13 Great Online Part Time Jobs To Try in 2024

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Are you seeking supplemental or primary income? The rise of digital platforms and remote work enables over a dozen online side jobs to be pursued in 2024 without traditional commutes or office politics.

Whether leveraging social media marketing chops for brands or selling voice-over services to podcasts and audiobook publishers, abundant part-time gigs meet varying skills. 

This guide previews the top virtual roles spanning writing, training, financial analysis, and more, offering location flexibility and upside income potential. Given your expertise and availability, key considerations around required abilities, pay ranges, and work-life balance help identify promising avenues. 

If you dream of dialing back 9-to-5 demands or boosting savings goals, explore these top online part-time jobs primed for the future of decentralized work.

Social Media Manager

Managing an organization’s social media presence offers a lucrative part-time opportunity. As brands shift marketing budgets to digital platforms, demand grows for social media managers to oversee promotional campaigns, brand messaging, and online community engagement.

Leveraging knowledge of leading sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, social media managers build social strategies to expand awareness and drive conversations with target demographics.

Many companies lack full-time social media staff, so freelance social media managers find part-time work online. Marketing firms and digital agencies also hire for contract roles in this space. Skills in Google and Facebook ads, Mailchimp, Hootsuite, and social listening tools drive employability.

Hourly pay:  $30-50 for those experienced in digital advertising and conversion optimization
Find listings on: Upwork or Fiverr, FlexJobs, Remote.co, and We Work Remotely

Online Language Tutor

The rise of virtual classrooms enables language tutors to find online part-time work assisting students globally. Through platforms like VIPKid, AmazingTalker, or Verbling or directly with learners, tutors now instruct via video chat instead of in person. Lessons center on conversation practice, grammar explanations, assignment help, and English, Spanish, French, and Chinese test preparation.

Hourly pay: $14-26 per hour depending on experience, tutoring language and student level
Find listings on: FlexJobs, College Recruiter, and individual learning platforms


Technology enables bookkeepers to manage financial records and report for clients virtually. Using QuickBooks Online and Xero, bookkeepers reconcile accounts, prepare financial statements, file taxes, and handle other accounting tasks remotely. With many small businesses lacking in-house finance staff, demand for online bookkeeping services continues growing.

Remote work allows bookkeepers efficiency through digital tools while offering schedule flexibility. Attention to detail, organization, communication abilities, and knowledge of GAAP standards drive success. Typical tasks include payroll processing, balance sheet reconciliation, fixed asset tracking, account payable/receivable management, and expense report auditing. Experience with accounting software and spreadsheets is vital.

Hourly pay: $15-30 per hour based on experience and credentials
Find listings on: FlexJobs, Remote.co, Bookkeepers.com

Personal Trainer

The fitness industry’s shift toward streaming workouts and virtual training opens online part-time work for personal trainers. Trainers provide customized fitness and nutrition programming remotely to clients worldwide using video conferencing tools. They coach proper exercise forms, adapt plans to ability levels and health conditions, and motivate clients striving for weight loss, strength gains, or athletic performance goals. Communication skills, fitness expertise, and digital platform fluency are critical.

Vetting clients, tracking progress, and binding legal documents all occur virtually. Hourly pay rates for online fitness trainers span $30–90 based on credentials, clientele, and creating workout content if needed. Openings appear with established national coaching services like Future Fit Training, PunchLab, and startups. Independent contractor roles also thrive by launching an online brand through websites and social media.

Hourly pay: $30–90 per hour
Find listings on: Future Fit Training, PunchLab, FlexJobs, remote personal training job boards

Food Blogger

The proliferation of digital media provides part-time income for culinary creatives, such as food bloggers and recipe developers. By launching food-focused sites, social channels, and newsletters, passionate home chefs share recipes, restaurant recommendations, food styling tips, and cooking tutorials with readers hungry for content. Monetization avenues include advertising, affiliate marketing, selling online cooking courses or eBooks, and brand partnerships.

The ability to photograph dishes in a flattering light and write a compelling text about ingredients and preparation comes before cultivating an audience. Hourly pay approximates $20-40 for freelance writers and recipe testers. Higher rates go to photographers, videographers, and bloggers with large followings. Job boards, media companies, and private clients seek talent in this space. Critical skills range from SEO optimization to email marketing integration.

