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72 Affirmations For Anxiety To Shut Down Your Inner Critic

In this article, we’re going to be discussing an extensive list of affirmations for anxiety to help you combat the dreaded inner critic.

When it comes to anxiety, the inner critic is public enemy number one.

It’s responsible for the little voice inside your head that tries to convince you that everyone is judging you. It’s responsible for your anxiety about the future as well as your incessant rumination over your past.

You’re never going to be able to shut up your inner critic. However, you can take power away from your negative thoughts by telling yourself a more positive story. 

That’s exactly what the following anxiety affirmations are meant for. So without further ado, let’s run through a list of positive affirmations that will help you calm your mind when your internal dialogue turns negative.


Positive Affirmations For Anxiety


  • I am not my thoughts.


  • It’s normal for my brain to manufacture negative thoughts.


  • I accept the fact that I’m feeling anxious right now.


  • Thanks mind for all of the negativity! I’m gonna flush it now.


  • I’m grateful for all of my thoughts, positive and negative.


  • Every one of my thoughts are temporary.


  • I’m focused on the present right now and nothing else.


  • My thoughts do not have to determine my actions.


  • I accept my thoughts without judgment.


  • I may be anxious right now, but I am not powerless.


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  • I focus intensely on my breath while these anxious thoughts run wild in my head.


  • My brain is prone to negative thinking; this is natural.


  • My past experiences are not indicative of what I will achieve in the future.


  • Without my low points, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate my high points.


  • Not every thought that enters my brain means something.


  • I can’t control my thoughts, but I can control how I respond to them.


  • All of these thoughts that I’m having right now do not define my character.


  • I’m in control of how much power I give my thoughts.


  • My thoughts are nothing more than blips on a radar.


  • I don’t beat myself up for experiencing anxiety because it’s natural to worry.


  • I accept all of my strengths and weaknesses.


  • I forgive myself for my past, the future is bright.


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  • I am present in this moment right now, even if it’s not perfect.


  • I release the need to control my brain.


Affirmations For Anxiety At Work

Between project deadlines and balancing personal/professional obligations, it’s only natural to experience work-related anxiety.

Feel free to use the following anxiety affirmations to counter intrusive thoughts and stay focused on what you can control throughout the workday.

(These positive affirmations for work may also be of help)


  • There’s no obstacle that I’m not capable of overcoming.


  • I have unlimited potential.


  • All of the negative situations I’m imagining are unlikely to happen.


  • I trust myself to handle the stress and adversity that come with my job.


  • I can do anything, but I cannot do everything.


  • Even though I’m feeling overwhelmed, I can always get a small win.


  • How I feel has no impact on what I do.


  • The journey will be slow, but I will be successful eventually.


  • I don’t give into any thoughts that make me feel like a failure.


  • I may not be in control of my thoughts, but I am in control of my actions.


  • It’s normal to experience work anxiety; I don’t judge myself for it.


  • I’m not an outlier, some of my colleagues probably have work anxiety too! 


  • I’m focused on putting my best foot forward at this moment.


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  • Nothing can stop me from achieving my goals.


  • I’m bringing my attention back to the present because that’s where I do my best work.


  • I’m a talented individual who contributes to the value of my company.


  • I’m capable of showing some perseverance and grit.


  • My mind grows stronger each time that I work in spite of resistance.


  • I’m actually incredibly grateful for my anxious thoughts; they tell me exactly what I need to change about my life.


Affirmations For Anxiety And Loneliness

Enjoying this list of affirmations for anxiety so far? Then these two articles on the scientific benefits of affirmations and writing effective affirmations might be of interest to you.

If you just want to keep reading, then here’s some more affirmations that will help you combat feelings of anxiety and loneliness.


  • I will not be lonely forever.


  • Today, I will take one small positive action to expand my social circle.


  • I’m capable of developing an abundant social life.


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  • I deserve to be loved.


  • I deserve a supportive group of friends.


  • My future is filled with endless possibilities.


  • I’m not in danger, just uncomfortable. These feelings will pass.


  • The quickest way for me to combat negative thoughts is through action.


  • My past does not have to be my future.


  • Making friends is easy once I force myself out of the house.


  • Beating myself up does not improve my life whatsoever.


  • I am not my anxiety; intrusive thoughts are minor nuisances.


  • My feelings don’t have to impact what I do.


