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64 Affirmations For Creativity To Inspire Your Inner Genius

Creativity is one of the most precious gifts that we possess as human beings. 

Our ability to discover new ideas and solve incredibly complex problems is what sets us apart from other species.

Whether you consider yourself to be a creative person or not, realize this — you all have an inner genius inside of you.

Creativity is a skill that you can learn, develop, and optimize. So without further ado, here’s a list of affirmations for creativity to get your creative juices flowing in any situation.


Powerful Affirmations For Creativity


  • I’m capable of coming up with creative solutions to problems.


  • The right ideas will come to me if I just keep working.


  • I’m a creative problem solver when I put my mind to something.


  • I have an inner genius inside of me.


  • My creativity is a skill that I can actively improve.


  • I’m blocking out all distractions that impact my creativity.


  • I don’t have any room for negative thoughts right now.


  • I’m completely immersed in the task at hand and will keep working until it’s done.


  • I’m the type of person who finds solutions instead of focusing on problems.


  • Every day I’m working hard to improve my creativity.


  • I’m capable of producing work that inspires others.


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  • Creativity is a product of perseverance.


  • My creative brain is working right now.


  • I do my best work under stress.


  • I’m capable of working through complex problems with a focused mind.


  • Laser focus can carry me past this creative block.


  • I will easily come up with new ideas if I just keep working.


  • I’m at my best when I’m forced to think outside the box.


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  • All human beings are creative, including me.


  • I give permission to let my mind wander in order to find new ideas.


  • I’m going to take a quick break, and when I resume working I’ll be filled with new ideas.


  • I have tons of new and innovative ideas.


  • Every work session is a chance for me to boost my creativity.


  • Creativity is like a muscle. The more I use it, the stronger it gets.


Affirmations For Creative Writing

Repeating affirmations is not the same as putting in the reps. Just like any other skill, creative writing gets better with practice. 

With that said, positive self-talk can motivate you to put the reps in especially when you’re experiencing some writer’s block.

Here’s a list of affirmations for creativity geared towards the writers out there.


  • Writer’s block is completely natural and it doesn’t stop me from producing great work.


  • Great writers don’t give up when they can’t find the words.


  • I’m improving my creative writing skills with every word that I write.


  • My writing ability is improving every single day.


  • The right words will come to me if I stay focused.


  • I’m excited to share my work with the world.


  • I have so many inspiring thoughts to put on paper.


  • Every creative writing session is an opportunity for growth.


  • I’m a creative person who operates well under stress.


  • It’s only a matter of time before my brain finds the right words.


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  • I will not be stuck in writer’s block forever.


  • I have a unique writing style that becomes more refined with every rep.


  • I’m committed to becoming a great writer.


  • Creative writing is always difficult before it’s easy.


  • I’ve been blessed with a creative brain that helps me express my thoughts and feelings.


  • My writing ability improves every time that I take action.


  • I don’t need inspiration or motivation to produce great work.


  • I feel my best when I’m looking for new ideas and putting them into action.


  • I’m filled with an abundance of good ideas.


Creative Affirmations For Artists

To conclude this list of affirmations for creativity, here’s a collection of positive phrases for all the artists out there!

Whether you’re a graphic designer, musician, painter, or sketch artist, you can use the following words as inspiration to persevere and produce amazing work.


  • My art will one day inspire others.


  • I’m honing my craft each and every day.


  • I was born to be an artist.


  • I express my unique self with each piece of art that I create.


  • I don’t need motivation to show up and create art every single day.


woman painting


  • I am full of endless creative energy.


  • There are no limits to my imagination.


  • My capacity for creativity improves with every work session.


  • I refuse to beat myself up when I can’t seem to find new ideas.


  • My creative juices are flowing right now.


  • I’m proud of myself for how far I’ve come as an artist.


  • I’ve been blessed with a fantastic imagination. 


  • My brain is my greatest asset as an artist.


  • Trying new things makes me a better artist.


  • I trust my intuition at all times.


  • I’m okay with taking risks and embracing artistic failures.


  • Each failure brings me closer to becoming a successful artist.


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  • Creating beautiful art is what I do best.


  • Moments of brain fog are great opportunities for me to improve my creativity.


Why These Affirmations For Creativity Are Useful

I know it may seem like feel-good advice to say that affirmations can boost your creativity, so let’s bring a little science into the mix.

It’s often said that stress impacts creativity, but this isn’t true in every situation. 

According to a well-researched article from the Frontiers of Psychology, the impact of stress on creativity is dependent upon how stress-inducing the stressor is perceived to be.

The article goes onto say this:

For example, Byron et al.’s (2010) meta-analysis of 76 experimental studies that had examined the impact of stress on creativity demonstrated that uncontrollable stress leads to worse performance on creativity tasks, where uncontrollability was defined as the extent to which an individual believes that one’s actions can affect outcomes.”

The key takeaway here is that our perception of stress determines the extent to which it impacts our creativity.

If you get writer’s block and start feeling stressed because you’re not making progress, the way that you respond to this stress is crucial.

If you relegate into negative self-talk and latch onto thoughts like, “Ugh. I feel stuck. My brain is going blank, I just can’t find the right words right now,” then of course your creativity will take a hit.

On the other hand, positive self-talk can dampen this effect. If instead you were to say things like, “The right words will come to me. I just have to stay focused,” then you’re much more likely to overcome the writer’s block you’re experiencing.

That’s why these affirmations for creativity can be so effective — shifting the way you respond to internal stressors reduces their impact on your creativity.

If you counter internal stressors with positive self-talk, you’ll free your brain from worry and rumination and creative ideas will flow more easily.


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Final Thoughts On Affirmations For Creativity

Hopefully you enjoyed this article on affirmations for creativity!

We tend to think creativity is something that we’re either born with or we’re not. And yes, it is true that your genetic makeup plays a role in your creative ability.

With that being said, it’s also true that creativity is a skill that you can improve by putting the reps in.

It’s just like improving your social skills, or becoming a better writer. You start with a baseline level of competence based on your genes, and then you improve your competence through repetition.

When I first started this blog, I couldn’t write to save my life! When I look back at the articles that I published in my first couple months of blogging, it’s almost impossible not to laugh at myself.

Today I’m not a world-class writer by any means, but I have grown by leaps and bounds since then. (and will continue to do so in perpetuity)

So when you like you’re hitting a creative block, leverage these creativity affirmations to stay present in your work. 

If you persist long enough, the right ideas will come to you. And more importantly, you’ll start to build the internal belief that allows you to trust your creative ability.

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