Hourly pay: $20-40 per hour; more for those with large audiences
Find listings on: Saveur, Food52, and recipe blogger job boards

Online Recruiter

The shift toward remote hiring opens up online part-time roles in recruitment. Working virtually on talent acquisition platforms like Greenhouse and Lever, recruiters source, screen, and interview job candidates for open positions across functions and industries. They craft job descriptions, promote openings on LinkedIn and Handshake, review applicant resumes, and coordinate with hiring managers to determine fit.

Strong communication abilities, HR process familiarity, and interviewing savvy combined with digital-first tools are needed for those placed in contract recruiter and source positions. Hourly pay approximates $25-45 based on experience level. Companies embracing flexible talent models, staffing agencies, and boutique search firms frequently hire for remote recruiting support. Related openings appear on FlexJobs, Remote.co, and hiring platform job boards.

Hourly pay: $25-45 per hour
Find listings on: FlexJobs, Remote.co, Greenhouse, Lever job boards

Email Marketer

The move to digital communication bolsters part-time opportunities for email marketers. Working remotely, these professionals build and send customized email campaigns, driving engagement for brands and businesses worldwide. Essential tasks include creating segmented contact lists based on location and purchase history, drafting compelling subject lines and body copy, designing email templates within established brand guidelines, and analyzing open/click rates to optimize future outreach.

Knowledge of email marketing automation platforms like MailChimp, ConvertKit, and Constant Contact, paired with writing, basic graphic design, and analytical skills are required. Hourly freelance pay approximates $25-50 based on experience level. Openings appear with digital marketing agencies, list brokers like NextWave, and businesses lacking dedicated email staff.

Hourly pay: $25-50 per hour
Find listings on: HubSpot, NextWave, and email marketing job boards

Content Writer

The shift to digital content spawns abundant part-time writing opportunities. Working remotely, writers research and produce blog posts, articles, social media captions, emails, web pages, and more tailored to a business’s brand, products/services, and target buyer personas. Pieces get optimized for search engines through keyword incorporation and quality backlinks. Writers also analyze site metrics to maximize engagement.

Intense research, writing, and communication skills drive success, as writers must tailor messaging to different mediums. Entry-level pay starts around $15-25 per hour but rises with niche expertise. Continued growth in content marketing and inbound lead generation leads businesses across sectors to hire freelance writers, amplifying job options. Openings appear on popular remote work sites and writing job boards like ProBlogger and JournalismJobs.com.

Hourly pay: $15-25 per hour entry-level; more for specialists
Find listings on: ProBlogger, JournalismJobs.com, Flexjobs


The digital publishing boom enables part-time editing work for those with sharp eyes for detail. Editors review written content across mediums, ensuring documents adhere to proper grammar/spelling, reflect brand voice standards, and connect clearly with target audiences. They suggest or directly implement copy improvements, fact-checking changes, and formatting updates using online tools like Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Grammarly.

An editor needs strong writing skills combined with immersed knowledge of the English language, AP style tenets, and audience analysis principles. Entry-level pay runs $15-25 per hour but increases alongside niche focuses like academic paper editing. Publishers, content agencies, corporations, and freelance writers all utilize remote editors. Openings live on media job boards, association hubs like the American Copy Editors Society, and remote work platforms.

Hourly pay: $15-25 entry-level; more for specialists
Find listings on: the American Copy Editors Society, FlexJobs, publisher job boards

Website Designer

The permeation of business functions online drives part-time website design roles for freelancers. Using platforms like WordPress, Wix, and Webflow, designers craft aesthetically appealing, mobile-responsive sites aligned to a company’s brand. Key tasks span site mapping, wireframing, visual theme creation, content layout, essential SEO integration, and user flow optimization for conversion.

Both creative vision and technical prowess lend to success as a website designer. Entry pay runs around $25-50 an hour based on abilities. Small businesses and startups hiring virtual web design help offer plentiful job avenues. Openings emerge on top freelance sites, web/graphic design job boards, and digital agencies utilizing elastic talent models. Practical skills cover HTML/CSS, responsive frameworks like Bootstrap, UI conventions, and spurring user engagement.

Hourly pay: $25-50 entry-level; more for specialists
Find listings on: Dribble, Behance, and AIGA design job boards

Graphic Designer

The shift of marketing and content online spurs abundant remote graphic design roles for creative freelancers. Using digital programs like Adobe Creative Cloud, Canva, and Figma, designers craft visual assets like logos, banner ads, social posts, flyers, and presentations tailored to a company’s brand identity and campaign needs. Essential skills include typography, color theory, layout principles, communication ability, and flexibility in adapting across mediums.

