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55 Affirmations For Peace To Help You Find Inner Calmness

Regardless of what you’re pursuing, one of the primary reasons you’re likely pursuing it is to achieve a sense of inner peace — you want to feel good about who you are and where you’re going. 

Unfortunately, your brain’s not wired to maintain this state. The world that our ancestors lived in was far more dangerous than this one, so they needed to be on constant alert for potential threats.

Unfortunately, this means that our brains evolved to place more emphasis on negative events than positive ones, a phenomenon called “negativity bias.”

However, everyone reading this has the power to tilt the scales in a positive direction. 

One of the best ways to do this is through your self-talk. Below, you’ll find a variety of affirmations for peace that will help you calm your mind whenever stress and negativity try to steal your inner peace.


Powerful Inner Peace Affirmations

Let’s kick off this list with some potent affirmations for inner peace that will help you find a sense of calm throughout the day.


  • I can be at peace with who I am while striving to be better every day.


  • I’m both a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time.


  • I have an incredible future ahead of me.


  • I have unlimited potential that can be unlocked through focused action.


  • I accept the thoughts that are bothering me, but don’t need to latch onto them.


  • My only focus is on what I can control right now.


  • Moments of peace are fleeting, so I treasure them whenever they come around.


  • My life is a product of what I do, not my irrational thoughts.


  • Any thought that tries to disturb my inner peace goes in the trash bin.


  • I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to expand my comfort zone.


  • I realize that if I embrace discomfort now, I’ll achieve peace later.


  • I feel at peace when I take meaningful action to improve my life.


  • In order for my life to change, I need to change first.


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  • If I concentrate on taking positive action right now, the future will take care of itself.


  • The things that I cannot control do not have power over my mind.


  • Wherever my mind goes, I don’t need to go with it.


  • Becoming a better version of myself is what drives all of my actions.


  • Each time that I let go of stress, anxiety, and fear, I create a calmer mind.


  • I give myself the courage to let go of any friends that disturb my inner peace.


  • I replace anxiety-inducing thoughts with peaceful thoughts that restore balance.


  • Every day I’m working on trying to find the good in every situation.


  • I’m growing more and more peaceful by the day.


  • Inner peace is a product of positive external action.


  • No one will just hand me inner peace, I have to go find it every day.


  • I am at peace with my past; my future is far more exciting.


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  • Finding inner peace starts with an attitude of acceptance towards my thoughts.


  • I don’t listen to my brain when it tries to disturb my inner peace.


Morning Affirmations For Peace

Finding value in these affirmations for peace so far? Then perhaps you’d enjoy this article on the benefits of positive affirmations, or this one which covers how to write affirmations that really work.

If you just want to keep reading, then here’s some more powerful inner peace affirmations.


  • Today is the only thing that matters. I’m not worried about the future.


  • My need to ruminate doesn’t serve my inner peace.


  • I can’t prevent my brain from thinking, but I am capable of quieting negative thoughts when they get too loud.


  • I’m thankful that my brain is drawing attention to my flaws; that tells me exactly where I should focus my energy.


  • Getting into a state of peace and inner calm is easy to me.


  • I have no trouble shifting my attention back to the present moment.


  • When other people give up, I keep going.


  • I have limited energy, and I protect it by not giving in to negativity.


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  • No one else is in control of my inner peace except for me.


  • I don’t let stress and rumination take control of my life.


  • I’m at peace with the chaos of life.


  • Embracing temporary discomfort is crucial for my inner peace.


  • Discipline now leads to satisfaction later.


  • I’m happy that today is yet another opportunity for growth.


  • The moment in front of me is all that matters.


  • I trust that everything will work out for me as long as I do my part and put in the work.


  • Worrying about the future is like worrying about a debt that I do not owe.


  • My shortcomings and insecurities are there for one reason; to help me become great.


  • I don’t judge myself for the past, it happened for a reason and I’m at peace with it.


  • I am exactly where I’m meant to be right now.


  • I don’t give any power to thoughts that try to destroy my inner peace.




  • Breathing deeply helps me find some temporary inner peace.


  • I cannot forge a new chapter in my life if I keep re-reading the last one.


  • I’m at peace because my long-term vision is clear and I know exactly how to get there.


  • Peace and tranquility flow through me abundantly. 


  • Life is too short to spend it at war with myself. 


  • With every deep breath that I take, I’m breathing in the energy of peace.


  • Negative thoughts are great learning opportunities; I can use them to practice letting go and finding inner peace.


How To Use Affirmations To Achieve Inner Peace

When implementing these peace affirmations, try your best to be mindful of the daily stressors that disrupt your emotional state.

Affirmations work best when you’re experiencing internal resistance. I’d caution against starting or ending the day with affirmations for this specific reason.

There’s no predicting when stress and negativity will try to take control of your internal dialogue during the day. That’s why your best bet is to use these affirmations for peace on as-needed basis.

Whenever you sense your internal dialogue turning negative, start repeating a couple of these affirmations for 30-60 seconds. By countering these thoughts quickly and decisively, you’ll feel a sense of calm as you get into a more peaceful state.

You may need to do this five times a day. Or twenty times a day. Or fifty times a day. And while that may sound a little daunting, keep in mind that research shows self-affirmation buffers the adverse effects of stress on the brain.

So each time you counteract negativity with positivity, you’re rewiring your brain to think differently. With each rep, you’re forming new neurological connections that will go a long way towards creating a more peaceful life.


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Final Thoughts On These Affirmations For Peace

I hope that you enjoyed this list of affirmations for peace!

While you’ll never get to a place of permanent inner peace in life, you can minimize the level of internal suffering that you experience.

When faced with stress, negativity, or uncertainty, most people let these emotions send them down a mental rabbit hole. If you don’t provide any kind of resistance to internal stressors, then that’s where you’ll repeatedly end up too.

So whenever your brain disrupts your inner peace by worrying about the future or ruminating about the past, deploy these peace affirmations immediately.

Once this behavior becomes a habit, you’ll find it far easier to regulate your emotions and develop a stronger mindset.

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