12 Practical Ways To Make Life Easier

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There are always simple things that help make life easier, but unfortunately, they are often overlooked. 

Life can be pretty complicated sometimes. 

From stressing about your career working in an office to managing your finances, there is so much to do. As a result, your life becomes stressful, messy, and whatnot. 

Many of us don’t immediately realize when our lives get messy and overwhelmed. 

Over time, it gets worse and affects our mood, productivity, and other areas of our lives.

5 Ways To Know if You Are Living a Messy Life

  1. You wake up uninspired every day.
  2. You wake up at random hours.
  3. You feel burned out quite easily.
  4. You have a messy space. 
  5. You get distracted easily. 

If this is you, below are the ten steps to change that and make your life easier. 

1. Organize Your Daily Tasks

One of the best ways to make your life a little easier is to organize your daily tasks. 

If you are not used to making plans and routines, start slowly. 

For example, don’t write down ten tasks and only work on two of them. That will not make you feel good at the end of the day. Instead, make your daily to-do list and write only three tasks.

Defining what your priorities are will help you make your to-do list. If you are not sure, here are the top 10 priorities in life and how to set them.  

There’s no doubt that life can be very busy sometimes, but once you know your priorities, you can narrow down your focus and organize your life. 

If you think you don’t have time to practice a skill you love because you spend your whole time working in an office, prioritize that skill with your other main tasks, even for 30 minutes a day (or even a few times a week). 

2. Take Breaks 

If your work keeps you occupied all day and you forget to take breaks in between, it is time to finally change that.

Some people might think that being productive is all about working more hours every day, but that is not entirely true, trust me. 

Taking small breaks throughout the day helps you reset yourself so you can become even more efficient and perform your tasks more effectively.

Four hours of quality work is better than spending nine hours at your desk and overplanning things just to realize at the end of the day that you’ve done nothing or not as much as you could. 

Here are some of the short break ideas you can take in between your work:

  1. Take a short walk- It is good for both your physical and mental well-being. 
  2. Grab lunch and eat that mindfully. 
  3. Just spend a few minutes in silence with yourself. 

3. Spend Some Time With Yourself

Do you feel like there’s so much going on in your mind? I wouldn’t exaggerate if I say that I get my best ideas when I am alone – whether sitting in a park alone or just relaxing in my room. 

You get to know yourself better when you’re alone. If you can’t decide what to do alone, here are 71 thought-provoking personal growth questions to ask yourself. 

4. Adopt a Minimalist Lifestyle

As the name suggests, living a minimalist life means keeping only the things you need. 

It is especially helpful to those living in a house full of clutter and who don’t have enough time every single day to declutter that.

When you adopt a minimalist lifestyle, you can relax and not have to worry about the extra chores you would otherwise have to do, especially on the weekends when you want to have some time for yourself.

So, what are the benefits of adopting a minimalist lifestyle?

  1. You get clarity in your head, and it helps you make decisions faster.
  2. When you opt for a minimalist life, you only spend on things that will actually be useful, so you also save money. 
  3. You can clean fast and find things easily, which ultimately saves time. 

In the beginning, you can test if it’s something for you and then start there. 

5. Avoid Gossiping 

Most people gossip just to get entertained, but it is a habit that can cause clutter in your mind. 

You not only want to stay away from gossip but also from the people who do this to put others down. 

Gossiping about others is a habit that makes you a less trustworthy person. And if someone finds out you are talking about them behind their back, they will stop sharing anything serious with you. 

Sometimes, it might not be in your control as others would do in front of you, but you can always say, “That’s not my business,” and move on. 

6. Use Technology To Work in Your Favor

Nothing can be as helpful as technology to make your everyday life easier. 

There are tons of helpful apps and resources available out there that you can use in your favor to boost your productivity and get things done in less time. 

For example, if you want to save money while shopping, a Chrome extension called Honey can find out if there’s any coupon/discount code available for you to use.  Another example could be Grammarly, which I personally use to make my writing easy and effective. 

No matter what you are doing, there’s always something that you can find to help you. Just a simple Google search will do the job. 

7. Learn to Delegate

Do you try to do everything on your own? 

This is a mistake most people make. They try to do everything on their own, maybe because they don’t know they can delegate their tasks. Delegating tasks means less workload, and you will be able to produce better results. If you are not used to it, delegating is a skill you can develop over time. 

8. Sleep on Time

I wish I had developed this habit sooner, as I used to stay up until 3-4 a.m. and binge-watch random shows on Netflix. And because I was not sleeping on time, I would wake up late, and my mornings also suffered. At one point, it became a cycle that was pretty hard to break. 

I would wonder why I am feeling lazy and tired all day and why I don’t have any motivation to perform tasks. 

I decided to sleep on time, and when I started developing this habit, I also woke up on time.  Not only that, but I also wake up feeling fresh and energized. It may seem like a not-so-big deal, but when you ruin your sleeping schedule, you are also intentionally ruining your next day. 

9. Have a Morning Routine

Are you taking your mornings for granted? 

Having a proper morning routine can add structure to your day. If you wake up, get ready for work, and don’t spend any time with yourself, you will probably feel overwhelmed at the end of the day. You need something you can look forward to, things that excite you for tomorrow. 

Morning routine ideas for a good day include:

  1. Drink water after you wake up. 
  2. Journaling, where you can write how you want your day to be. 
  3. Workout and meditation. 
  4. Have a healthy breakfast. 
  5. Create your top 3 to-do list. 
  6. Repeat affirmations to yourself. 

10. Have a Night Routine

Many of us scroll through our social media before going to bed for hours, affecting our sleep quality.

That is why having a night routine (just like having a morning routine) allows you to have some “me time” and do some self-care activities. It will help you sleep better at night and no longer have to spend hours turning and tossing on your bed.

Some self-care activities that you can do at night include:

  1. Have a skincare routine. 
  2. Journaling, where you could write about your day. 
  3. Read books and light candles. 
  4. Take a bath to relax. 

11. Stop Comparison

There’s always something that you wish you had, but you don’t. When you see someone else who has it, it leads to comparison and a sense of inadequacy, which is unhealthy for anyone. 

Focusing too much on what others have and you don’t can cause overthinking, and you no longer appreciate what is already yours. 

12. Spend Time With People You Love

Last but not least, do not forget to spend time with people you love and care about – because that matters most at the end of the day, not just for an easy but also for a happy life. 

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