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70 Affirmations For Change To Embrace A New Life

Change is an interesting phenomenon.

On one hand, we all have certain things about our life that we want to change. Yet time and time again, we run into a giant wall of internal resistance that prevents us from making these changes.

Well, you can pretty much blame your brain for this tug of war. Your brain is hard-wired to fight any decision that doesn’t align with your current self-image. 

  • That’s why you skip workouts even though you want to lose weight. 
  • It’s why you stay up late even though you value sleep.
  • It’s why you procrastinate even though you want a successful career.

Bottom line? 

It’s hard to change your life, but positive self-talk can make it slightly easier. In this article, we’re going to cover an extensive list of affirmations for change that you can leverage for personal growth.


Can Affirmations Change Your Behavior?

Now if you’re skeptical about whether or not affirmations for change can actually improve your life, I don’t blame you. After all, if positive self-talk was the solution to radical transformation, you’d have no trouble reinventing yourself.

Here’s the best way to describe the impact of affirmations they’re a subtle nudge in the right direction that encourages you to act in alignment with who you really are.

When you practice affirmations for change, you’re not trying to mislead yourself into believing that you’ve already changed. Because as neuroscientist Andrew Huberman points out, trying to convince your brain that you’re someone you’re not doesn’t work. 

The goal of affirmations is simply to remind yourself of your core values and offer resistance to negative thoughts that keep you stuck. By implementing positive self-talk, you’re putting yourself in a state of mind where it’s easier to take action and form new beliefs.

This isn’t just feel-good advice either, as there’s tons of psychological research to back up the assertion that affirmations can create measurable behavior change.


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In this study, one group of participants was asked to repeat self-affirming statements with the goal of eating more fruits and vegetables. The other group was asked to build the same habit without the use of affirmations.

On average, the group who practiced self-affirming statements ate 5.5 more servings of fruits and vegetables per week than those who didn’t.

There’s a bunch of fascinating studies about affirmations that we could dive into. But since you didn’t come here for a research paper, here’s the bottom line — affirmations aren’t a magic pill, but they are an effective tool for promoting behavior change.

Now let’s discuss an extensive list of affirmations for change that you can practice on a daily basis.


Powerful Affirmations For Change


  • I’m capable of changing my life.


  • I accept where I am right now, and realize that I have the power to do something about it.


  • I’m working on changing my habits every single day.


  • I’m ready to change my life.


  • I’m open to all opportunities for change.


  • I’m willing to do what’s necessary to change my life.


  • My life will not change until I change my decisions.


  • At this moment, I can choose to become someone new.


  • I am not defined by my past experiences.


  • Each time I fail, I will rise again and come back a stronger person.


  • Obstacles are necessary for me to become who I’m supposed to be.


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  • If I can create negative change, I can create positive change.


  • I’m both a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time.


  • My past is not an accurate representation of my future.


  • I can’t change everything all at once, but I can always change something right now.


  • I’m strong enough to embrace the challenges that come with forging a new identity.


  • Day by day, I’m rewiring my belief system.


  • What I do right now determines who I will become in the future.


  • I’m hungry for a better life.


  • When I truly commit to something, nothing can stop me.


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  • If I win today, I can win tomorrow. If I win tomorrow, I can win the next day, and the next, and the next.


  • I’m perfectly positioned to make positive changes in my life.


  • When I look in the mirror, I’m looking at the only person who can change my life.


Affirmations For Positive Growth And Change

Enjoying the list so far? Let’s keep it going with some more positive affirmations for change and growth.


  • My past does not define me.


  • The best way for me to predict my future is to create it right now.


  • Small adjustments to my daily decisions can create unbelievable results.


  • I welcome all opportunities for change and growth.


  • My personal growth depends on my willingness to change.


  • I’m working on creating positive habits daily.


  • I’m in complete control of how today unfolds.


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  • I intend to live up to my fullest potential today.


  • I can confidently overcome any obstacle that life throws at me.


  • I feel my best when I’m in motion.


  • There is no growth without change.


  • Today I will do one thing differently than I did the day before.


  • Through daily action, I can rewire my brain and form new beliefs.


  • Each action that I take is a vote for the type of person that I want to become.


  • As long as I’m doing something different than the day before, I’m on the path to change.


  • Everywhere I look, I see endless opportunities for growth.


  • I refuse to be a quitter. Winners never quit and quitters never min.


  • I wasn’t born to live a mundane life.


  • Each small change leads me closer to the person I want to become.


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  • I’m not getting a second chance at life, so I’m committed to making the most of the one that I have.


  • In order to change my life, I have to take action when I don’t feel like it.


  • There is nothing that I can’t achieve with focus and discipline.


  • Before my life changes, I have to change first.


Affirmations For Fear Of Change

The hardest part about change is not doing the same things you did yesterday.

Anytime you choose to make a decision that’s incongruent with your current self-image, you’re going to experience a variety of conflicting emotions.

You’ll probably feel afraid, excited, nervous, and uncertain all at the same time.

Fear affirmations are a great tool for dealing with this whirlwind of emotions, but the following affirmations for change are just as beneficial.

When you remind yourself that experiencing fear is an unavoidable part of changing your life, you’ll feel more equipped to take action in spite of these emotions.


  • I’m willing to embrace the uncertainty that comes with change.


  • Fear of change is completely natural.


  • Change is scary, but there’s nothing more scary than being in the exact same position five years from now.


  • I’m scared of change, but I’m more scared of going to my grave with regrets.


  • I’m not always going to feel motivated to change, which is why I must be disciplined.


  • Fear and change elicit the same neurological response. Therefore, my fear of change is just my brain’s way of showing excitement.


  • I’m working on getting more comfortable with fear each and every day.


  • My goals are more important than my fear of change.


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  • No matter how daunting my fears are, I’m capable of handling them.


  • I’m brave enough to embrace change.


  • My resistance to change at this moment signifies that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.


  • My fears tell me exactly where to focus my efforts to change.


  • Positive action is the only thing that will remove my fear of change.


  • With each display of courage, my fears begin to die off.


  • I’m afraid of change, but I’m more afraid of staying the same.


  • My fear of change is the precise reason why it’s so important that I take action.


  • Anyone who has ever changed their life has experienced bouts of fear and self-doubt.


  • If other people have overcome the fear of change, I can too.


  • Everything that I want lies on the other side of fear.


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  • When I embrace change, I’m embracing my full potential.


  • I want to change more than I want to run from my fears.


  • I have the courage to take necessary risks that positively impact my future.


Final Thoughts On Affirmations For Change

Changing your life is hard, but hopefully these affirmations for change will make your journey just a little bit easier.

If you pair these positive affirmations with action, then you’ll eventually start forming new beliefs and becoming a different person.

But just like all other great things in life, you have to give yourself time. With enough patience and consistency, shifting your self-talk will have a positive impact on your life.

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