12 Things You Never Want To Pay Full Price For

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In a world where discounts, promotions, and sales are easily found, paying full price for anything seems unnecessary. From everyday groceries to high-ticket items, there’s almost always a way to snag a deal or negotiate a better price. And sometimes, paying full price is just wasteful. Here are 12 items that you never want to pay full price for.


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There’s nothing wrong with having some reading material around your home, but you should never pay the cover price at the store. If there are magazines you enjoy regularly, get a subscription or buy at a retail store that offers discounts and save yourself a small fortune. 

Lawn Mowers

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Lawnmowers take up valuable space, so stores typically don’t want to store them over winter. Wait until the holidays, especially after Labor Day, and get a good deal on a new lawn mower that will last for many mowing seasons to come! 

Office Supplies

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While you may need office supplies for your home and office year-round, there is a best time of year to buy them at a discount….back-to-school season. August and September are prime months for office supply sales after the long summer break. Plan to get your office supplies yearly around this time and you’re sure to save money.

Video Games

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Video games can be quite expensive when first released, but if you can wait even a month, you can buy that game in great condition for significant savings.  If you can wait even longer, you can own it for even less. 


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Swimsuits never really go out of style, and these days, they can be quite expensive when the weather starts to heat up. Buy your swimsuits for next summer at the end of bathing suit season in your area. You can get them for much less than their original prices. 


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If you need a new television, there are two different times of year to get the best deals. You’ll find the lowest prices of the year around Black Friday and a week or two before Super Bowl Sunday. 


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We all have to eat, but that doesn’t mean you must pay full price! Most grocery store flyers start on Wednesday and end on Tuesday. Shop on Wednesday for the best chance of getting the most deeply discounted items, and check the discount sections for even bigger price cuts on items that didn’t sell last week. 


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If you’ve taken a college course in the last few years, you know college textbooks can be exorbitantly expensive. But, the campus bookstore isn’t the only place to get them. Check out Amazon or online discount bookstores for used or digital versions to save some cash. 


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Stores are stocked with new luggage in March, before the summer travel season, so that’s the time to buy last year’s luggage at a discount. The only difference between last year’s luggage and this year’s is the colors and prints available. 


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Even a furniture store can only hold so many mattresses at once. New model mattresses come out in early summer, so check out the Memorial day sales, where you can get the best deals on last year’s models. 

Show Tickets

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If you can wait until closer to the date of the show, or even the day of, you can score some excellent deals on tickets to concerts, Broadway shows, and sporting events. Reselling apps like Stubhub are the place to go for cheap tickets. The closer you get to starting time the cheaper they will be (if they’re still available).

Gift Cards

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Businesses love to offer gift cards. It’s guaranteed money you’re spending (today or tomorrow) in their establishment. Although, most won’t offer a discount, you can usually get a bonus gift card around holidays to add to its value.

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