  • Self-doubt is natural, every other business titan has experienced it too.


  • I don’t run from failure because it’s an opportunity for growth.


  • I feel ready to take on new challenges.


  • Massive success is just around the corner for me.


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  • I don’t give into negative thoughts that undermine my skill set.


  • I’m committed to doing whatever it takes to be a success story.


  • I’m enjoying the journey to success.


  • Difficult situations are a perfect opportunity for growth.


  • I’m capable of solving complex problems and handling stress.


  • I cannot always control how I feel, but I can always control how I act.


  • I did not come here to live an easy life; I was born to be challenged.


  • Success is inevitable as long as I don’t quit.


  • The best part about life is that I’m in 100% control of my decisions.


Do Affirmations For Success Work?

Every one of you reading this has a different definition of success. Some of you may want to become a best-selling writer, or a successful entrepreneur, or a head chef at a Michelin star restaurant.

Whatever your definition of success is, relententless action is what fills the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

However, your brain doesn’t make taking action any easier.

  • Your brain seeks comfort even though success requires massive discomfort
  • Your brain seeks peace even though you forge your character in chaos.
  • Your brain seeks calm even though stress helps you grow.
  • Your brain seeks easy even though everything about success is hard.

If you don’t provide any resistance to these instinctual desires, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever get the life that you want.

Practicing affirmations for success can serve as that resistance. By reminding yourself of the person you want to be in moments of internal conflict, you put yourself in a better position to override your brain’s desire to remain stagnant. 


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This isn’t just self-help mumbo jumbo either, as research backs up the positive impact that affirmations can have on behavior.

Through neuroimaging studies like this one, researchers have found that self-affirmation activates the brain regions responsible for positive valuation and reward. This means that positive affirmations can directly improve your ability to cope with external/internal threats to your self-image.

Aside from the internal benefits, studies like this one have shown that self-affirmation has a measurable impact on goal-related behavior change.

So yes, success affirmations do work. 

As long as you combine them with positive action and practice them consistently, they will help you rewire your brain for success.


Final Thoughts

Success is a difficult journey no matter what you’re pursuing in life. My hope is that these affirmations for success make that journey just a bit easier for you.

Whenever you’re struggling to take action or get control of your mind, practice these affirmations for 15-20 seconds. Take some time to consciously re-focus on who you really are and what you’re after.

I think you’ll find that by interrupting your brain’s natural thinking patterns, you’ll find it a helluva lot easier to do what you need to do to reach success.

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