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75 Affirmations For Courage To Help You Be Brave

This article is going to be all about affirmations for courage, but before that let’s talk about Bronnie Ware.

Bronnie Ware is an Australian nurse who spent several years caring for people whose lives were coming to a close. During their final week’s, the patients would frequently open up to Bronnie and reflect on some of their regrets.

Want to know the most common response that Bronnie encountered in these interviews?

“I wish that I’d have the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

This powerful response highlights the phenomenal clarity that people tend to experience at the end of life. It should also serve as a wake up callare you living a courageous life, or are you setting for one that you don’t really want?

If you didn’t like your answer to that question, then you’re in the right place. Let’s do a deep dive on affirmations for courage and discuss how they can help you live a bolder, more authentic life.


How Do I Become Confident And Courageous?

Put simply, you become more confident and courageous by facing your fears daily. Each time that you face fear, it slowly begins to wither away. And as a result, you start to grow into the courageous person you’re meant to become.

However, facing your fears isn’t easy because your brain is hard-wired to escape from any situation that appears threatening. 

That’s exactly where affirmations for courage come into play.

Your thoughts affect your actions. Your actions affect your beliefs. And your beliefs are what drive almost everything that you do.

Affirmations help you take control of the first link in that chain, which is your thoughts. By training your brain to think differently, you’ll find it easier to act differently.

Logically this makes sense, but some people are skeptical as to whether or not affirmations actually alter behavior. Yet, scientific research seems to back up the assertion that self-affirmation is an effective tool for promoting behavior change.

A 2008 study conducted by Tracy Epton and Peter Harris analyzed whether or not self-affirmations were effective for promoting measurable behavior change. (eating more fruits and vegetables) 

The results were quite clear — people who practiced self-affirmation ate an average of 5.5 more servings of vegetables per week compared to those who didn’t.

Other studies further cement the effectiveness of affirmations by proving that they can reduce alcohol consumption, increase the frequency of exercise, and reduce stress.

So yes, self-affirmations can produce measurable change. Fear affirmations can cause you to start taking action to overcome fear. Productivity affirmations can motivate you to engage in behaviors that make you a more productive person.

Affirmations for courage work the same way. They still need to be used in conjunction with positive action, but it’s much easier to take courageous action when your self-talk becomes more positive.


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Affirmations For Courage & Boldness

So far we’ve delved into the science of affirmations and how they help you change your behavior. 

Now let’s dive into an extensive list of affirmations for courage that you can apply to your daily life.


  • Great things lie within me at all times.


  • My future self wants me to show courage right now.


  • My courage is like a muscle, it will get stronger each time I use it.


  • I choose to live a bold and daring life.


  • The only person that can stop me, is me.


  • I’ve shown courage in the past, and will continue to do so.


  • My life is a product of how courageous I’m willing to be.


  • I will never accept an average life.


  • I’m working on becoming more courageous each and every day.


  • I do what needs to be done regardless of how I’m feeling.


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  • In this moment, I can be courageous.


  • I can find the courage to take action even when my brain is convincing me not too.


  • I choose to listen to the courageous voice inside of my brain.


  • I have the ability to take action when I’m afraid.


  • Every courageous person feels nervous and afraid. 


  • My bravery increases with each step in the right direction.


  • I’m the creator of my life.


  • The unknown is where my desired future lies.


  • I’m open to opportunities that allow me to display my courage.


  • I’m not negotiating with my brain today.


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  • At this moment, I can decide what kind of person that I’m going to become.


  • Confidence is a skill that can be learned, therefore I can teach myself to be courageous.


  • I trust my inner wisdom because it’s usually right.


  • I possess the boldness to live a courageous life.


  • Courage is my superpower


  • I have all of the courage I need to overcome my fears.


  • There’s no better time than right now to show some courage.


  • I don’t need motivation to take action.


Affirmations For Fearlessness

To continue with this list of affirmations for courage, here’s some more positive phrases that can help you tackle fear head on.


  • I refuse to let fear stop me from getting what I want.


  • I don’t accept an average life. I accept the fear that comes along with a meaningful one.


  • I can break down my fears one step at a time.


  • Fear creates the same response as excitement.


  • It’s okay that I feel fear right now, it’s trying to tell me something.


  • Courageous people experience fear just like me.


  • Each time that I face my fears, they start to die.


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  • I’m choosing to move past doubt and fear.


  • I will leave a legacy of courage behind.


  • I accept that I’m afraid of change, but also accept that overcoming this fear will guide me towards the life I deserve.


  • I’m more afraid of regret than fear.


  • I’m a powerful human being when I set my mind to something.


  • With each positive action, my fears are dissolving.


  • I’m strong enough to handle fear.


  • Facing my fears opens up my life to endless possibilities.


  • I recognize that my fears are trying to mislead me.


  • Fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.


  • I’m gradually finding the courage to step into fear.


  • I have the courage to embrace judgment and rejection.


  • Someday, I will laugh at the fears that I have now.


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  • I need to feel fear because it signifies what’s important in my life.


  • If I don’t take action today, my fears will come back stronger tomorrow.


  • I’m not immune to fear, but it doesn’t stop me from going after what I want.


  • My goals are so much more important than my fears.


  • My self-doubt can be removed through action.


  • I can eliminate negative thoughts with positive action.


  • If I don’t face my fears, they will keep growing. 


I Am Courageous Affirmations


  • I am courageous and bold.


  • I choose courage over fear because I refuse to live a life of regret.


  • I am courageous enough to go after what I want.


  • I am courageous and fearless.


  • I am courageous enough to create positive change in my life.


  • I don’t think I’m courageous, I know I am.


  • I’m not dying with regrets, which is exactly why I need to step into courage right now.


  • I am a work in progress and a masterpiece all at once.


  • I am no longer listening to my fears, they’re not grounded in reality. 


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  • I am working every single day towards becoming a more courageous person.


  • I embrace the discomfort that comes along with being courageous.


  • I am developing my courage muscle every single day.


  • I am confident in my abilities.


  • I am not setting myself up for an average life devoid of courage.


  • My fears are strong, but my courage is stronger.


  • I’m always on the lookout for new ways to challenge myself.


  • I am a person of great inner strength.


  • The life that I want is waiting for my courage to catch up.


  • I am not controlled by past experiences.


  • The only moment that matters is this one right now.


Final Thoughts On These Affirmations For Courage

I hope you enjoyed this article diving into affirmations for courage!

Whenever you feel like you need a little push to step into courage, try to implement these affirmations in the moment you need. 

If you’re willing to practice positive self-talk every single day, you’ll find it easier to take bold actions in spite of fear. 

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