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75 Affirmations For Strength & Mental Toughness

75 Affirmations For Strength & Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is a common characteristic that many high-performing individuals share. 

Life is an unpredictable beast, and there’s plenty of obstacles that will get in the way of achieving the life you want. You’ll have to deal with irrational fears, toxic people, incredible pain, and much more.

To handle all of these obstacles, you need to be mentally strong, and mental toughness starts with the way you talk to yourself in moments of adversity.

That’s where affirmations for strength come into play. In this article, we’ll discuss how affirmations can help you rewire your brain to improve mental toughness.<span style=”font-weight: 400;”> Furthermore, we’ll be covering an extensive list of affirmations for strength that you can practice to become more resilient.


How To Make Strength Affirmations More Effective

Affirmations for strength are not gimmicky, although I can see why many people are skeptical of the true benefits of affirmations. 

If you’re new to affirmations, then you don’t need to worry there’s an abundance of science to back up the effectiveness of affirmations.

  • This study analyzed the brains of people who practiced self-affirmations and found significant activity in the ventromedial prefrontal cortex & ventral striatum — the areas of the brain responsible for positive valuation and reward.
  • This study found that people who regularly practiced self-affirmations were more likely to stick to healthy eating behaviors.
  • Several studies have confirmed that positive affirmations are effective for promoting a variety of positive behaviors reducing alcohol consumption, reducing smoking, and eating fruits/vegetables, etc.

While there is extensive research to back up the benefits of affirmations, they do need to be implemented in the right fashion to produce positive results.

In order for strength affirmations to be effective, they need to be believable. This doesn’t mean that your affirmations need to be 100% grounded in truth, but it does mean they can’t be too far removed from your current self-image.

Put simply, your affirmations should tie back to your values. For example, if you’re trying to implement affirmations to overcome fear, you shouldn’t say something like, “I’m completely fearless, nothing scares me.”

No one is immune to experiencing fear, so your brain will have a hard time believing this statement. A better approach would be to say something like, “I accept my fears and believe in my ability to overcome them.”

This is a much more realistic statement that also ties back to your core values. You’re accepting the fact that you have fears, while also accepting that you’re competent enough to overcome them.

As you work through this list of affirmations for strength, be sure to pick the ones that are relevant and believable based on your current self-image. If you bear this in mind, these affirmations will be much more beneficial to your internal self-concept.


man staring down a monster


Positive Affirmations For Strength And Courage

Without further ado, let’s dive into a variety of affirmations for strength that you can use to improve your strength and courage.


  • I am worthy of the life that I desire.


  • I am talented and courageous.


  • I promise to work on myself each and every day.


  • I’m going to be fine no matter what life throws at me.


  • I’m not a quitter.


  • I will never give up on my dreams and goals, even when faced with challenges.


woman practicing strength affirmations


  • The challenges that I’m experiencing are there to make me stronger.


  • I’m working on becoming more courageous each and every day.


  • I’m unstoppable when I really set my mind to something.


  • My struggles don’t define me.


  • I welcome obstacles because they make me stronger.


  • I’m strong enough to push through hard times.


  • I refuse to break under pressure.


  • I refuse to bow to the whims of life.


  • I’m working every day to challenge my limiting beliefs.


tall mountain


  • I’m going to remain calm and attack my demons with purposeful action.


  • I’m not going to let life write my story for me.


  • I’m not looking to escape my problems, I’m here to face them.


  • I’m in charge of my outcomes in life.


  • I’m resilient enough to deal with my problems.


  • I become stronger each time I face obstacles head on.


  • I don’t follow the easy path, I create my own.


  • I’m proud of how far I’ve come in life.


  • I’m committed to focusing on what I can control, nothing else.


man standing in water practicing strength affirmations


  • I trust the process, it’s always darkest right before dawn.


  • My goals are bigger than my problems.


  • Every day is a new opportunity to be tough.


  • When times get tough, I get going.


Affirmations For Physical Strength

Enjoying this article so far? Then you may also enjoy these positive affirmations for men or this list of strength affirmations.

If you’d just prefer to keep reading, then here’s some strength affirmations.


  • I’m physically capable of handling whatever life throws at me.


  • I’m working towards becoming fit and healthy.


  • I take my physical health seriously.


  • I’m preparing my body and mind for challenges each and every day.


  • Regardless of my physical size, I’m strong enough to fight back against my demons.


  • I’m in complete control of my life.


  • I am a beautiful work in progress.


  • I’m ready to handle whatever today’s challenges are.


  • Every fiber of my body is energetic and motivated to achieve my goals.


notebook with affirmations for strength inside


  • I’m free of disease and illness, and that’s something that I’m grateful for.


  • I embody success by playing to my strengths and improving my weaknesses.


  • I’m fueling my muscles with the right nutrients.


  • My body was created for a purpose. My hands, feet, fingers, and toes are all a gift, and I will use these gifts accordingly.


Affirmations For Inner Strength

Inner strength is far more important than physical strength when it comes to dealing with the adversity of life. The people with mental fortitude are the ones who turn stress and adversity into opportunities for personal growth.

Here’s a few inner strength affirmations that will bolster your self-image in these kinds of situations. 


  • I am a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time.


  • I let go of negative thoughts that keep me stuck where I don’t belong.


  • I’m on this earth to leave a legacy that future generations can look up to.


  • I’m focused on putting one foot in front of the other each day.


  • I will choose to stand tall in the face of whatever adversity comes my way.


woman floating on the clouds


  • I’m impossible to knock down. No matter how unfair and cruel life is, I will always get back up.


  • I’m slowly working towards dissolving my fears each day.


  • I’m filled with limitless potential. In order to realize this potential, I need to remain strong in moments where most people would break.


  • I have no time for toxic people who encourage me to make excuses and blame the world for my problems.


  • I possess the inner strength to live boldly even when life encourages me to play small.


  • I’m done spectating my life. From this day forward, I’m going to get on the field and play the most magnificent game that I can.


  • When I leave this earth, I will not leave with regrets.


  • Bring it on life, I have the fortitude to rise to the occasion.


  • My life is full of endless possibilities if I can show a little grit.


  • I’m at my best when life puts me under intense pressure.


  • I recognize the value in small positive action. 


  • I can put my best foot forward in any given situation.


  • I may not be able to control the inevitable turmoil of life, but I can control my level of effort.


  • I’m confident and determined to become the best version of myself.


man standing on a mountain

  • My resilience will inspire the people closest to me.


  • Like every other human being on this earth, I’ve been blessed with unlimited potential.


  • Overcoming challenges is what brings meaning to my life.


  • I may be bruised, but I will never break.


  • I’m like a rubber band. I’m flexible and bounce back quickly.


  • My body and mind are aligned with greatness.


  • I understand that greatness is a product of responding to tough times swiftly and decisively.


  • What I lack in intelligence, I make up for with perseverance.


  • Currently, I’m experiencing opportunities that are disguised as problems.


  • Tough times are a blessing. 


  • I only have one life, and I won’t let adversity ruin it.


Final Thoughts On These Affirmations For Strength

Well, that concludes this article about affirmations for strength.

Whenever you find yourself in tough situations, you can use these affirmations to reinforce your values and remind yourself of just how strong you are.

The results from this practice won’t be immediate. However, if you’re willing to be consistent, you’ll gradually develop a stronger mindset that will allow you to take on life’s challenges.

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