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52 Affirmations For Patience To Keep You On Track

As human beings, waiting doesn’t come naturally to us. We’re hard-wired to seek instant gratification — we want things and we want them right now.

The problem is that achieving ambitious goals is a long climb, and the people who expect overnight results never make it to the top of the mountain.

It’s natural to want quick wins, and practicing patience affirmations is a great way to slow your mind down when you’re trying to go after them.

In this article, we’ll talk about the benefits of using patience affirmations to calm your mind, and then offer up an extensive list of them that you can use to your benefit.


What Are The Benefits Of Affirmations For Patience?

Being patient starts with the types of thoughts that you choose to listen to. It works like any other trait that you want to develop — kindness, compassion, mindfulness, etc.

You start with your self-talk, and your actions flow from there. The key benefit of patience affirmations is that they’re directly targeted at your internal dialogue.

We all have an internal dialogue that goes on throughout the day. Sometimes, this dialogue is beneficial, and sometimes it holds us back. 

Be honest, you’ve caught yourself thinking things like…

  • “I feel like I’m so far away from my goals.”
  • “I wish success would come quicker.”
  • “Is all the effort that I’ve been putting in for nothing?”
  • “When will my hard work be rewarded?”

None of these thoughts are productive. All they do is increase stress and self-doubt while decreasing your motivation to work towards your goals.

Patience affirmations are the solution to countering thoughts like these. Studies like this one have shown that self-affirmations can decrease rumination and lead to positive increases in mood.

In other words, affirmations help you handle negative thoughts in a way that supports your long-term growth. By bringing yourself back to your core values in moments of impatience, you’ll find it easier to keep persevering when you’re not seeing results.


52 Affirmations For Patience To Help You Slow Down

Here’s an extensive list of patience affirmations that will help you slow down and remain patient as you work towards your goals.


  • I’m committed to my goals for the long haul.


  • I will give myself all the time I need to achieve my goals.


  • I can’t control when I achieve my goals, but I can control what I do today.


  • The work that I’m putting in will pay off.


  • I am patient with myself.


  • I release the stress that’s making me feel like I need to succeed quickly.


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  • Patience is my strength.


  • I’m committed to living in the moment.


  • I accept that my biggest goals will take time to come to fruition.


  • Get rich quick is for suckers, I’m perfectly content waiting for my efforts to be rewarded.


  • It’s normal for me to feel pressure to succeed quickly, but I refuse to give into it.


  • My hard work matters, even if I’m not seeing the results right now.


  • All great things take time.


  • I trust that everything I deserve will be given to me in time.


  • If I focus on today, my goals will take care of themselves.


  • It doesn’t matter how slowly I go, as long as I don’t stop.


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  • It takes discipline to be patient.


  • All successful people have played the waiting game before, and I’m committed to doing the same.


  • Day by day, I’m moving towards my goals.


  • I will not worry about things that are outside of my control.


  • I have plenty of time to do what I want with my life.


  • Patience is a skill, and I’m working on developing it.


  • I’m patient with myself.


  • I’m patient enough to achieve great things.


  • I’m working on becoming more and more patient every day.


  • Patience makes me powerful.


  • My impatience is a sign of my ambition.


  • I’m bigger than my excuses.


  • I don’t put pressure on myself to achieve immediate success.


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  • I will achieve my goals, it will just take time.


  • I will enjoy the journey, however long it takes.


  • I can achieve anything with patience and perseverance.


  • I trust the timing of my life.


  • I choose to be patient and let things happen.


  • I refuse to mislead myself into believing success happens quickly.


  • Miraculous things will happen to me down the road, I just need to keep putting in the work.


  • Discipline and patience will take me anywhere I need to go.


  • I’m hungry and driven, but I must combine these traits with patience.


  • There’s no reason for me to rush things.


  • Consistency is more important than speed.


  • I will exercise patience in all of my endeavors.


  • If I worry about the journey, the destination will take care of itself.


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  • I will never give up, no matter how long things take.


  • My patience is growing more and more every day.


  • Being patient makes me feel calm, being impatient makes me feel stressed.


  • Slow progress is still progress.


  • I’m accepting that my journey is going to be a long one.


  • I will remain calm and composed as I work towards my goals.


How To Use Patience Affirmations In Your Daily Life

The above list of affirmations for patience will give you plenty of ideas as to how to shift your self-talk. 

In terms of how to implement these affirmations, that part is simple — practice these affirmations whenever you feel impatient thoughts popping up.

Affirmations are most effective when they’re used in the moment. So when you feel yourself ruminating at how long it’s taking to achieve your goals, spend 30-45 seconds repeating affirmations for patience.

Don’t try to plan ahead when practicing these affirmations. Your negative thoughts occur spontaneously, which means your self-affirming statements should follow the same structure.

By countering stressful thoughts the moment that they strike, you’ll become more adept at centering your mind in moments of internal conflict.


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Final Thoughts On Affirmations For Patience

If you’re reading this article, you probably have some big goals. If there’s one thing that makes achieving those goals impossible, it’s getting impatient and giving up too quickly. 

These affirmations for patience will help you calm your mind when you’re feeling like your hard work isn’t matching your results.

Remain patient and keep taking small steps in the right direction. Your hard work will pay off if you just give yourself enough time.

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