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70 Affirmations For Friendship & Social Connection

This article is going to be all about affirmations for friendship, but before that I want to talk about an eye-opening study that I came across the other day.

Over 80 years ago, researchers at Harvard University set out to answer a fundamental question that we all grapple with — which factors contribute to a long and happy life?

To answer this question, they created a study that’s still alive and well to this day. It’s currently the longest running study on happiness ever conducted, and has been tracking the lives of over 1,300 people since the 1930’s.

Over eighty years of research culminated in this key finding about happiness — more than money or fame, close relationships are the number one predictor of overall life satisfaction.

It turns out that close relationships are a better predictor of happiness than social class, intelligence, work satisfaction, and genetic makeup. The study participants who maintained deep personal relationships experienced less physical pain, fewer mental health complications, and ultimately lived longer lives than their counterparts.

There’s so many more interesting findings from this study that we could dive into, but we have limited time. And even though the depth of it is fascinating, it highlights something that we all inherently know — maintaining deep personal relationships is essential to our happiness.

We all intuitively know the importance of friendship, but making it a central priority is sometimes easier said than done.

It’s difficult to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people. It’s difficult to maintain close relationships when you’re pushing yourself to achieve super ambitious goals.

Affirmations for friendship help you combat these external and internal factors. If you shift your internal self-talk and constantly remind yourself of your core values, you’ll find it easier to stay focused and prioritize social connection.

So without further ado, let’s get into a list of friendship affirmations to help you embrace a life full of social connection.


Positive Affirmations For Friendship

Let’s kick off this list of positive affirmations for friendship with a bang!


  • I care about forming deep personal connections.


  • I recognize the value of friendship and the impact that it has on my happiness.


  • I may be scared of opening up to my friends, but I know that it will deepen my relationships with them.


  • I’m working on deepening my friendships each and every day.


  • I’m lucky to have people who care about my well-being.


  • I don’t have any room for negative people in my life.


  • Today I will make an effort to strengthen my friendships.


  • I am blessed to have an amazing group of people around me.


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  • Today I will show one person in my social circle that I care about them.


  • Social connection is the number one predictor of my happiness later on in life.


  • I’m working on taking more initiative when it comes to my friendships.



  • I deserve an expansive network of friends that make me happy.


  • I’m driven to make other people feel good, but not at the expense of my own happiness.


  • Today I will reach out to someone that I’d like to develop a stronger bond with.


  • Strong personal relationships are one of my top priorities right now.


  • No matter how busy I get pursuing my goals, I will always make time for the people I care about.


  • My social life is improving every day.


  • I will attract the right people into my life as long as I act in alignment with my values.


  • I’m motivated to build deep personal relationships.


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  • I accept the fact that I can’t please everyone all the time.


Short Positive Affirmations For Friendship

Here’s some more short positive affirmations for friendship that you can take advantage of.


  • I choose my friends wisely.


  • I’m committed to bringing out the best in other people.


  • People enjoy spending time with me.


  • My friends are eager for me to initiate plans with them.


  • I’m grateful for the gift of friendship.


  • I care about the people around me.


  • I am a magnet for positive people.


  • My friendships bring me joy.


  • I’m open and honest with my friends.


  • I don’t need too many friends, just the right ones.


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  • I don’t have to pretend to be someone that I’m not around my friends.


  • I’m available to my friends when they need my help.


  • I cherish the people around me.


  • I value the time that I spend with others.


  • My personal relationships are just as important as my personal goals.


  • I can be myself and my friends will still accept me.


  • I’m a magnet for positive energy.


  • Friendship and my happiness go hand in hand.


  • I’m committed to being a generous friend.


Best Friend Affirmations


  • I know exactly what I’m looking for in a best friend.


  • Today I will reach out to my best friend and make them feel important.


  • During tough times, I lean on my best friend because they will always have my back.


  • I love my best friend because they accept me for who I am.


  • I have my best friend’s back no matter what.


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  • I tell my best friend what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.


  • I find joy in being a good, supportive best friend.


  • I care deeply about my best friend.


  • I don’t have time for a best friend who thinks friendship is a one way street.


  • My bond with my best friend is growing stronger every single day.


  • I wouldn’t trade my best friend for anyone else.


Affirmations For New Friendships

Meeting new people is crucial if you’re going to build a foundation of deep personal relationships. 

Too often, we tend to pass up on the opportunity to make new friends because it feels scary and we don’t want to be rejected. It’s critical that in these moments, you encourage yourself to take action anyway and put yourself out there.

Here’s some more affirmations for friendship that can help you accomplish this goal.


  • There are people out there who would love to meet me.


  • I’m open to all opportunities to meet new people.


  • I’m committed to attracting fun and positive people into my life.


  • Today I will make an effort to expand my social circle.


  • Every day is an opportunity to make new friends.


people talking to each other


  • I embrace the fear that comes with trying to form new friendships.


  • I’m expanding my social comfort zone every day.


  • Forming new friendships has an enormous impact on my happiness.


  • Putting myself in new social situations is essential for my growth.


  • I accept the fact not everyone I meet will like me.


  • I’m motivated to meet new people.


  • I’m in complete control of my social life.


  • I’m perfectly capable of holding a conversation with a stranger.


  • I trust my ability to form new connections.


  • Meeting new people is foundational to my happiness.


girls practicing affirmations for friendship


  • I’m committed to displaying kindness to anyone that I meet.


  • I’m not the type of person who judges a book by its cover.


How To Use Affirmations For Friendship

Now that we’ve covered an extensive list of affirmations for friendship, you’re probably wondering how and when to apply them into your daily life.

That part is really up to you! Personally, I find affirmations to be the most helpful when I utilize them on an as needed basis for 20-30 seconds.

This means that sometimes I’ll use them once per day, while other days I’ll end up repeating them 10-15 times. 

Here are some potential situations where you can take advantage of these affirmations for friendship:

  • If you’re struggling to force yourself out of the house, use affirmations to remind of how important social connection is to your happiness.
  • If you’re struggling to meet new people, use affirmations to remind yourself that there are people out there who would value your company.
  • If you’re feeling lonely, use affirmations to motivate you to reach out to someone that you care about.
  • If you feel yourself struggling to let go of a toxic friendship, use affirmations for letting go to help you leave the past behind.

Affirmations are best used at precise moments for a specific purpose. Because when you can shift your internal self-talk in these moments of conflict, you’ll find it easier to manage negative thoughts.

With enough practice, you’ll gradually start to rewire your brain and take actions that improve your social life.


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Final Thoughts On Affirmations For Friendship

I hope that you enjoyed this article on affirmations for friendship!

If you want to live a happy life, it’s critical that social connection remains at the top of your priority list forever.

You should always be expanding your social circle and putting yourself in new, potentially uncomfortable social environments. You should always be checking in on your friends regularly and initiating plans when the opportunity arises.

These are the kinds of daily habits that lead to the deep personal relationships that make life worth living.

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