Entry-level pay spans $15-30 per hour but rises alongside a specialization in packaging design, data visualization, or UI graphics. Small businesses, publishers, agencies, and organizations leverage online platforms to augment visual content needs. Openings emerge on major freelance sites, niche design job boards, and directly through steady rosters of repeat clients. Functional abilities range from animation skills to photo editing to spurring user action through compelling graphics.

Hourly pay: $15-30 entry-level; more for specialists
Find listings on: Dribble, Behance, and AIGA design job boards

Doing Voice Overs

The proliferation of podcasts, audiobooks, animated explainers, and other multimedia creates income for voiceover artists working remotely. Using home audio recording setups and platforms like Voquent or Voices.com, voice actors provide professional narration and character voicing for various digital content types. Critical abilities include vocal versatility adapting across styles, consistent diction and pacing, directing ability for long-form reads, and studio-quality recording potential without expensive equipment.

Hourly pay approximates $30-100 per finished hour based on experience level and prestige of clientele. While using one’s voice creatively and effectively remains paramount, knowledge of editing software like Audacity helps deliver final files. Openings emerge directly with multimedia production houses, publishers, ad agencies, and more. Useful talents span singing, accents, improv, and foreign languages beyond clear articulation.

Hourly pay: $30-100 per finished hour
Find listings on: Voices.com, Voquent, ACX Audiobook Publishing

Stock Photographer

The rise of quality digital cameras, phones, and editing tools allows creative entrepreneurs to sell stock photography online for part-time income. By building diverse portfolios of unique, high-resolution images spread across categories like people, nature, industry, and more, stock contributors license photos to businesses and individuals worldwide via platforms such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, or Getty Images. Photos should capture aesthetically attractive moments reflecting commercial needs in advertising, blogs, publications, and other media.

Hourly pay proves challenging to estimate given fees based on download rate over time. However, top stock photographers can earn over $100 per image. Beyond exceptional composition, successful shooting across settings, subjects, lighting conditions, and conceptual themes breeds asset viability. Useful skills include editing, metadata tagging for findability, and release collecting from human subjects.

Hourly pay: Hard to estimate; $100+ per photo possible
Find listings on: Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Getty Images

Skills Required for Online Part-Time Jobs

Pursuing online part-time work requires some key talents beyond niche job abilities. Digital literacy enables leveraging platforms for remote collaboration, content creation, and more. Clear written and verbal communication skills allow apt relationship-building with remote managers and clients. Time management and self-motivation prove vital when working independently.

Additional capabilities like online research, analytics, project management, basic tech troubleshooting, and adaptable critical thinking also further success in virtual roles. 

Demonstrating such essential skills for remote work helps secure fruitful independent contractor positions across many fields. Pursuing online learning opportunities around digital tools ensures workers have capabilities matching current market needs.

Balancing Work and Personal Life

Successfully balancing remote, part-time work and one’s personal life requires intention. Clearly defining work availability windows and sticking to them proves key—like solely working 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on weekdays. Optimizing focus through silencing phones and closing distracting browser tabs within set work sessions helps maximize productivity and prevent overworking.

Transition rituals also help, whether walking or meditating between professional and personal time. Maintaining self-care routines around proper sleep, nutrition, and social connection ensures overall well-being doesn’t suffer. Setting expectations with family around work schedules reduces friction. The autonomy of online roles empowers healthier work-life integration.

Online Part-Time Jobs at a Glance

The rise of remote work and digital connectivity empowers those with specialized skills or passions to find income opportunities outside traditional offices. As detailed throughout this guide, over a dozen online part-time jobs show potential solid heading into 2024. Whether leveraging social media knowledge to assist brands, sharing cooking expertise through vibrant food blogs, or providing voice-over services for growing podcast markets, virtual roles cater to diverse backgrounds.

While becoming a successful online freelancer or independent contractor requires diligence around building a personal brand, establishing client rosters, and mastering remote collaboration tools, the autonomy and income potential prove superior for self-motivated workers. And with digital literacy and internet access continually expanding globally, virtual jobs bear little geographical limitations beyond language fluency.

By identifying roles aligned to one’s abilities and interests, the platforms, pay rates, required tools, and job search strategies outlined herein help mobilize and monetize talents in the modern economy. So, those seeking schedule flexibility, income diversity, and escape from lengthy commutes and office politics look to transform passions into profitable online part-time jobs. The opportunities await.

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