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65 Abundance Affirmations That Will Rewire Your Mindset

“Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think.” ~ Buddha

We all know that living a life of abundance starts with our thoughts. 

Unfortunately, human evolution has left us with a brain that’s wired to focus on the negative as opposed to the positive.

Remembering negative events allowed our ancestors to survive and pass on their genes. But when it comes to developing an abundance mindset, this survival instinct that we possess is a liability.

Luckily, your mindset is not set in stone. It’s something that you can positively impact in real-time, and one of the best ways to do this is through positive affirmations.

So without further ado, let’s dive into some powerful abundance affirmations that you can leverage to develop a more positive internal dialogue.


What are Abundance Affirmations?

Abundance affirmations are short, powerful statements that help you see the world in a more positive light. They help instill the mindset that you live in a world where there is enough opportunity and resources for everyone to be successful.

This mindset is typically referred to as an abundance mindset — a term that was first coined by Stephen Covey in his best selling book: The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People.

In the book, Covey highlights that there are two groups of people in the world.

The first group of people go through life with a scarcity mindset. They see the world as a place where resources are scarce and opportunities are limited. They believe that in order for them to win, someone else needs to lose. 

The second group of people live life with an abundance mindset. These people believe the world is filled with opportunity and that there’s enough success to go around.

As a result, they tend to have a positive worldview because they don’t feel threatened by the success of other people. Someone else achieving great things simply serves as proof that they can do the same.

Practicing abundance affirmations helps you think more like group two.


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If you go through life believing that opportunity is scarce and failure is likely, you’ll be less likely to pursue the things that you really want.

But if instead you choose to see the world as a place of unlimited opportunity, you’ll find it easier to confidently go after what you want.

The beauty of life is that you get to decide which worldview you adopt. 


Morning Affirmations For Abundance

Without further ado, let’s get into the list of morning affirmations that will help you start the day with an abundance mindset.


  • I have everything I need within me to be successful.


  • I choose to see the world as a place of unlimited opportunity.


  • Today I will be met with opportunities disguised as obstacles.


  • I live in a world of abundance.


  • Every day is a new opportunity for growth.


  • The universe is always begging me to take action.


  • I do not get discouraged by the success of others.


  • I have everything I need to get to where I want to be.


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  • I can achieve whatever I set my mind to.


  • Embracing discomfort moves me closer to the life I want.


  • There’s plenty of success here for everyone, including me.


  • There’s always a silver lining in any negative situation.


  • The world isn’t always kind, but it always presents me with opportunities.


  • I possess unlimited potential.


  • The world that I live in rewards positive action.


  • I am excited for all the possibilities that today holds.


  • I don’t need to rely on somebody else losing in order for me to win.


  • I believe in myself and my abilities.


  • Every moment is an opportunity for me to level up.


I Am Abundance Affirmations

Finding value in these affirmations so far? Then perhaps you’d enjoy this article on the benefits of positive affirmations, or this one which covers how to write affirmations that really work.

If you just want to keep reading, then here’s some “I am” abundance affirmations that will help you create a more positive internal dialogue.


  • I am worthy of what I desire from my life


  • I am a work in progress and a masterpiece


  • I am open to positive change even if it forces me out of my comfort zone.


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  • I am the only person stopping me from living a life of abundance.


  • I am destined for great things.


  • I am enough to go after the life I want.


  • I am connected to a world of vast possibilities.


  • I am slowly building towards building a life that is abundant and fulfilling.


  • I am grateful for my flaws; they tell me exactly where to focus my efforts.


  • I am not my thoughts. I am what I do.


  • I am capable of overcoming any obstacle that gets in my way.


  • I am more than my past.


  • I am open to new experiences that are outside of my comfort zone.


  • I am the only person who decides my future.


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  • I am content with the past; I can’t change it.


  • I am always capable of tapping into my potential.


Positive Affirmations For Abundance And Happiness

Let’s keep things rolling with more positive abundance affirmations!


  • I choose to see the world as a place of unlimited opportunity.


  • I’m capable of choosing happiness through my daily actions.


  • I have everything I need to get to where I want to be.


  • I am open to receiving whatever blessings come my way.


  • I’m capable of choosing happiness through my daily actions.


  • I’m grateful for the struggle; it’s going to make success that much sweeter.


  • My dreams are in progress; success doesn’t need to be quick.


  • I’m learning how to appreciate what I have while working for what I want


  • I’m happy that I live in a world where success is possible.


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  • I’m always capable of making decisions that lead me to happiness.


  • The world is always presenting me with opportunities to be happy.


  • I don’t need to listen to negative thoughts to try to steal my joy.


  • I won’t always feel happy, and that’s okay.


  • It’s possible for me to live a happy life full of purpose.


  • I don’t need to tear down other people’s happiness to find my own.


  • I am happy for others, because they inspire me to achieve success.


Abundance Affirmations For Wealth & Prosperity

Let’s wrap up this list with abundance affirmations focused on wealth and prosperity.


  • I refuse to tear others down because I live in a world of abundance.


  • Money and prosperity are abundant in this world.


  • Nothing can stop me from attaining wealth.


  • I was put on this earth to live a prosperous life.


  • Wealth exists all around me, which means it’s within my grasp.


  • My income will change when my decisions do.


  • My desire to become rich is bigger than my excuses.


  • I’m powerful enough to attract wealth and prosperity into my life.


  • Every positive decision that I make compounds into the future.


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  • Every day is an opportunity to get back on the path to financial freedom.


  • My current financial situation is not permanent.


  • There’s an abundance of wealth coming my way as long as I don’t give up.


  • My skills are not set in stone; I’m always capable of growth.


  • I’m capable of generating massive wealth.


  • Wealth is a product of small daily disciplines repeated every day.


What Do You Say To Manifest Abundance?

In order to manifest abundance, you need to repeat positive statements which highlight the endless opportunity that exists all around you.

So much of our internal dialogue makes us feel small. Due to our brain’s bias towards negativity, it feels easy to emphasize our flaws and ruminate over past failures.

If you want to develop an abundance mindset, you need to regularly practice the statements above when your internal dialogue turns negative.

Pick a couple of affirmations from this list of and commit to practicing them for 20-30 seconds on an as-needed basis.

Feeling stressed because you haven’t achieved your goals yet? Remind yourself that you live in a world where success is within your reach.

Feel yourself ruminating over past failures? Remind yourself that your past doesn’t hold power over what you can do in the present.

Doing this repeatedly shifts your default response to self-sabotaging thoughts. With enough practice, your default response to negativity will become positivity. 

And perhaps most importantly, negative thoughts will start to affect your mindset less and less, putting you in a better position to succeed.


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Final Thoughts On Abundance Affirmations

There’s very little that you control in life.

You can’t control your upbringing. You can’t control an unexpected tragedy derailing your goals. You can’t control the actions of other people.

But one of the very few things you can control is your mindset. You do get to decide whether you see the world as a place of abundance or scarcity. 

And while practicing abundance affirmations won’t transform your worldview overnight, it’s certainly a step in the right direction.

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