  • I will get out of the house by putting one foot in front of the other.


  • It’s okay that I’m lonely right now, nothing in life is permanent.


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  • My current situation does not reflect where I will be six months from now.


  • My life will change when my decisions change.


Nightly Affirmations For Anxiety

One of the most common instances where anxiety seems to creep in is during the nighttime. To that end, here’s some nightly anxiety affirmations that will help you calm your mind during the later hours.

If dealing with intrusive thoughts right before bedtime is a big challenge for you, then feel free to check out these affirmations for sleep too.


  • Time to slow down mind! It’s bedtime.


  • Right now all I’m focused on is getting a good night’s rest.


  • I let go of the need to control my thoughts.


  • Tomorrow is a new opportunity for me to become better.


  • My worries and fears will pass.


  • I believe in my ability to make tomorrow amazing.


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  • I’m not paying my negative thoughts any mind.


  • I refuse to let worry disturb my peace.


  • I’m a masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time.


  • My mind is going to run wild and I’ve accepted that.


  • I’m capable of shifting my focus away from negative thoughts.


  • I consciously choose to think positive thoughts.


Do Affirmations Work For Anxiety?

Research has proven that self-affirmation can combat some of the symptoms that come along with various anxiety disorders.

One of the most prevalent symptoms of any anxiety disorder is excessive worry. As someone used to struggle mightily with social anxiety, I’m very familiar with the symptoms associated with being a chronic worrier.

This 2016 study analyzed the impact of positive thinking on excessive worrying: 

During the study, participants suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder were asked to imagine positive outcomes in response to their “worry scenarios.” Some were also instructed to counter these worry scenarios verbally with their own self-talk.

After a four week follow up, both groups of participants showed significant reductions in worry when asked to think about those same worry scenarios.

These findings highlight the importance of consciously generating positive thoughts in response to worry or rumination, which is exactly what anxiety affirmations serve to accomplish.

Furthermore, it’s been shown that positive affirmations activate the parts of the brain responsible for positive valuation and reward.

This is important because anxiety is about the mind narrowing its focus to a specific threat:

  • Someone who struggles with social anxiety will often think about large social gatherings for days and weeks leading up to the event.
  • Someone with generalized anxiety will often let one negative thought about the past turn into twenty minutes of rumination.

Many researchers have suggested that self-affirmation reduces anxiety because it allows us to find sources of self-worth that override these threats.

When we find ways to broaden our perspective while being bombarded with anxious thoughts, we become less reactive and find it easier to disengage.

I’d love to keep talking about the effectiveness of affirmations for anxiety, but let’s shift gears and talk about how you actually implement them.


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How To Use Affirmations To Reduce Anxiety

The structure for implementing anxiety affirmations is quite straightforward — simply use them on an as-needed basis.

Your thoughts don’t operate on a schedule, which means neither should your affirmations. Be prepared to repeat them whenever you feel yourself struggling with worry, negativity, rumination, or fear.

As a general guideline, try to practice affirmations for 20-30 seconds whenever you bump up against any of these emotions. Practicing this habit daily will help you buffer the stress response and bring your mind back to center.

Before we wrap up this article, let’s cover the golden rule that you must follow when implementing positive affirmations:

The Golden Rule Of Affirmations = Don’t Ever Lie To Yourself.

Never say things like “I’m not anxious.” or “I’m immune to negative thoughts” 

You are anxious, and you’re not immune to negative thoughts. It’s okay to recognize reality and maintain a positive mindset at the same time. If you lie to yourself under the false pretense of positivity, you’re only going to make your anxiety worse.

It’d be the same thing if you were practicing affirmations for fear. Your goal isn’t to pretend the fear isn’t there, your goal is to reframe it and motivate yourself to act in spite of it.

Apply this same principle to anxiety by saying things like, “I accept the fact that I’m anxious right now.” or “I don’t need to give into the negative thoughts my brain is coming up with right now.”

That guideline will serve you well as you try to use affirmations to manage anxious thoughts.


Final Thoughts On Anxiety Affirmations

I hope you enjoyed this list of affirmations for anxiety!

While positive self-talk alone isn’t a cure for anxiety, it’s certainly a step in the right direction. Improving the way you speak to yourself will make it easier for you to maintain a positive mindset when negativity strikes.

So the next time you feel your internal dialogue turning negative, give these affirmations a shot!

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